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Too Much Pastor Problems In Blog

The greatest benefit of blogging is to share new and spiritually enriching solutions for various problems and to learn from it. Too many pastors problems. What do you think? Pierr7958

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 ---Pierr7958 on 5/16/05
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Pastors are preachers too and they need to realize that and stop trying to play God. Admit you need help and the sermons are for their benefit as well as the parishioners. Trying to live up to a false image has been the downfall of many pastors and christians in general.We are human and make many mistakes---daily. This is the purpose of confessing(to God) repentance and forgiveness (from God). This puts us back in right standing with God when we admit our mistakes and receives His loving forgiveness.
---Robyn on 2/20/08

Read the stuff about gifts and one finds that pastors are part of the laity. They are not bishops (bit of mistranslation). Actually all of us are to be pastors to each other. Visit, and encourage, pray and heal. Then there are those called to preach, teach, etc. By paying clergy we follow Isreal's example with Saul. Everybody else has a King, we gotta have one two. Study it, alot begins to make sense of how a church should run.
---dan on 2/8/08

Perhaps. Mabe this is why Jesus has still got me in deep training. {The wilderness}.
---catherine on 2/8/08

Pastors need help too sometimes...
---Fred on 2/7/08

If some Christians that have been complaining of their ministers had said and acted less before men and had applied themselves with all their might to cry to God for their ministershad, as it were, risen and stormed heaven with their humble, fervent and incessant prayers for themthey would have been much more in the way of success.Jonathan Edwards
---willow on 12/9/07

I once heard radio personality Paul Harvey share a headline in a news report: "Many Church Members Want a Better Pastor."

After a brief pause he added "If the church wants a better pastor, it only needs to pray for the one it has."
---Ryan on 12/2/07

I know you are right and I stand guilty of asking pastor related questions. Instead, I should be praying more and complaining less.
---Cathy_Y on 4/7/07

Linda, Noahs nakedness etc shows us how we can be so close to God yet still fall into sin again as Noah did...One son uncovered his nakedness = discovering the truth uncovered our sinful ways... and the other son covered his nakedness = we are restored to new life by the Holy Spirit, cleansed by the redeeming blood of Christ on accepting Him in our lives
---jana on 5/30/06

I think it's an excellent idea to have blogs numbered, because it would make it easier to go back and check the ones we want. Also, regarding pastors, it's a sad commentary that there are so many blogs about indiscretions....that SO many pastors are apparently involved in. Priests and pastors are so trusted and can do SO much damage. Not to be looked upon lightly!
---Kristine on 5/20/05

We are to honor our earthly fathers and mothers and our fathers and mothers in the Lord. Those in the Lord are the ones God has set over us to guard us. If they enter into sin, it is God who will deal with them, you can bank on it. We just pray and believe. Alan, I will send you something through your personal e-mail that I hope will help you see where I am coming from. It really is a wonderful place in Christ.
---Linda_Smith on 5/19/05

Yes, that is due to immaturity but it is my heart to point them to a maturity in Christ that can be found in the spirit of covering. There is a blessing there and I desire for all of God's own to walk in blessing. If you don't understand my hand, listen to my heart.
---Linda_Smith on 5/19/05

One of the most popular "excuses" for not receiving Christ is the "I am better than any Christian I have ever seen" and our own way of justifying ourselves by exposing the sins of another doesn't help that any. People are looking for covering, not exposure and we, as the body of Christ, cannot seem to cover our own in prayer instead of pointing a finger.
---Linda_Smith on 5/19/05

I am not telling them to not get help or to ask questions. I just don't believe the public www is the place to do it because (1). this site is not the sum total of the whole body of Christ and (2). there are unbelievers as well as believers who view this site and who would use one's mistakes to fuel their judgment of the body of Christ, which is really not too good for them as it keeps them from opening their hearts to Christ.
---Linda_Smith on 5/19/05

Alan, let's not forget when Noah, who was acting pastor/shepherd/leader of his own family, became drunk and uncovered himself, he had one son to expose his nakedness and another to cover his nakedness. One of those sons received a blessing, the other a cursing even though both were still sons. If I can find the principle in the Word of God, then it is a Godly, spiritual principle that can be developed and matured.
---Linda_Smith on 5/19/05

Linda you say "I believe that integrity has been breached when someone's (anyone's) faults are exposed instead of covered in love"

Some may take a prurient interest in other people's faults, and enjoy reporting them here. But no confidences are breached, since identities are not revealed.

We should realise that bloggers are all at different stages of their Christian journey and development. So these questions are in most cases genuine and honest calls for help or opinion.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/19/05

Webmaster, are there any plans to organize things into catagories? I'd love to see our 'grief blog', 'humour blog' etc be available easily, and not just get pushed to the back. Most concentrate on the most recent posts-IMHO. Thanks for your hard work!

Webmaster - Just Open up a new humor blog when the other becomes too old. Just open up a grief blog with a question. You can open up any topics anytime :)
---NVBarbara on 5/18/05

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The blogs are in the order they come. If we forget or don't check what is in the archives we may not realize that subject has been covered. The blogs about pastors have slight variations. The people are concerned and don't know where else to turn. I don't think anyone gave any names. What is disappointing is when the same person keeps having blogs with the same subject.
---Ulrika on 5/17/05

I don't see anything wrong with someone who is directly involved with a Pastor's misdoings asking for advice on what to do. They are not revealing who the person is, they are searching for the right thing to do. Americans put their pastors on pedestals, so that when pastors fail them, many are besides themselves with how to handle it. And might I add that sometimes we who are answering get too excited in slandering people we don't even know.
---Katie on 5/17/05

May be the blogs should be indexed and numbered. Then we could quickly refer someone to the already existing answers. Just a thought!
---Pierr7958 on 5/17/05

When a similar blog is posted, perhaps it would just be easier, instead of typing out multitudes of responses, to simply point them to a previous blog they may not have already examined. Nevertheless, I still believe that integrity has been breached when someone's (anyone's) faults are exposed instead of covered in love.
---Linda_Smith on 5/17/05

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I agree Pierre that there have been many responses and some very good counsel for similar situations. However, some folks probably don't have the time to examine every blog and every response particularly if they feel they or someone else is in a crisis situation.
---Linda_Smith on 5/17/05

With all due respect, the intent of my blog was missed. What I ment to say is that too often very similar subject are submitted for which good answers have already been posted, so no need to go over it again. Let's READ,WRITE and LEARN and move on to new subjects! Thanks.
---Pierr7958 on 5/17/05

Such things should be taken to the Lord in believing, covering prayer and direction should come from Him alone. In truth, the stones we throw at one another are merely the parts of the broken law we keep ourselves. Those parts still don't justify us. Thank you Pierre for putting a question to the burden in my heart.
---Linda_Smith on 5/17/05

When I read those blogs, I open my mouth once again to thank my Heavenly Father for my wonderful Pastor, an expression of true humility and servanthood. However, I believe there is an integrity breached when the sins of another person are exposed on the www even for the purpose of "finding out what to do". The law exposes; love covers.
---Linda_Smith on 5/17/05

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I agree with Ryan, our Pastors need our prayers. They have struggles just like the rest of us, but because they are in a more noticable position it's easier to see the sin in them then in ourselves. Sadly Pastors are an easy target, maybe it's because we put them up on pedastals, and when they do fall it's a harder longer fall than normal.
---bethie on 5/17/05

Brother Pierr, I want to thank you for decussing scripture with me in many blogs. I think it is wonderful for brothers and sisters to have the incentive to continue to learn day after day and your answers are great because it keeps you searching all the time. I saw this blog so I thought I would use it to say what I feel. Again thanks so much and continue helping others. It is a real good purpose.
---Lupe2618 on 5/17/05

Some people do not have the priviledge or access to a pastor to discuss issues of concern. The blog is a great way to express these concerns and unburden.
---lissie on 5/17/05

Pierrie: I agree with you because pastors are people too and are reflecting the overall sin in our society. However, pastors should be held especially accountable because they are answerable to an even higher standard. That said, for purposes of this Blog, it is not necessary to over emphasize the clergy.
---Elsie on 5/17/05

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I am just saying this from my own experience: I came from a traditional type of Church that ordains men to become Pastors after they spent about five years of college (that trains men to become pastors) and after they have taken a wife. My younger brother in the early 90's became a pastor after spending a year or two in a Bible school(run by different religion). He became a pastor even if he was still single! These Pastors that give the church much problems might be the single and the young ones!
---linda6546 on 5/16/05

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