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Religion Wars Over History Of Man

Reading these 'blogs' I came to the understanding why there has been so many wars through out history over religion.

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 ---sue on 5/13/05
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It is easy, especially for the nonChristian, to make war even over a penny, but how hard it is to make peace and sacrificially love the unlovable.
---Eloy on 11/3/08

To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

The person that heeds to Eph.6:12, to not wrestle against flesh and blood, is a person that will refrain from the tangable religious wars of the past.

We are in a spiritual war not a tangable one. Our weapons of warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of the strong holds of conceived lust that the invaiding dark spirits use to tempt the flesh.

When lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death....and this is the fleshy nature of the men that causes them to wage tangable religious wars!!!!
---Shawn_M.T. on 11/2/08

Dear Sue: Expressing opinions about our core values and theological doctrine can be a very soul searching and productive activity. Have you seen how many bloggers apologize when they are challenged? That is accountability at its best. Expressing our views is how we can learn more about the most important and beloved subject in our lives. However, you are correct in intimating that we should always speak in love. Blessings!
---Elsie on 11/1/08

Pierr, I accepted you appology in another thread but so that others know it here. I have accepted your appology.
---Dewey on 6/11/05

Sister Sue, man through the ages has lifted himself many times above God with his ideas and visions. God never changes and knows all. He is the same and no matter what we do He will always be the same. there are many religions but one we should pay attention to is Islum. The others start because of some difference of interpretation but Islum is against anyone not muslim. We have just started to see what is in their hearts.
---Lupe2618 on 6/6/05

THANK YOU very much for your good wishes!
I needed that!
---Pierr7958 on 6/3/05

Happy Birthday brother Pierr, I do really enjoy your answers. I go to many and don't respond but do read many of them. Though we don't agree with everything, it is nice to see brothers discussing Scripture and I learn a lot how others feel about things and some times why. Again Happy birthday.
---Lupe2618 on 6/3/05

I am just about to shut down for the day but before I do I want to tell you that the nicest thing about this day, my 62nd birthday, was to read your note to Lupe telling him that you were not shutting the door on the Sabbath question! Praise the Lord.
Let me also apologize for riding you a bit hard in my last blog. It was late and I should have turned in earlier. Sincerely, Pierre
---Pierr7958 on 6/3/05

Thank you Lupe. I guess what I have been trying to say is that I am not against the SDA church. I am against the prophet that speaks untruth and teaches people what is not biblical. I will do more studying on the Sabbath issue. I don't believe there is anything wrong with Saturday being kept for the Sabbath.
---Dewey on 6/2/05

Sister Sue, I believe this discussions are so helpful. I discussed the subject of Women been pastors once and many answered me and God revealed to me what I now know to be true, I needed more knowledge on the subject. God knew I needed them to help me. God uses all of us to help and edify each other. The incentive to learn should always be there.I always try to read as many questions and answers as I can. Thank you brothers.
---Lupe2618 on 5/31/05

Brother Dewey and Pierr, I find the information you both have given as very useful. I have read all the of the comments that both of you have put down. That's why I think that having an open mind and not just believing one thing someone teaches is good. Some might be in error and by listening to the comments it might help us to learn more. Open discussions are great. I know others would love to join but are first reading what both of you are writing.
---Lupe2618 on 5/31/05

Dewey:Did I not give you evidence from OT/NT that indicates clearly that God used Sabbath keeping as a sign/seal to make it clear whose God he is/was?
Hallo my sabbath, for they are a SIGN between me and you,that ye may know that I am the Lord your God!"Later!
---Pierr7958 on 5/30/05

Dewey: Let me assure you that it is not my intention to argue at all but lay out what Ido believe to be truth.
I remind you that the examples you gave to show EGW's ADDITIONS or CONTRADICTIONS did not accomplish their purpose because the Bible makes it very clear what TRUTH is.
Incidently, when Paul advices us not to judge other in regards to days, the issue is not about the 10 commandments but about ceremonial sabbaths associated with the whole sacrificial system .Later!
---Pierr7958 on 5/30/05

SDA's have a prophet who claims she had visions from God about everything she wrote. If her visions and predictions were from God the visions would have come true and the books she wrote would not contridict the Bible.
The fact is that what she writes does contridict the Bible. I believe I pointed that out but there are many more that I could share but I won't because I feel that you only want to argue and not see.
God bless the ones who want to find you.
---Dewey on 5/30/05

Dewey: About thE SEAL OF GOD:
I read your quote from EPH and I SEE THE H.S.AS THE SEALER not THE SEAL. EZECH writes that God designated a sign between himself and his people: 'keep my Sabbaths holy...a sign between us..." 20:20
20:12 ...I gave them my Sabbaths, as a sign btween Me and them..."
REV.7:3 'DO NOT HARM ... unil we put a seal on the foreheads of the servsnts of the Lord.'
REV,7:4 same thouht
So, from here, it surely looks like THE SABBATH IS THE SEAL OF GOD!
---Pierr7579 on 5/29/05

Let me first repeat that I never take EGW statements as additions to the Bible!
Now let me say that in regards to her slavery statment,I still don't get it!It is a typical Early Writing product which is not as good as some other things she wrote later on. It reminds us that she was just another IMPERFECT VESSEL USED BY God.
The race mixture statmenr taken in the flood context is probbly more true than not but I am not done with my review yet.
To be cont.
---pierr7579 on 5/29/05

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Continued from below: This is a crucial contradiction to the Bible. The Bible is certain that God's seal is the Holy Spirit. But Ellen denies this Bible truth, claiming that the seventh-day Sabbath is God's seal. This Sabbath-keeping is promoted as the great determiner of who is lost and who is saved. In this Ellen proclaims that it is the Sabbath which saves, rather than Jesus Christ who saves! This is heresy, claiming salvation by works. Ellen makes the Sabbath the greatest commandment of all.
---Dewey on 5/27/05

The Bible says that the seal of God is the HOLY SPIRIT: "In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that HOLY SPIRIT of promise," (Eph 1:13)
"And grieve not the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption." (Eph 4:30)
---Dewey on 5/27/05

There are so many contridictions that Ellen White says in her books to the Bible that you really need to study them out if you are studying with them.
Ellen White says the Seal of God is, The Sabbath keeping (Saturday). "Too late they see that the Sabbath of the fourth commandment is the seal of the living God. (Great Controversy, p.640)
Continued above
---Dewey on 5/27/05

Dewey: thanks for the correction. I have not read it in context yet but will get back to you.
Darlene: I give you that EGW has made some difficult to understand/appreciate statements BUT I THINK IT IS UNFAIR TO SAY THAT SHE HAS ADDED TO THE BIBLE. Her writings are NOT THE BIBLE and so she can't add to what she is not in the first place, a Bible author.
---Pierr7958 on 5/27/05

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What Dewey has written here is true. I was a SDA for over 18 years.
There are many more contridictions to the Bible and there are also many additions to the Bible.
Almost everyone you talk to have different opinions on how to worship God. The issue is: does it pertain to a person's salvation. If it differs on the point of salvation then we need to take the Bible and compare what is being taught. Does that make since. Revelation 22:18-21 God says do not add or subtract.
---sharon_darlene on 5/27/05

I am sorry for the wrong reference to the last quote it is Spiritual Gigts, Vol. 3 page 75
---Dewey on 5/27/05

Dewey; You will have to help me with this one. I looked in both Vol A and B of the book Spiritual Gifts p. 75. Check mit out and let me know why you think what she says is untrue, so I may comment on your conncern.
---Pierr7958 on 5/26/05

"Every species of animal which God had created were preserved in the ark. The confused species which God did not create, which were the result of amalgamation, were destroyed by the flood. Since the flood there has been amalgamation of man and beast, as may be seen in the almost endless varieties of species of animals, and in certain races of men". Spiritual Gifts, vol. 4, p. 75
I will leave you with: Isa 8:20
---Dewey on 5/26/05

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Let me say it again, I am not comfortable with the quotation and I will study the matter more in depth and get back to you later
It would seem that a slave that has been so abused as to be lower than a brute would get a free pass to the new earth but let me study some more!

---Pierr7958 on 5/26/05

I found the book on the web. The full quote is what you said but it goes on"but he does the best thing for him that a compassionate God can do.He permits him to be as if he had not been, while the master must endure the 7 last plagues and then come up in the second resurrection and suffer the second most aweful death. EGW-EW p.276 to be cont.
---Pierr7958 on 5/26/05

I did not like that quote from Early Writings but I am going to have to find the book and see if the context affected her making what I would call a racist statement.
In the meantime could you produce the contradction she alledgedly made concerning the beast power and its role in endtime events. Also would appreciate comment on first case you prsented. THANKS!
---Pierr7958 on 5/25/05

By the way on 05/24/05 the first quote I gave you that Ellen White said is from Great Controversy page 422, 485, 486
Sorry about that.
---Dewey on 5/25/05

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#2 Ellen White says,"God cannot take to heaven the slave who has been kept in ignorance and degradation, knowing nothing of God of the Bible, fearing nothing but his master's lash, and holding a lower position than the brutes." (Early Writings,p.276)
The Bible says, "That was the true Light, which lighteth EVERY MAN that cometh into the world." (John 1:9)
---dewey on 5/25/05

We don't aways agree but we try to do it in a kind way.
I read both quotes. Here is how I see it: It looks to me as though you think EGW makes Satan our Savior.Not so! She clearly ids Christ as the SACRIFICE and then MEDIATOR. When he died on thr cross he bore the weight of our sins but at the end he will place them on the SCAPEGOAT/SATAN to be destroyed for ever.
SCAPEGOAT. No contradiction here. Is there?
---Pierr7958 on 5/25/05

The Bible says: " Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness; by whose stripes ye were healed.
' (1 Pet 2:24)
---Dewey on 5/24/05

The prophet I am talking about is Ellen G White. Contridictions to the Bible #1 Who Bears our sins? EGW says-Satan: "It was seen, also, that while the sin offering pointed to Christ as a sacrifice, and the high priest represented Christ as a mediator, the scapegoat typified Satan, the author of sin, upon whom the sins of the truly pentitent will finally be placed. Christ will place all these sins upon Satan,....Satan will at last suffer the full penalty of sin."
---Dewey on 5/24/05

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Forgive me for posting. #1 there is not enough space here to post an answer to your reply, Pierr. #2 People are going to believe what they want to believe and only the Holy Spirit can get a person to see what God wants them to know. I will not be back on the blogs again. Thank you.
---Dewey on 5/22/05

I read about the beast in the Bible Rev 13.
I don't think any church has the monopoly on the subject. You say the 7thD Adv. have a prophet who contradicts the Bible. Who is this prophet and please give 3-4 examples, documented to prove your point. Thanks.
---Pierr7958 on 5/21/05

Alan of U K the teaching of the mark of the beast is straight from the Seventh Day Adventist teaching. Since their prophet, in her books, contridicts the Bible there is no truth in her teachings. The bible teaches us if anyone speaks one wrong then don't listen to them.
---Dewey on 5/21/05


Thank you ... I am alan8869
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/17/05

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Alan of UK
I want to answer your question by sending you some literature on the subject. E-Mail me your adress please. It will be a gift for your birthday, compliments of Pierre's Christian Book Mobile.
---Pierr7958 on 5/16/05

Pierre ... the world seems to be heading towards atheism, in which case there will be no worship at all.

What makes you think the final issue will be compulsory worship on the wrong day?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/16/05

Alan of UK:
It staggers my mind too. Research for yourself. If you find me in error, I will stand corrected. I hope it was not as bad. Why? Daniel 3:13-17 predicts a time of trouble AS THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ending with an edict to enforce the "mark of the beast" upon all the world. The issue will be SUNDAY worship vs SABBATH worship. Refuse to accept the false day of worship face fines,boycotts,prison and eventually a death decree. How many will die, I don't know but it won't be pretty!
---Pierr7958 on 5/15/05

Pierre ... I still find it difficult to comprehend the numbers. The present popolation of Britain is about 60 million, and levels of population during the middle ages was much lower. There would hardly have been 150 million people althogether in Europe at that time.

And why show surprise with the comparison with Hitler, when he managed only 10 million or so?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/15/05

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Pierre: I believe that your figure is correct. One must read Foxe's Book of Martyrs to get an inkling of the inhuman barbarity inflicted on innocent men, women and children by the inquisition - all in the name of God.
---Jerry on 5/14/05

Alan of UK: cont.
Also in History of the Rise and Influence of Rationalism in Europe, Vol.2 p.32 by WEH Lecky, we read:"that the CCh has shed more blood than any other...will not be questioned by those who know history." In fact more people killed by papacy during M.A. than Hitler during WW II.
---Pierr7958 on 5/14/05

Alan of UK:
NB Not a criticism of the peope but of the leadership.
1:"Everyone who has any knowledge of the Middle Ages is acquainted with the fact that millions (15O) of people were tortured and killed by the Catholic reported by a Catholic cardinal who writes:"The Cch...when confronted by heresy...had recourse to force,corporal punishment,to torture...She created tribunals like the Inquisition...The Renaissance and the Cch. pp 182-184. To be cont.
---Pierr7958 on 5/14/05

Pierre ... 150 million Christians killed during the Inquisition?

Please give us some facts to back up this figure.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/14/05

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Most religious wars throughout history were not motivated by religious belief, but by greed and the thirst for power. Religion merely served as an excuse, and a convenient way to rally support. Perhaps we would have fewer religious wars if more people engaged in open, honest religious debate as we do in these blogs. Remember, the Bereans were considered noble because they did not take the leader's word, but searched the scriptures for themselves to see if these things were true. (Acts 17:11)
---Jerry on 5/14/05

Jesus was considered very bigoted and judgmental--only one way, His way! Yet as good and evil unfold in the Bible we see that the real war is spiritual, not carnal. As people took their eyes off Jesus and His way, they persecuted those who did not believe the truth. Failing to win with truth, wicked men turn to carnal weapons. We could say the less one knows of Jesus, the more they turn to the sword. The righteous does not resist evil by force, but overcomes it by good, by love. Matt 5:43-48.
---Wayne on 5/14/05

Religious wars have been fueed by hatred from Satan and not from God.
Just a thought, between 1917 and today, 100,000,000 people have died in the name of the god communism and its false prophet Marx. Think about it.
---mike6556 on 5/14/05

Man gets away from God's word. Greed thru power or riches overcome the Lord's word in men's priorities. Thou shall not covet becomes if I can take it -it is mine, whatever it is(energy, metals,)
The work of the devil is made easier by Christians acting unchristian toward each other. We fight the devil and each other. Examples today may be a few priests acting out of Christian character,the gender thing in many churches, schools and their teaching content. While we are talking, others are acting.
---chuck on 5/14/05

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And what is the reason? I suggest it is intolerance on the part of some to impose their views on truth,faith,values etc. on others who differ in their views.We are not doing that! but aware of any group which does that, be it a church or political party. During the inquisition over 150.000.000 people lost their lives to keep their convictions and the Bible says that his chidren will again have to suffer much before the end.
---Pierr7958 on 5/14/05

Hello Sue, why did you say that? May I know your reasons behind saying that you now understand why many wars have to be fought over religion through out history after reading the 'blogs'?
---linda6546 on 5/14/05

You are very right, Sue. And all is supposed to be in the name of the Lord. We have seen too many fake Christians who are more interested to impress others than to impress God.
---Albert on 5/13/05

War is inevitable because good and evil exist, and these two will vie, and we each one must choose a side and fight the good fight until the end.
---Eloy on 5/13/05

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I agree. When did Christians become so judgemental? Is it any wonder that we have such trouble being witnesses to the world when we are so busy shooting our wounded? Especially divorce. Where did the Grace of God go? Those whose marriages fall apart are in need of mercy just like anyone else; not condemnation.
---Kate on 5/13/05

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