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Would You Date A Blind Man

Would you date a blind man? I am 38 years old and have been blind all my life. I live in an area of the US where prejudice and stereotype run rampid and meet very few people with a desire to look beyond the outer skin. I look for outer beauty and inner beauty both. Rare commodity. Any thoughts?

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 ---rex3859 on 5/11/05
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Hello, I live in England and would be happy to live with a blind man.

I would not see your disability but the person that you are. We are all individuals and this is something which society should value.

My name is Maree Hanna. I am 5 foot 8 inches. I have wide interests and hope that you respond.
---Maree_Catherine_Hanna on 1/18/10

Alan_of_uk: May the good Lord bring you & HIS choice for you together, the one that will make your heart to praise God everyday because of her. By God's grace may you never be deceived by her counterfeits or better looking ones that the devil may bring your way in Jesus' name. Amen.
---Adetunji on 12/2/09

Adetuni ... Thanks.

I did write na email to her, suggesting we meet, referring to the fact that the guy had given me her address

The ball is now in her court, and I hear that she is asking about me!!

I think now that God will lead her reply... either she will say no, and that's the end of it, or she will say yes, then we can meet and see where God leads our talks together.

We are bot old and sensible enough not to jump in fast.

(Sadly, I did that once with one lady, and in the end we were both hurt a lot when it all fell apart)
---alan8566_of_uk on 12/1/09

Alan_of_uk: In the past when God had not shown me His choice for me and I come in contact with a lady i admire or a lady who has been very nice to me & looking like a very suitable mate to me. I go to God in prayer knowing that HE knows the ladies totally & the future as well AND ask in Jesus' name(1) that lady "with description & or name", please show me who/what she is? (2) Show me in your own way if i am to have any relationship with her so that my interest in her physique/natural disposition will not deceive me. Until God answers you, empty your mind that she is yours, if it's not yours, BE SURE that yours will be better than her.
---Adetunji on 11/30/09

How do we know when God is leading in this matter?

I recently met a lady, whom I really liked, but I thought she was already "seeing" (nothing more than that) another man, so I held back from asking her whether I could see her again.

Now, I find that she is not "seeing" that guy, and in fact he has told me she is a free agent, and has given me her email address.

How will God lead me to know whether to follow this up or not?

(All concerned are Christians)
---alan8566_of_uk on 11/27/09

I believe starting on our own to date somebody is not the godly way. We should not lead God but allow God to lead us to who to date. Letting God leads us will save us from a lot of hassles, hurt, bitter-experiences, and offences. Whoever God leads us to is the best for us no matter his/her situation or circumstances (Proverbs 3:5-8).
---Adetunji on 11/27/09

While in college I dated a blind girl. We would go to programs like the Boston Pops Orchestra. Interestingly she also had a blind brother in college at the same time. It did not take long for her superior intelligence to expose my lack thereof. Of course that's been 50 years ago but I distinctly remember her telling me not to hold onto her elbow but to let her put her arm in mine thereby keeping people from recognizing her blindness.
---mima on 11/25/09

I am going to date a blind man and it doesn't even phase me. we met over the dating site. when he told me he was blind after a couple of great conversations it did not even phase me, to my surprise. we are meeting tomorrow nite at my place for diner. Now I have all kinds of questions about what to serve, what do we do for entertaining the rest of the evening other than talking and listening to music. any suggestions. Would love also to talk with you. With love & light Marilyn
---Marilyn on 11/24/09

Yes I would date a blind man, He would be just like every one. I think people that are prejudice to any one is wrong. Some of the best people I know are blind.
---Dorianne on 5/14/09

Andy ... I'm sorry, I misunderstood you when you said: "When I pray to God to forbid something he can, he may and he will"
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/7/09

Alan i never rejected the fact that God does not always anwers our prayers. but more often because we do not pray then because of other reasons.
If i seek Gods will i will automatically pray according His will. Nevertheless that indicates that if i pray God forbids, i pray according His will (i seecked his will first, remember) so he will forbid. on the other hand the bible examples i gave show clearly that God can and will allow things against His will when we persevere to obtain it. of which the consequenses are catstrophic and not desireous yet it is by all means possible.
---Andy on 5/7/09

Yes, I would date a blind man, as long as he was a Christian. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder whether blind or seeing. If a blind person is willing to help themselves as much as they possible can I don't know what the problem would be. Not dating someone who has any kind of disability is a sin in my books.

I do have a few things that are wrong with me, but to look at me you wouldn't know it. I live independentely and am conscience of whatever limitations I have. The Lord has sustained me and given me the ability to carry on with my life.

God or Jesus never judges anybody, so why should we?
---Norma on 5/5/09

Andy ... You now appear to accept my point which is that God does not have to do what we demand of Him, and He does not always.

If fact, I suspect that if we demand He does something, He is less likely to give us what we desire than if we request Him.

And if we say "Your will, not mine" ... then, if He does not do what we would like, He gives us the grace to accept His answer, and the strength to deal with it.
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/5/09

Alan when you quoted me, why di you stop at the first point. You should have kept reading. do you remember the king that ghot a prophecy abou his death, he prayed and God prolonged His life. WE ALWAYS NEED TO yield to Gods will, however as Israel was complaing about the manna, God gave them their lust -yet the consequense was deadly-. to seezk his will is by far the greatest thing to do. still we may plead that He changes the outcome in our favor.
---Andy on 5/4/09

You bet! Of course, I'm twenty years older than you are...but when I was 38, I would probably have said, "yes".

I think some people are afraid they will do something "wrong" and make a person with a "disability" feel bad.
So be forgiving if they don't understand what it's like to be blind...just educate them. After a few dates they won't even think about It

The important thing to remember is, that the secret in any social interaction is to make the other person feel comfortable.
---Donna66 on 5/3/09

Andy ... "When i pray to God to forbid something he can, he may and he will"

No, God can, and may, but He will not always obey your demand.

Many people joined me in my prayers that my wife would not die ... but He not save her life.

It is not for us to command Him.

Even Jesus could not command Him ... do yuo remember His words "but your will, not mine"
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/2/09

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Alan, i know little about your Christian affiliations, yet When i pray to God to forbid something he can, he may and he will. based upon the fact that He knows what is best for me, my salvation and the service i need to perform. I know however that when i ask and pray in Jesus name, and i pray right God can change his mind even about someones death and life.
---Andy on 5/1/09

Andy .... Just because you plead for God to forbid something, does not mean that He will.
---alan8566_of_UK on 4/30/09

Alan, my late , but sincere condoleances upon this. but how do you mean God does not forbid? I know that if God ever would allow such great an ordeal upon my life, He also would make a way for me to come out as a conquerer. nevertheless, this does bno means imply that i desire it. still the original question was not avoided or deluded. as i replied: all the rest, (fysics)is only an adding, and joyfull as long as it lasts, and should therefore not be to much appreciated. in other words this question should really be a non-question. and YES I would.
---Andy on 4/29/09

Andy ... I had been responding to you rather "clever" post of 4/27.

And God may not forbid that you becoe a widower ... it happend to me.

Your introduction of spiritual blindness takes us away fro the original question ... which clearly referred to physical blindness.
---alan8566_of_UK on 4/28/09

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When I was in the nursing home I met a blind lady. Her name is Pauline. After meeting her I insisted on eating with her. One day while we were talking I ask her had she ever accepted the Lord Jesus Christ with a confession of having done so. No she says I have not, my father is very anti-god. This lady went to Sunday school and church every Sunday. So I said do you know what an altar call is? Yes, she said, I do.
Whereupon I ask her if she wanted me to lead her in a sinner's prayer to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal savior? Yes I do she said, and so I did. We are still very much friends I go by and see her and she always tells me she is so glad to have met me. Perhaps it was because of her that I was in the nursing home.
---mima on 4/28/09

My mother married a blind man at age 77. They were married 7 years before he died from cancer. He was married to a blind woman for over 50 years before she died from cancer. My dad also died from cancer so my mom was alone. They were family friends for 50 years at church, so they decided to team up. My mom took care of him, but he was independent enough to go it on his own. The only problem was that he did not want to travel to visit grandchildren so mom was denied that.
---obewan on 4/28/09

Alan, If,God forbids, i would ever become a widower, and i ever find another woman,then i would never want her to be blind Spiritually. for real blindness is the spiritual blindness that plagues this church way too long. all the rest, (fysics)is only an adding, andjoyfullas long as it lasts, and should therefore not be to much appreciated.
---Andy on 4/28/09

"Problem with this whole arrangement was the girl was smart, way too smart for the likes of me. But we remained friends for many years."
---Mima on 11/26/07
Mima, I always wanted to ask if your wife knows you said that.
---Nana on 4/27/09

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Andy .. What about a blind girl?
---alan8566_of_UK on 4/27/09

i would never date a blind man, its against nature. and its sin.
---Andy on 4/27/09

If there was chemistry between me and the man, I would defiantly put in the time to adjust myself to be apart of his life. One of my best friends is disabled with spina bifida and he has found the love of his life. I am so happy for him. And if we had more in common I would have gone out with him. He is a sweet heart. My uncle was in a car accident when he was 22, and became a quadriplegic. It is because of him that I have learned to see past the little imperfections. When you get down to it, everyone has something wrong with them from birth. There is no true example of a perfect body.
---Kristy on 4/26/09

I would date a blind man if his personality and mine were compabadble. There is something more to romance and love than what is visual.
---Amy on 4/6/09

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Michelle, Christians don't move in with each unless they are married. Are you married, otherwise go back to your own house if you are calling yourself a Christian.
---Tom on 2/19/09

I met a blind man last year Oct, and we have fallen in love. We have moved intogether, and we are very very much in love. I am 42, and he is 39 yrs old. We have loads of fun together. He is very independent and does so much for himself and now for me too. He is witty, and oh so passionate about life and love. I thank God for sending me this angel, after being divorced for 14 years. His timing was once again PERFECT. Keep well. Michelle from Cape Town, South Africa
---Michelle on 2/19/09

I would prefer a sighted man.But who knows!
---Robyn on 10/11/08

I just feel somewhat strange knowing that the person I might be interested in me will never see my so called "outer beauty" and makes me think if I am really actually beautiful in the inside. The answer, I believe, is that we just have to find the right person or a person who one can speak to freely without any prejudices and being able to laugh and see how stupid some of the thoughts one might have are. The answer is yes, maybe, why not? It would be very stupid to ignore someone who can actually meet your inner beauty and feel the outer one!oh,yeah,Good Luck! And just for the record there are always prejudices, if it is not one thing it is another...
---Jessy on 10/6/08

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I would date a blind man. In fact I am dating one now. I have to admit that it was somewhat uncomfortable at first but I easily got used to it. I have to agree that there are many people who are prejudiced, but you have to understand that most people do not deal with the blind. In fact my boyfriend is the first blind person I have known. He also gets frustrated that people judge him prematurely or assume he is less than intelligent. Be patient. You will soon find someone who is beautiful enough on the inside to see the beauty in you.
---Susan on 9/9/08

Catherine, now when it comes to being spiritually BLIND, No thanks!!! LOL!!
---kathr4453 on 7/10/08

****I look for outer beauty and inner beauty both. Rare commodity. Any thoughts?***

Rex, when you look for inner/outer beauty, what do you look for?

I believe for the most part everyone is looking for both. But's it's the Inner Beauty that reflects to the outer.

If there is no inner beauty...there is no outer beauty....only vanity.

Women for the most part are not looking for Mr. America. Some of the nicest men in the world are actually ugly on the outside and have the most beautiful wives or girlfriends. Why? I think because they go the extra mile...which really isn't an extra mile at all to them.

The Lord will bring the right person into your life, but maybe He has to work on Your heart first.
---kathr4453 on 7/10/08

Not dating someone because they are blind has got to be the stupidest thing. How about that one? Have a good day.++
---catherine on 7/10/08

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There are lots of people who date people who are blind > and they are hoping the ones they date will STAY blind so they don't see what those people for who they really are.

Did Rex write that he wants "outer beauty" as well as "inner beauty"? Now, at first thought, I 'd wonder how, ever, a *blind* person could be concerned about "outer" beauty which a blind person would not be able to see (o: But there are legally blind people who can see limitedly.

Now, I have known blind females. I didn't date them, because I simply didn't sense they were for real for love. They just liked me because I'm a guy, I'd say. There's a lot more to love. I have more to see, myself, to say the least (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/10/08

Yes, I'd date a blind man- I am dating a blind man. To start with I was concerned getting involved with a blind man, bue decided not to let it stop me and I am so glad I didn't. My boyfriend is awesome. I have never "clicked" so well with someone before. He is an amazing man - we have been together going on 5 months and I hope that one day I will be lucky enough to be his wife.
---Kim on 7/9/08

I did date a blind girl in college. I originally met this girl, because of the clicking of her walking stick one rainy night I first heard the stick then saw the girl and ask her for a date and we got along very well. Problem with this whole arrangement was the girl was smart, way too smart for the likes of me. But we remained friends for many years.
---Mima on 11/26/07

I believe in letting the lord lead.But I dont think there would be any thing wrong
with dating a blind man,as long as he can see the lord.
---Gladys on 11/26/07

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Yes, of course I would date a blind man. I am Deaf all my life, I have always wanted to date a blind man but I am not sure if they would date a Deaf lady
---Grace on 4/27/07

Shallow, media-ridden, fearful, ignorant, arrogant, American culture.
---Mark on 9/10/06

I'd date a blind man. but where? i don't see any matching service, and i'd use it.
---Sarah on 3/26/06

You're not the first one to comment on this.
The hymnographer Fanny Crosby was blind, too. She once wrote, "Blind girls can and do love as truly and deeply as girls who can see."

It's a shame how among other prejudices, abelism exists in our country, along with prettism, lookism, and youngism. And alas, these faults are too prevalent among Christians, too.
---Jack on 5/31/05

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Being Blind gives you the beauty to see ones iner self. I would love a blind man because he would love me as a person and see my heart,.............lorie
---lorie4334 on 5/29/05

I'm sorry Rex I meant date a fat old lady. LOL
God bless you and remain his my friend.
---sharon_darlene on 5/26/05

Yes, I would date a blind man. I would date a handicapped man. I would like to be able to go places with him but they have motorized vehicles so that a person can do things even if they are handicapped.
People tell me that my being 61 years old and fat is a handicap. I got fat when I went through cancer treatment. So you tell me would you marry a fat old woman. lol
---sharon_darlene on 5/26/05

I am blind as well. Since 15 years old from Glaucoma. Prejudice is everywhere and I find that people tend to think we are helpless or something. Well....we are not. I met a Christian bus driver that told me that I may be physically blind but there are those that are worse. They are blinded by their own prejudice minds. Their hearts are so hardened by prejudice that they are unable or unwilling to accept a blind person for whom he/she is.
---Jeff on 5/18/05

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Rex, I know how you feel I live in South Florida the Land Of The Plastic People. Unfortunately love doesn't mean the same anymore, sweet and accepting. Now society has it as a contest on who can get the best alpha male or female. Me, I haven't been privileged to be on a date with someone of a unique difference. To be honest I feel like I was born in the wrong era. I would love to date someone different sweet and accepting with open arms.
---Sarah on 5/17/05

yes why not, being blind doesnt stop you to have a date or meet someone else. if you are confident then go.Anyway its only physical aspect some women looks whats in the heart than on the outside appearance.
---abced on 5/13/05

I sure would, if he has spritual passion, goals, is a communicator with a sense of humor, is balanced, affectionate, thoughtful, positive, is financially stable, and is appreciative. Would you date a fat lady?
---Julie3763 on 5/13/05

You sound like a cool guy Rex! I used to be a hairdresser and once worked on a gal with such a neat sense of humor. She asked me to call her a cab so I said "okay, you're a cab". She howled with glee and the rest of the shop nearly died of heart failure. She had been coming in for years and they were so careful when talking to her because she was blind. She is a person, so I treated her like one. We had a blast every time she came in to see me. God bless you really good Rex!!!
---Julie3763 on 5/13/05

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I can shave in the dark without a mirror too. that's a good thing, I can't see the blood running down my face LOL. I can also refuse to answer if she says "Honey does this outfit make me look fat?" And, I won't be eye-chasing other women either. I could say more but I remember well my chastening by the webmaster.
---rex3859 on 5/12/05

Boy where were you sweethearts back in my twenties LOL. Thank you ladies for the very kind responses, you give a man confidence and renewed belief in the human race as a whole. Hey the other Tanya, post a message with your whole user name and I'll contact you or just give me a ring at my ID. Johnny Lee ain't the only one lookin for love in all the wrong places, that was me too but I'm no Urban Cowboy, maybe a Country Plowboy :)
---rex3859 on 5/12/05

Rex all I can say is wow. I have been reading some of your responses and you seem like an amazing man. One any girl should be proud to be with.
---bethie on 5/12/05

I understand the prejudice and the stereotyping. I have an elder sister who got her one eye blinded due to fever. People called her by her name but with a "buta" (meaning blind)attached to it. My sister has several talents beyond being blind but people didn't see such gifts. People, professing to be christians, can be very cruel at times. I hope Rex, you will get your heart's desire. God Bless You!
---linda6546 on 5/11/05

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Thought I should point out that there are 2 Tanya's posting on here...that doesn't happen very often in a small group! Hello "other" Tanya! I had the first "Tanya" post...I'm married but I hope the other Tanya contacts you! :) (That got confusing!)
I had a funny thought after reading one of your can point out what an advantage it could be to a future wife that you can read in bed without the lights on! No bright light in her eyes! LOL Tanya1566
---Tanya1566 on 5/11/05

I wish I had more space because I have some funny stories you wouldn't believe. A lot of people don't believe that I'm blind at first because I have what we call spacial sensing and can walk and move pretty freely and confidently in closed places. I'm hyper and this one guy thought I had parkinson's disease. I knew him for several months before the issue of blindness was discussed. hahaha
---rex3859 on 5/11/05

Tanya and nvBarbara, I really appreciate and can benefit from your posts. If anyone cares to contact me off-blog you can find me through the profile search page. I was raised and educated in a sighted society. I work in a sighted society. People that don't know me are scared to get to know me, people that know me value me as a friend and fear losing a friendship or maybe they have a little prejudice in them too, I don't know.
---rex3859 on 5/11/05

hey Tina, I always hold my head high. I'm five two but I walk tall all the time. I don't put my best foot forward just for first impressions, my best foot is the foot I keep forward. Anyone wishing to write to me can by going to "view a profile" on the community home page, rex3859
---rex3859 on 5/11/05

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Hello, Rex!! Yes, I would date a blind man!! I don't understand prejudiced people any more than you do! Remember this: The ground is level at the cross!! We ALL need Jesus to save us and love us!! The LORD Jesus did not discriminate against others, nor should HIS people!! Chin up, Brother!! tina4496
---Tina on 5/11/05

Hi Rex. It is such a shame when people can't see past the external and see the real person inside. I had a dear friend when I was in Kansas that was blind and we had a blast. He showed me that being blind isn't a really bad thing. I am legally blind myself but still have some vision, only missing peripheral vision. I would love to chat!
---Tanya on 5/11/05

I'm married already, but if I were single I'd have no problem dating a blind man. He'd have to love the Lord and both of us in agreement on our faith. I dated a deaf man for a while years ago, he was very nice, luckily he read lips very well, but it was at that time that I took a 'Sign' class. I am by nature a 'caretaker', I wouldn't mind helping where his blindness gave him problems.
It actually would be OK, he wouldn't know if I looked sloppy or didn't 'put my face on that day!'
---NVBarbara on 5/11/05

In the past year I have dated 2 women who claimed to be Christian women. They quoted all the right scripture, said the right prayers, went to church, and treated strangers well -- for a very short time, then after I treated them well, they began to feel better and then they moved on to the next big adventure. I am skeptic now of those who have been born and raised in Christian families. I'm sure that most are genuine but I just met two very ingenious ones, the Christian heart is soft and they hurt mine.
---rex3859 on 5/11/05

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Gay, thanks for the kind words and yes I am a christian, I use the Bible as a manual for life. Gail, *smile* I'm laughing at your comment. You can drive if I can read in the dark. hahahaha. It's nice to have some humor in all this serious talk. Gee, I mean double-gee, these blogs are quite insightful, entertaining and much appreciated.
---rex3859 on 5/11/05

Well, look at it this being blind you can easily seperate out the shallow women! :) I don't agree with your church, I'm sorry. God has made you the way you are, and will restore us all fully in heaven. No one on earth is "whole". He has a purpose for everything, including your lack of sight. I think your lack of sight has given you clear vision. God will send someone in His timing, and she'll be perfect for you!
---Tanya on 5/11/05

Hi Rex, Nothing wrong with dating a blind man. I am taken but many ppl ask me how can you fall in love with someone you never seen (on the internet) My answer is how did you fall in love with Jesus and your babies before you seen them and if you can only fall in love with someone you have seen, then I guess a blind person can never fall in love! But, I have known a lot of happily married blind ppl. Where one has a weakness or disability, the other can stand in, People help each other.
---Pat on 5/11/05

Rex, you sound like a very caring and sensitive man, and what woman wouldn't be attracted to those qualities. If I wasn't already married I would marry a blind man if I fell in love with him. You are just as good as any other man and I pray you are a Christian. God has that special Christian woman out there for you. Pray for her and He will bless you. She won't be so shallow that she will ignore you because you are blind. God Bless You, Gay
---Gay on 5/11/05

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Thank you for your responses so far? Well said, every one. I attend a church where the leaders believe that I must pray for sight in order to be a whole person. I believe like others have said that being disabled and Christian helps us to lead other disabled Christians to God. Some disabled are very bitter about their disability, I am not but I am a little disheartened by the prejudice of society. I say that I am not handicapped, only handicapped by society's ignorance.
---rex3859 on 5/11/05

Yes I would date a blind man with a sense of humor, but I would have to drive. :-)
---Gail on 5/11/05

I was blessed by being raised to see the person and not what is wrong with them. I believe the blind see better than the ones who can see and are ignorant.
---Diane8579 on 5/11/05

I am a 34 year old single mom with "Ushers' syndrome type 3" and been legally blind for a year and 2 months with 40% hearing lost. We test God of His love and faith in and for us that we never think He'd do the same to us to see if we believe in our own testimony to others. He LOVES us enough to test us of how much we truly believe Him at His Word.
---Jessica on 5/11/05

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I face the same situation beng deaf....God is not punishing us for being disabled but rather He can use us mightily to win souls...I am proud to be deaf and am being used to reach other deaf and am more sensitive to the needs of others where I might not be if I were hearing...don't look at the outer beauty as that can be vain and fake whereas the inner beauty reveals the true person and that's what I look at....God isn't interested in the outward appearance but wants your inner beauty to be like Him....
---Fran4857 on 5/11/05

You sound like a special person to me. There is prejudice all over everywhere. My friend once dated a blind man, but don't know what happened. She met someone else too. She said he was a preacher and good person. God bless.
---shira_5965 on 5/11/05

no i will not date a blind man but i would like to be my friend, because bing blind does not mean you shoild be in lov.e i will first like us to be friends to know each other better then God will work at the rest Otherwise the blind man sould take heart God made him for a purpose and he has good plan for him like any one esle.Unless you are omly blind spritial, that may be my problem but advice God is the solution
---evera9835 on 5/11/05

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