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Find Someone To Share Their Life

Why is it I can't seem to find someone to share my life with? It seems like once I tell women I've been divorced they run away or don't even want to talk to me. I don't understand and I am a very honest loving person?

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 ---robert on 5/8/05
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There was a time when divorced people were considered "easy", because the common misconception was that we were "desperate". I suppose it all depends on your initial approach. If you appear too anxious, it might scare the other person away. Personally, I think you may just need to meet new people ... a GOOD relationship doesn't happen overnight. So, if they walk away, chances are they weren't the right person anyway. Keep praying, be yourself and take it one day at a time. God will bless you with a partner in due time.
---Helen on 5/23/08

I too have been waiting for someone to share my life with.It is hard to find someone, even though I know they are out there.Wait on the Lord,he has not forgotten our needs.
---jane on 4/19/07

I know how you feel, but it is the same for women. I too am waiting, and it seems so hard, I guess the persumption is if your divorced your not lovable. I don't know. Robert I hope you find someone. It is so hard to be lonely, I know.
---Sherr on 4/18/07

I'm waiting for someone too. I've been raising my 6 kids alone for 4 yrs. It gets hard sometimes.
---Leesa on 5/13/05

Divorce is a horrible experience, rejection hangs all over you. It's hard to live alone. Maybe we are desperate. So thank God that girls are shying away. It's a God thing. He's protecting you. We dont want to make another BIG MISTAKE. Be friendly, serve God - Show the real you that loves God and His people. Let Him fill the empty places w/Himself. Let Him heal the hurts that we dont understand, we just feel the symptoms. He needs the time to heal our broken hearts. Trust Him He wants the best for you.
---kathy3339 on 5/9/05

Robert, the problem is not you but it's those who run away from you meaning they are not the right ones to get attached to.

It may take some time but perseverance can be highly rewarding. I know, I persevered and I found a gem here on CN.
---Albert on 5/9/05

I agree with Paul James.. very good answer! And at least you are being honest about it!
---Kat on 5/9/05

Robert, please don't fall into the tramp of condemning yourself because of ignorance of others, Christians or not. God forgave you and he is a God of second chances, HE is a redemning Christians read only what they want to read? Wait on the Lord and HE will bring that special someone into your life.......HIS timing is perfect.
---isrhnow on 5/9/05

It might depend on why you are divorced. The scripture has a fair bit to say on the subject and if you are divorced because of your ex-wife's unfaithfulness this should not be a problem. However, if you are divorced for any other reason (and if your ex-wife is still alive) Christian women who are aware of what the bible says will, quite rightly, be cautious.
---Paul_James on 5/9/05

Dear Robert: I hear your desire and your loneliness. Just be real with everyone. Pray earnestly for God to send that special person to you. Believe me, if you are to be married again, there will be nothing to stop God from sending you that special lady. Don't let the rejection get to you. You are always accepted and loved by God. Right now, focus on what makes you a better person by studying Scripture, praying for wisdom and loving Jesus. He has enough love to fill every lonely spot in us to overflowing!
---Elsie on 5/9/05

eeh...! my good friend, I think only the best is good enough for you this time around.When our father is done with preparing the right one for you, not only will she look your way, but will certainly discove you. So relax and know that HE IS GOD.
---ABEL on 5/9/05

I undertand your situation Robert.....there are good women out there (myself being one of them) that don't run away from a man who is long as he truthfully explains why the divorce took place I don't have a problem with it....if God can forgive that then why can't we as Christians be the same way? I know there are a lot of legalistic people out there that would disagree with me but that's their problem, not can always contact me and let God take control from there....
---Fran4857 on 5/9/05

I do the same with those men like you when they start leading a beautiful friendship to a relationship of girlfriend-boyfriend. Some Christians affirms that who ever marry a devorced person commits adultery. This is why we cut it off before temptation gets hold of our heart and have us wonder away from the Gospel of Christ. Hope and pray JESUS's love completes your heart today, He loves you most when you are rejected, that's what he experience and endured in His Passion. Ask JESUS to grant you great love for all imperfect Christians who judge without trial.

Claire Faith
---Claire_Faith on 5/9/05

Be sure what I am going to say is not ment to
offend you but I strongly believe while it is fiine to state in your profile why you have joined Christianet, IT IS NOT WISE to air your feelings publically and IT IS EVEN WORSE to ask a buntch of us to tell you why you are haviing a dificult time, without knowing you very well. So, tone down your concern and be a little more discreet. Finally, open your eyes and NOTICE that SCHERR who feels the same way you do, might like to hear from you and who knows????
---Pierr7958 on 5/9/05

God will send the right person when He is ready for you to have a mate.
---Pat on 5/8/05

I know how your feeling, Im going thur the same thing, but not just because of being divorced. Im not really sure what the guys problem is. Im a honest and caring person and love people .. Im wondering if they are not the ones for us ..
---Dove on 5/8/05

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