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Should Kids Read Their Bible

A 10 year old boy was just chastised by his friends parents for reading his Bible during school recess. Should he be allowed to continue?

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 ---John on 5/12/05
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Yes he should be allowed to read his Bible during recess BUT recess is a time better spent actively, playing with others and making new friends.
---Pierr7958 on 6/7/08

I am rather puzzled as to why the parents of his friend felt that they had a right to comment on this at all. The only reason I can think that they might is if they are worried that he is influencing their child in a way that they would not approve. In other words they are probably very anti-Christian and would wish their child to be like minded. Very sad.
---Xanthi on 5/29/05

If he's reading his Bible during recess because he wants to is one thing but if he's reading it to avoid the other children because he's shy and feels like he doesn't fit in, then that's a totally different issue. It's not easy for some people to make friends and to be a child in school who feels like he or she doesn't fit in is very difficult. I know from experience.
---DoryLory on 5/13/05

The friend's parents had no right to say anything,although, if the child is reading the Bible as an excuse not to interact with other children it's unhealthly emotional behavior.A shy child could use that as a protective barrier between him and others.He has a right to read,but someone should be sure why he prefers to.Socialization is an important part of development.Recess is designed to get rid of pent up energy through play,and teaches about social relationships .
---Darlene_1 on 5/13/05

The previous letters indicate a dilema. He may READ HIS BIBLE AND WALK. NOW he gets exercise. And he is allowed to read to exercise his mind to recieve the calming and energizing influence of the Bible.
There are biographies and autobiographies of deeply devote men. It appears Satan attacks and causes them to sleep so they developed a habit of walking and praying. PRAYING IS ANOTHER SUGGESTION - EYES open. It works. Just don't stumble on a rock or upheaved piece of grass or cement.
---Barbara67 on 5/13/05

Yes. "Freedom of religion" means freedom to exercise your faith without any prohibition. But the deceived people wrongly think that "Freedom of religion" means "Freedom from religion".
---Eloy on 5/13/05

Yes! Jesus is the way, truth,and the light. In today's society it's truly a blessing to train a child in the way he should go and when he grow old he will not depart from it. A great example was set in a child like faith.
---Shara_6498 on 5/12/05

Is this child not doing as many missionaries who suffer for thier Lord do. Jesus said we are to have the faith of a little child. Everyday many missionaries die for thier faith. You ask should he be ALLOWED to continue. I would ask. Why should we make him stop? If allot of us could show such courage under critisism from non-christians what a change we could make in our world.
If I was his mother I would be proud to call him my son.
---Marla on 5/12/05

so why were the friend's parents on school property? i would like to know what they were doing there, other than bullying christians.
---curt on 5/12/05

I have had students who bring their Bible to school, and share during recess. That is the only time they are permitted to do such discussions. Some students are just not active, run around playing type kids. They are more interested in reading, or playing cards. I would encourage the boy to read the Bible outside in the fresh air.
---Madison on 5/12/05

It would be difficult to chastise this young person for reading his Bible at school, but he should be encouraged to exercise and associate with others. It's a part of being well-rounded! It is not, however, the place of his friends nosy parents to do the chastening. They should talk to the parents if they are concerned, and leave the final decision to them!
---Wendell on 5/12/05

Where are peoples minds at?

Reading the Bible relieves stress by bringing your mind and body into balance with the mind of God.

If recess was created by man to help the persons health what do you think God gave us a Bible for?

If we would spend as much time stopping cursing, smoking, bullying and others things in school it would be a safer place for our children.

It is the Christian acts that are attacked.
---Elder on 5/12/05

It is non of his friends parents business if a child reads the bible during recess. I praise the Lord for a child who will read his bible during recess. If I was his parents, you can bet he could continue if he so desired and he would be encouraged to continue. I have never heard of anything more stupid than this.
---shira_5965 on 5/12/05

Hi John: There is a law to cover this young man's privilege to read His Bible during recess; however, Pierr is right, he needs exercise. Recess was created for this. It brings relief from the mental stress and brings his body into balance with his mind. Blessings!!
---Elsie on 5/12/05

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