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How Do We Walk With God

How do we know when we are truly walking with God?

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 ---rhond7565 on 5/16/05
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G-d explains how to walk with him in 2Pet 1:5-12. Start with goodness, add knowledge, then self-control, perserverance, godliness, brotherly affection, and love. For in doing this you will never stumble (v10). But walking with G-d must begin with the act of repentance-turning away from your sins and sinful nature. If you haven't done that, please begin there.
---Jew-D on 1/15/08

1 John 2:3 says it all:
"The way we can be sure we know him is if we are obeying his commands."
---Jew-D on 1/15/08

Change when He confronts you with Truth, visit that one who is lonely or sick, send that card, turn off that TV, read just one more chapter in the Book, give something to that person, encourage this one over here, pray one more prayer, sing one more song, dance just a little longer! Believe that your footsteps are ordered by the Lord, and you're where you're supposed to be, doing and saying what He wants you to. Talk about righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost, that's it! and it's fun!
---Nancy on 1/15/08

I should have added that there will be righteousness, peace, and joy when you are walking with God. However, there is something better than walking WITH God. There is God walking IN you.
---Linda_Smith on 1/15/08

You will be walking in perfect agreement with Him. How can two walk together except they be agreed?
---Linda_Smith on 4/28/07

Do not try, avail yourself, let,allow with a burning hearts desire to receive more truth and understanding to cleanse the mind and heart receive from Magesties unlimited supply and dispense under Holy Spirit guidance precious one
---Ira on 6/4/05

When your relatonship with God it far more important to you than what occurs in the carnal world, you know you are walking with God. If this life, and what occurs in it crowds out your relationship with god, whether it's family, friends, government, the economy, or world politics takes more time in your mind than what God wants, you fall short!
---Wendell on 5/19/05

When we are learning to trust and obey Him than we can rest in the knowledge that we are truly walking with God. How do we get to that place? Foremost, through the Word of God. The Bible is not an easy book to understand. Do you know of a mature Bible teacher/pastor/friend who can guide you? Second, spend time alone in prayer with God. Third, through consistent Christian fellowship.
---louis on 5/18/05

Rhonda: Read the Word of God, the Bible. It shows you exactly how to walk with God. Ask the Lord to lead you to a mature Christian to be your mentor and accountability partner. Pray and believe. Have you accepted Jesus into your heart? If so, Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit will guide you and give you wisdom as you learn. Blessings, dear one, as you follow your pilgrim path with Jesus on this earth!
---Elsie on 5/17/05

Hi Rhonda,the more you study the word the easier it will be to do Gods will,listen to that still small voice.
Ask God about anything you want he loves you and wants the best for your life. Ask for spiritual discernment,he will give it to you. If you are seeking him you are walking with him.May Gods peace be on you.
---russe9356 on 5/17/05

Walking with God is mostly about relationship. Letting God have that place of importance in your life. Let Him be your best friend. Fellowship with Him throughout the day and practice listening to what He has to say to you. It's also choosing to live by faith and to obey the Word of God.
---DoryLory on 5/16/05

Here's another little piece of wisdom as to how we walk with God: one step at a time, dwelling not in the past or in the future but in the present.
---Linda_Smith on 5/16/05

Rhonda.. When we ask God to forgive us of our sins and tell him we are sorry Ask him to come in and be the Head of our life Turn from our wicked ways Then our walk begins it is a daily Walk like going to school we mess up and have to go take that class over Many get saved and sit down... We need to read the word of God be faithful in our Church attendence and Pray ...We are to serve him and Worship him and most of all Love him...GOD BLESS YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY
---Lea on 5/16/05

When your question is answered by Him directly. :)
---Ryan on 5/16/05


in newness of life-Roman 6:4,
after the Spirit-8:4,
in honesty-13:13,
by faith-2 Corinthians 5:7,
in good works-Ephesians 2:10,
in love-5:2,
in wisdom-Colossians 4":5,
in truth-2 John 4
after the commands of the Lord-vs 6.
not after the flesh-Romans 8:4
not after the manner of men - 1Cor 3:3
not in craftiness- 2 Cor. 4:2
not by sight-5:7
not in vanity of the mind-Ephesians 4:17
not disorderly-2 Thessalonians 3:6
---Barbara67 on 5/16/05

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