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Wish I Had A Life Partner From God

Wish I could have a life time partner I know and I trust GOD that someday GOD will give.

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 ---JOHN_MATHEW on 5/14/05
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Trust in God's word and be obedient to His Word. Even if the life partner never comes, you are guaranteed God's love as a believer.
---Dale on 7/27/08

i am a young eighty year old. i am five feet and blonde hair with blue eyes. i love gardening, cooking and taking long drives. i think i am an introvert but like meeting people on a one to one basis.
---joy on 10/4/07

Me too!Hope i can find my lifetime partner here on this site.Im still single at the age of 32 and still hoping that God will give him to me this year.
---jane on 6/9/05

I met my life partner right here on this site. I asked God that if he wanted me have a life partner, for Him to pick him out for me. We lived over 400 miles from each other and both of us, put a lot of effort into the relationship because we knew it was God's will for us. If you want a life partner, be prepared to put time, love, patience, prayer, and devotion into it.
---Tammy on 5/15/05

A friend expressed her desire for a soul mate and that I was the one. I was not looking for her. In fact she surprised me. Wait on God. In fact, I meet her on this website.
---paua5347 on 5/15/05

john mathew, as the word of God says seek and you should find, you have not because you ask not. don't sit and wait for a life partner to come your way, search and ask the Lord for direction. I am a single woman who would like a husband, but to tell you the truth I have not been looking, so maybe that is why I am still single.I am still young at 55.
---mary on 5/14/05

Zena was right on! The Bible says: "Seek and you will find." and it also says: "You have not,because you ask not", indicating that sometimes we are short of Faith! May he help you to look, ask and believe!
---Pierr7958 on 5/14/05

we have a saying "seek and God will provide". I believe in patience for it is a virtue. who knows one of the reader might want to know you better and want to be in touch with you.
---zena7873 on 5/14/05

I wish I could find someone to spend my golden years with. I know there is someone as lonely as I am somewhere and wants to be loved.....
---Patty on 5/14/05

I think you and "Jane" should hook up. Seems you both have the same heart for a life partner, so much so that you used the exact same words to express that desire.
---linda9974 on 5/14/05

Put God first in your life and trust in him that he will provide our needs whether they be spiritual or human for with him, we are never alone.
---Sonja7474 on 5/14/05

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