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Did Judas Hang Himself

Did judas hang himself or did his body burst open. Please help.

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 ---rinah on 5/10/05
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Here is help:>>>In the act of hanging himself, the rope broke and Judas's body fell, tearing open his belly. I bet that was an awful sight. He repented himself. This word is different from the term for repentance to salvation. His actions and words were of a guilty conscience, not a forgiven and regenerate one. I have sinned>>>not a true confession to faith.
---catherine on 4/19/08

but if you impel someone or something, it creates a tight seal, Like an arrow does...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/19/08

The records of hanging and belly bursting of Judas are in the Bible. Mat 27:5 and Acts 1:18. However, Jesus gave opportunities for Judas to repent but he was blinded by the money. Come to think of it supposing Judas did not betray Jesus, would Jesus be sent to the Cross? Jesus would be crucified whether Judas betrayed Him or not. What do you think?
---Pek on 4/19/08

jeffr5976, I believe you are right. We have no evidence that the modern method of hanging with a rope was used until about 1300 A.D. by the British. The Eastern World used the term hanging as putting a spear through someone and tilting the spears so that the body hangs in the air. Wish I could explain (85wrdlimit)
---Michael on 8/24/07

I hope I'm not too late in answering this.

Judas did hang himself - on a stake by falling on it, which caused his bowels to gush out. The Bible is an Eastern book. Hanging only implies a rope in the Western mind.

God bless you! jeffr5976
---Jeffrey on 6/1/05

I understand your confusion. Here's a scipture that says something other than 'hanging'.

ACTS1:18 - With the money that Judas got from his evil act he bought a field, where he fell to his death; he burst open and all of his insides spilled out...."Field of Blood"

Doesn't say how he fell - if fell on rocks down a hilly part, or if fell from the tree he supposedly hung himself on... ?
---Janet7433 on 5/22/05

Yes, Judas did hung himself out of guilt and shame. If you hv watched the movie "THE PASSION" there is a segment where Judas hang himself on a tree and a few days after his body was decomposed to the stage where magots where found on his corpse.

Alice 14/5
---alice on 5/13/05

I think that Ulrika's answer is the only answer if we believe what the bible says. Otherwise one record of events has to be wrong and where do we go from there if we believe there are mistakes in the bible?
---Paul_James on 5/11/05

Both accounts are just different perspectives of the same event as many of the Gospel records are about the life of Christ. What Ulrika said is basically what all Bible Believers usually conclude on this. 'Pek' that's a very good comment... we all need to understand that it was up to God to decide when it was time for Jesus to be crucified and was no accident nor something God had no control over!
---Daniel on 5/11/05

I think Jesus was sent to die for us, so He would have died for us anyway. I believe Satan wanted to use Peter but Jesus did not let him. Judas was used because of his own greed. Someone else or something else would have happened for Jesus to be crucified or sacrificed for us for this was the plan of God.

God bless.
---Lilye6343 on 5/11/05

Matthew 27:3-5 Acts 1:18 It could be the rope broke and Judas fell when he hung himself.
---Ulrika on 5/10/05

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