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No Fault Divorce Helped Families

Do you think no fault divorce has helped or hurt the family unit?

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 ---Randy_G on 5/10/05
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No Fault divorce has definitely hurted the family. I know because my aunt went through the law stuff. Not once, but two times. The person who was hurt the most was my cousin. I think that this law was the worst one ever written.
---sag on 3/25/08

My parents divorce at 13 was the worst thing that ever happend to me emotionaly. worse than my own divorce, or my father passing. it sent me in a spiral of apathy and depression that the consiquences i still live with today. ofcourse my parents thought we where better off but its never about the kids, its about what feels good and getting back on the market.
---Kraus on 12/13/07

I believe it has hurt families tremendously by lowering the value of marriage itself to something that can just be thrown away. It seems most of society does not want to work through the issues which make a strong and lasting relationship.
---terry9798 on 12/13/07

Any type of divorce hurts the family unit. Read Malachi 2:16. We should hate what Jesus Himself hates, shouldn't we? They should make it as hard to get married as it is to get a divorce and maybe there wouldn't be so many quickie marriages without any thought put into them.

God bless.
---Dorothy on 6/8/05

Randy: The laws concerning the granting of a divorce could be made stronger, requiring marital therapy sessions in which the couple could be forced to communicate with each other. This is not the case with no-fault divorce. However I see little hope of that happening. It would be good for the children involved, but since when do the courts care about the kids?
---Madison on 5/13/05

Hi Madison
Glad you found us here. Im wondering if no fault divorce has been a good thing, I am not an idiot and not unaware of what "the law" says, believe me. I have done everything mans laws have required. I know that you have recieved your share of the assets and deserve them, but what do you think could be done to make it more attactive for couples to work on making a marriage work and families stronger?
---Randy_G on 5/12/05

Randy: Regardless of the reasons for a divorce, the marital assets are the property of both spouses and the leaving spouse is legally entitled to half the marital assets. That is the law. You can't punish someone financially for their divorcing you. That person has a right to the marital property just as you do.

I was told at the time of my divorce, Living Well is the Best Revenge. I am going to have a great life without my ex, and punish him by thriving and exceeding everyone's expectations.
---Madison on 5/12/05

Hi all thanks for the replys to this blog. Some good stuff here. I agree that the couple should try to reconcile and that God is able to heal the marriage. However when one spouse decides to walk out and have an affair and will not try to reconcile and files for divorce. Do you think that they should be able to walk away with half the assets? Any ideas how to make it less attractive for a person to cut and run?
---Randy_G on 5/12/05

here is my question..when the pharasiees asked, is it lawful to put away your wife for any cause, Jesus answered except for the cause of fornication, ect...It sounds to me there is only one reason and anyone that divorces for any other reason is the one "at fault"
---Tami on 5/11/05

I think any divorce for whatever reason hurts the family unit. I would encourage those that have had problems, including adultery, to persevere through the problems, if for no other reason, your children, and their children, and so on. In situations that seem impossible we forget we belong to an all-powerful God who can move mountains.
---Katie on 5/11/05

I personally think it should be as difficult to get married as it is to get divorced (in some states) I think a couple should have to petition the court, go through counseling and have a year's waiting period before they can marry. I think that would help in the outragious divorce rate.

Absolutely, 'no fault' makes it too easy to get a divorce and often people use that as a FIRST resort instead of a last!
---NV_Barbara on 5/11/05

It is absolutely one of the worst ideas ever conceived. I know of a woman who married someone, did absolutely nothing for 10 years (didn't care about him, didn't work, didn't do housework, didn't pay attention to her children), then abandoned her family, divorced the man and took more than half his assets with her, thanks to no-fault divorce and California's property laws. If divorce is unavoidable, there should at least be some justice involved.
---Nicholas on 5/10/05

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