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Women Ask For A Rich Man

Why does it seem that it's OK for a woman to ask if a man is rich, but if a man does the same, he's considered rude and a "taker"? Seems to me a horrible double standard in today's world.

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 ---andrew on 5/13/05
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It's rude for a woman to ask if a man is rich, too.

Gainfully employed is another matter, especially if there is the possibility of children in the future--even working mothers would like to be able to take off for a couple months after childbirth.
---Nancy on 12/3/07

I guess because men are generally the ones who have the role as provider. The man is supposed to take care of his family, wife, children etc.... For a woman to keep a man does not fit the culture and takes away from the man's character. I am presenting this as a cultural view. Every relationship has its own merit.
---lissie on 6/16/07

Andrew...women rely on men to be Providers. If a woman is just after a man b/c he has money then she is greedy [and in my opinion...Stupid]. A rich man can make a lousy husband/father and he doesn't necessarily have good character. If a man goes after a woman who has money, he is most likely climbing up. A woman MUST have a man who is financially stable if she plans to only work part-time or be a stay at home wife/mom...rachel
---Reiter on 11/21/06

I don't think it is O.K. either way round. Until a couple have reached the stage where a future together is being discussed, and a home will have to be acquired, finances shouldn't come into it.
---Xanthi on 5/15/05

I think it is rude for anybody to ask anything like that. Unless both people feel very comfortable asking each other anything.
---sues on 5/14/05

Dear Shira: I'd have trouble suggesting that I was in "poverty" if I were not. (Or maybe you were just kidding.) The reason I say this is that it might not be honest. If I had just started a new relationship, I would tell the person that I really don't feel comfortable with that question or something like that. Direct, honest and loving responses work every time by setting boundaries and letting you know the "real" person.
---Elsie on 5/14/05

It would be right if men were treated just as equal or well as women were, but sorry Andy, as long as people continue to judge from outward appearance then beauty will get the better treatment over the plain Joes.
---Eloy on 5/13/05

Dear Andrew: It depends at what point in the relationship this question is asked. Before a couple gets married it is important to discuss every important subject including money. There are more marital arguments over finances than just about anything. It is a measure of the ability to communicate with each other when this subject is discussed. However, I also would wonder about their motive if the couple had just begun to date . Good question. Blessings!
---Elsie on 5/13/05

Curt, keep being the way you are about people asking you personal questions. Tell them you are in poverty and are struggling then you will know how they really feel.
---shira_5965 on 5/13/05

It shouldn't seem ok. That would mean the person isn't truly loved for who they are. Maybe love will come over the years. It does seem a double standard and it is sad that anyone is like this. God Bless them. Can you imagine if God chose us that way. What is he said I'll take the ones with short hair or the ones with children or the ones that are fat, or even the ones with just gray eyes. Can you imagine how many wonderful people will miss out. Thanks God he isn't like humans.
---Judith on 5/13/05

. i always have nothing further to do with women who ask about my financial situation. it is just as rude as if i were asking for their measurements. decent people just don't ask personal questions.
---curt on 5/13/05

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