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Prayer For Breaking Addictions

I would like to have September 1, 2005 be a day of prayer for those who are addicted to drugs. That they might find the Lord in their lives and get rid of their addicition. Please help me spread the word. Thanks to all and May God bless you,

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 ---treesha463 on 5/8/05
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I would like to say that i stoped drinking about 14 months ago. And it was not an easy task.I have been in and out of treatment centers,and without the Lord Jesus i would have been still out there and lost AMEN. And for those out there that are tired of drinking and your life not getting anywhere, Let me tell you one thing" your going to want
to in your mine,, to stop.And no one can save you,but yourself.Dont let satan get in your- way,for he is nobody. DEUTERONOMY 30: 11-20 Have a blessed day
---Alan3748 on 4/11/08

i need prayer for my grandson to break the habit pray for him
---shirley on 7/15/07

why are you waiting until Sept.Sure I'll join you in prayer but if you don't mind I'll start right now today.
---reachel on 7/13/07

Why just have one day? Why not pray now? why wait? there are people dying now. I say pray now and keep praying. Don't wait until September to pray for these people, they need prayer now. Everyday should be a prayer day.
---Rebecca_D on 5/13/05

Is anyone addicted or know someone who is addicted to pornography...printed or on the WWW? I understand it's a epidemic....and the industry is a Brillion dollar business yearly, sucking in youth in record numbers. HOW CAN WE STOP THIS consumning CANCER ON OUR YOUNG MEN, EVEN amoung Christians??
---Horror_of_porn on 5/11/05

Good christians all over the world should be encouraged to join in this prayer. Addiction places great strains on relationships in the family. I want to pray especially for those addicted to cigarettes and indian hemp. May god deliver them, and help them to find him, Amen!
---georgy-anne on 5/10/05

Add to that list of addiction, the men in slavery to pornography! I understand it is THE worst addiction with the strongest grip on over. The horrors it leads to for a greater thrill is spreading terror in our nation and threatens young children who haven't a clue to the dangers of evil lurking in men they think are their friends. Satan never tell men the disasterous consequences of the sin of porn and lust .
---X on 5/9/05

Those of us with family members addicted to anything pray regularly for them to be healed of their addictions. Please don't wait for a certain date to come around to do that.
---Paul_James on 5/9/05

i'm with reachel. Today is the day of salvation, not tomorrow.
---Eloy on 5/9/05

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