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How many of you have ever been on a cruise? What did you like or dislike most about the cruise?

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 ---barbara on 5/10/05
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I also got Norovirus on a cruise. Boy was I sick! My Doctor recommened Vira-Block for future protection...
---Joe on 3/7/08

Sue, you could practice your boat flying technique like on 'Titantic'.
To answer question, I think the Titantic is what I dislike most about cruises. Even an expert swimmer doesn't have a chance in shark infested waters. So as you practice your flying on the cruise, look Ma, no arms, no legs, the sharks bit them off. No, I don't enjoy cruises. Think about trying to hang onto an iceberg with no arms or no legs, after the sharks finished having you for lunch. Hard to blow the whistle for HELP!
---Harry_Bob on 7/30/07

I think I'd rather go on a train trip than a cruise. What do you do on a cruise anyway? Just eat and look at water and wait to go on shore? I know there is dancing and gambling and stuff like that, but I dont get into that anymore. I'd rather go on a train I think. Especially one of those 'Murder Mystery' theme type train trips.
---sue on 7/30/07

Darlene, how is your back doing now?
---Raine on 7/29/07

So many ending up docking, everyone sick with the cruise virus. Not for me, thanks.
Bed bug bites, no thanks to that, either.
And some of those unsolved crimes are not especially inviting. I don't like cruises, end of story.
---Paul on 7/29/07

Just a warning for cruisers out there. First off, I LOVE cruising! However, my 3rd cruise was on Royal Caribbean and there were bed bugs! RC tried to blame my husband and I, finally agreed to send us certificates for a future cruise, and now that we are using them, it has been difficult to get reimbursed. Try Princess and avoid Royal Caribbean!
---Monica on 7/28/07

Cruise??? I'd love one ,but cost too much money. That is the problem with cruise vaccations, they eat your money, but nice locations. I'll let you know as soon as $ comers my way ;-)
---candice on 5/7/07

Lisa,you're welcome,thank you so much.It is my back,two failed surgeries,medical mistakes,facing 3rd surgery early next year. You are so kind to pray for me.Only the prayers of God's people get us through when the going is tough. I haven't given up hope,still holding on that one day I will be well enough to be active for the Lord again. I must say though that being home has given me the time to pray for peoples needs and sensitive to others disabilities.
---Darlene_1 on 12/12/06

Two cruiselines had to dock yesterday, because 100's were sick with the 'cruise virus' again. Personally, I find them to be a big traveling buffet table. If you enjoy the ride, this may be for you. If you like adventure and are healthy, I would say no. Reach your destination and hit the road running. Enjoy every minute, then go home and rest up.
---Paul on 12/12/06

Darline, I have read your responses and just wanted to say that I hope your condition gets better for you. Sometimes we lose sight of what is happening to others out there and what they have to go through. We take things for granted because things are ok with us. My prayers are for you sister and thanks for the information of your experience in your cruise.
---lisa on 12/12/06

I will write again since I've taken another cruise this year and it was great. My physical condition has worsened so I didn't go into one of the Ports I had already seen twice,my husband went alone. At lunch I went to the Cafeteria alone and there wasn't an empty table so I ask a nice looking couple if I could sit with them,turned out she was a preacher and both wonderful Christians ,so nice to talk about the Lord. They made my day alone much better than expected.
---Darlene_1 on 12/12/06

I love to cruise, so does my family. Found a new product, FDA approved that protects you from norovirus! It is called Vira-Block.
---Misty on 12/4/06

I agree with elsie, I went with a group from work. everything was ok but at night dancing , gambling, drinking, no good movies, so next time of course i will go on a christian cruise. the food "grandiosa"
---celia on 5/13/05

I worked on a naval supply ship for three years having a year and half deployed. It was awesome being at sea. I know thats alot different that a cruise ship but have always dreamed of taking a cruise and I will. For the best ride try to get a cabin at midship. There are alot of different theme trips. dont forget the camera and have a blast.
---Randy_G on 5/12/05

It is fun to go on a cruise; however, I think I would choose a Christian cruise the next time. Otherwise there are alot of activities that I don't enjoy. I would love to sing Gospel music, hear the Word, pray together, meet new believers, share our testimonies and life stories, eat the marvelous food, shop in the markets on land, sight see, learn the history of the place. Just good clean fun!
---Elsie on 5/11/05

I went on one in Hawaii a looong time ago. It was wonderful!! The lower in the ship your room is, the gentler the rocking is. So soothing.. The food is awesome! They had things going on all the time to do and tours to take everytime you stopped. There were not a lot of people my age there, but it was a very relaxing time. I am hoping to go again next summer.
---Julie on 5/10/05

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I wnt on a Bibical cruise, with great preaching and great gospel singing,, also comedy acts and fun shows that were Christian. The food was great . It was a dream boat, I plan to go again in October..Loved every minute.. also shopping on boat and ports of call all great...
---gerra on 5/10/05

I've been on 3 cruises, not all were great, but some were.The last one we took our family,nine of us, and I was disappointed we choose the Ecstasy.Food and condition of ship weren't as nice as previous ships.Even though I was disappointed,we love cruising,and still have more cruises planned as it is a good way to travel for me,since I'm disabled.Love going into ports and seeing the sights without a long drive from town to town,also room service,and choice of food,even diet.Love meeting people.
---Darlene_1 on 5/10/05

my sister and me went on the "Ectasy" carnival cruise. It was fun until she got sick and then I was alone. I was roaming the ship trying to find something to do alone and I was miserable, alone and I didn't fit anywhere. There is too much food. The Bahamas is a tourist trap and I don't care to go there again. I want my feet planted on
American soil. The views from the ship was awesome
---shira_5965 on 5/10/05

Barbara, when you're onboard a large vessel they run smoothly and you hardly feel any sway. Cabins are usually small. Call me weird (many have!) but I don't like the feeling of being out so far that there is no land in sight! Although it is beautiful at night. Its sort of an eerie feeling to see nothing but water in every direction. If I may interject, a summer cruise to Alaska is the bomb! Really beautiful!
---NVBarbara on 5/10/05

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