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I Want A Way Out Of My Marriage

I am married to supposedly Godly man who says he loves me, but I am emotionally abused, used and made to feel I am only good for sex (he grabs me in areas even in front of our daughters) Am wishing to leave, but feel guilty - when is it ok to leave a marriage?

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 ---sue on 5/16/05
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This again validates my point. Marrying a Christian man or woman is no guarantee your marriage is going to be blissful. So many are trying to pass as Chrsitians these days but you shall know them by the fruit, they bear. I feel for you but you have taken the wedding vows for better or worse. You can separate from this man but not divorce. You have to actually catch him in adultery to divorce him. Or if he dies you can marry another Christian. You need to bury that guilt.
---Robyn on 8/7/07

You need to ask the Lord to help you set up a period during which time you will lovingly ask your huband to realize that he has been hurting you (be specific) and that you are not going to put up with it anymore and that if he does not change his behaviour, you will ask him to leave or you will walk! As I said before, in MY OPINON, abuse is a form of adultery, because the abuser is not true to his/her vows.
---Pierr7958 on 8/7/07

My dear, I know and feel what you're going through because I experienced it few months ago. During those dark days, I always asked my self "is it the will of God that I go through this and die?" The answer is NO!!!! Get out if you can. The God whom we serve will see you through. I'm Praying for you. Be strong and keep your head up high!!!!
---eileen on 8/25/05

There is time for marriage to end. nothing wrong with that. The goal of life is not marriage but Love.God is Love.And many have finished their course in mortal love and marriage, now open to a higher spirit of love to receive and dispense under H Spirit
---Ira on 6/4/05

Judging from what I have read, I would say that you are being totally disrespected.You are obviously married to a man who is a pervert. So much so, until he finds it hard to control his calling. I see no reason why you should decieve him further by pretending that you are happy with what he is doing. Tell him it has to stop, or else you will have him for extreme sexual abuse.if this fails, then I am sure that the Almighty will be on your side if you decides to leave.Fact: No love without respect.
---Eleon on 5/20/05

You could try mediation ,councelling accommanied with a personal fasting and prayer expedittion, until you have the victory. There is nothing that God cannot do through, obedience, love and patience . Your children may learn to do the same throughout life difficult pathway. More importantly you may just win your husband back from the cluches of the adversary, watch and pray God is CarlaXXXXXX
---Carla on 5/19/05

My wife used to say the same thing about me. The only way I knew that was because she told me. I keep a running tab now to make sure she feels loved in other ways, and loved (and respected) as Jesus loves her. Perhaps you need to find a time to talk to your husband about it, and also ask why he does what he does - you might be surprised at the answer, and how closer it will truly bring the both of you together again. Also remember that God is the third cord of your marriage, so pray with your husband.
---Ryan on 5/16/05

Sue, would you contact me at linda9974? My personal e-mail address in in my profile if you want to use that instead.
---Linda_Smith on 5/16/05

My Dear Sister, I will pray for your answer, and know that you are not alone. God keep you safe
---rhond7565 on 5/16/05

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