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Keep Exgirlfriend And Engaged Girl

Should I stay in contact with my ex girlfriend even though I'm engage to be married soon?

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 ---Duke on 5/11/05
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It probably wouldn't be wisdom in action.
---Linda_Smith on 12/15/07

Do you and your ex live or work near to each other? If so, I think you should behave absolutely naturally. If, in the course of your day, you bump into her then be polite and briefly pass the time of day, but don't deliberately seek her out. We all have people in our past, your fiancee will have also no doubt, and life would be miserable if we felt we had to avoid them all but making deliberate contact is asking for trouble.
---p.m. on 2/26/06

NO! And don't even think about getting married until you get the idea out of your head you can have any type of relationship with your ex
---WIVV on 2/25/06

Duke....I think that you should check with your fiance and see how she feels about you keeping in touch with your ex. But first of all, does your soon to be wife know even right now that you are still in contact with your ex?? Seeing as you have a past with the particular person, it's best to get an opinion from the person you are committed to now.
---Chelsea on 5/13/05

I still stay in touch with my ex for one reason,& my husband is aquantinces with ihm& doesn't mind, why? because he is our barber.I dated him for a year, & then later met my husband& didn't know he went to him also! but I suggest you get it oked first.
---Candice on 5/12/05

Duke, It is not the ex that will harm your relationship, but hidding the issue. If one trust the other he will share his life with her. That includes other relationships and cares. Hidding things brings up distrust. Keep honesty in your relationship and there will be no fear. Relationships are dear to all of us and do not just dissapear. But the one you choose needs your trust and needs to feel secure in your relationship. Ask her, you may be surprised with her response. God Bless!
---diane on 5/12/05

Duke, ask yourself why you want to stay in touch with your ex girlfriend. Maybe you are not ready for commitment? If you still have feelings for your ex you should consider your actions very carefully. Emotional ties are the hardest to break, especially if there was intimacy between you both before marriage. If you truly love your fiance and want her to be the only girl in your life then act like it, and be a man and respect her and love her as Christ does.
---david5083 on 5/11/05

It always depends on the amount of strength and honesty a person has. I stay in touch with my ex wife and my wife stays in touch with her ex and there is no objection from either one of us.

I trust her fully and she trusts me fully.
---Albert on 5/11/05

What would Jesus do?
---gladys on 5/11/05

Nope! Let the past stay in the past. You owe it to the success of your new relationship.
---Katie on 5/11/05

You are asking for trouble if you maintain a relationship with your "ex". Exceptions would be if you had a child or business dealing not completed. You and Your fiancee should have enough respect for yourselves and each other and to put the past behind-way behind. Otherwise you are sewing seeds of mistrust and doubt that will come to bad tasting fruit, possibly fatal to peace and joy.
---chuck on 5/11/05

In a word, NO! When my husband and I were first married we made a "rule" that we would not be alone with or communicate with members of the opposite sex privately. I do not email men, ride in a car alone with any man, meet a man alone...even an insurance saleman or something like that. I'm sure there are people who laugh about our "rules" behind our backs, but I have never in 18 years had reason to doubt my husband, nor he me.
---Tanya1566 on 5/11/05

Ask her how she feels about it, then take her feelings into account. Establish your relationship with your fiancee, ground it with trust, honesty and respect. Don't make your relationship a threesome. If she loses her trust in you before you marry, it will hurt your marriage very much. And don't lie to her either when she finds out she will look at you in a very different way. Honor & protect her.
---isirhnow on 5/11/05

Duke,please don't communicate with your ex-girlfriend. Especially if you really do marry the young woman you are engaged to. Sounds like maybe you are not sure about letting the ex go. Pray about this.God says two become one when we marry. Your wife should be your only confidante'. Just for the sake of not being tempted with your ex, do not communicate with her. Put all of your energy into marriage. Besides if your fiance' knew you were talking to another woman it would really hurt her. God Bless
---Gay on 5/11/05

NO....what will that prove to stay in touch with an old girlfriend if God has someone ready to marry you? If you ask me that is asking for major problems and heading down the wrong road...let go of the past and move on with your life and be happy with what God has given you now...
---Fran4857 on 5/11/05

No, you should not. There are too many temptations because you must still have feelings for her if you're still wanting to keep in touch with her. That would say to me, if I were the girl you're engaged to, that you were not totally devoted to me. I think you need to look inside yourself and see who you really love.
---shara8479 on 5/11/05

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