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Singleness Made You Better For God

All Christian singles, regardless of reason for singleness, how has the Lord fulfilled your life because of your singleness? What have you been able to do for the Lord that would have been impeded if you were not single?

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 ---Madison on 5/17/05
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God has given me peace about being single, I know one day I will be married but I am content for now to wait. I am pretty sure if I was married I wouldn 't have been able to move back home and help with my Grandmother and my dad who both need full time care. And I thank God I was able to do it. This has also given me time to learn to love myself for who I am.
---bethie on 2/14/08

"Go forth and multiply, and repleniush the earth..."

Given that only within the bonds of matrimony, God has allowed such procreation, then marriage is essential to mankind. Those who avoid marriage, also avoid the ministry, for the Church leaders were to be the husbands, who having learned to control themslves and their families, were qualified to lead the congregation.
---ROBERT on 4/7/07

When I need help and comfort and assurance, there is no mate for me; so I am left always and at all times to turn to the Lord for help. True he destroys all of my enemies, but still we singles have learned to trust absolutely noone, not this country, no police, no preacher, no adult, and no friend.
---Eloy on 4/6/07

When I was married, I didn't know who I was in Christ. I saw myself as someone's wife who worked everyday for a living. Since being divorced and single, I have taken time out to learn who I am in Christ and I have come to discover my unique spiritual gifts which God has given me to carry out his purposes for my life. I didn't take the time out as a married person to find these things out. My time was devoted to my husband. In my singlness and brokeness, I truly found my God. Joy9988
---Joy9988 on 4/6/07

I worship the Lord in Truth. I am always questioning what I could do to please Him. I know my heart always yearns to do His will, and I know who He is in my life.
I don't believe there is anything the Lord would ask of us that would impead a marital relationship. He is not the author of confusion. It is the response of people that cause problems.
I know He will fulfill my desire to be married.
---lynet on 4/6/07

One thing I have learned being a recent widow is I know the God of all comfort. I have so much more time for studing ,medatation,and spending time alone with God. Its wonderful now the closeness of me and my Father.alice6343
---Alice on 4/6/07

I had been married for 16 years but the Lord took away my husband and it has been 1 year and 5 months of being single mom to 6 daughters. I really thank God that until now it really never occured in my mind to get married again. I don't know what HIs plan but as of the moment it was such a great feeling being involved in church actively, spending more time with God just being busy with work and kids
---kharole on 5/23/05

I've read thru these and think I'm inbetween Elsie and Ginnie...I've been married many yrs and single many years..when I neglect my time in MY Prayer Chair,Bible reading,intimate with Jesus..I feel "life is passing me by".When I stay connected to "the Vine",I am fulfilled.He uses me to lead others to Him..and whatever else He wants me to do.I spoke at a women's retreat on "How to bloom where you're planted".Bless yall..
---lovable_linda on 5/20/05

After being married for 26 years, I have now been divorced for 8 years.At first, I thought all I needed was a new relationship. I felt alone , really alone.God showed me, all I needed was HIM. Spending 8 years, finding who I was in God, showed me, I am not alone. He is with me!!! He has a plan for my life, I am confident he knows what is best for me.
---Judy on 5/20/05

If I were not single my younger brothers and a sister would not have been able to finish their college. My being single helped them get their degrees because I didn't have children and husband to attend to. They are all married now. All working. All providing for their own family. I feel fulfilled because I (prayed along time ago) to be able to help the younger members of the family. Helping them give a bright future to their offspring is giving me a sense of fulfillment.
---linda6546 on 5/20/05

Hi, Hope I can feel like you guys one day. I have been single for 40 years, married for 9 and now seperated. i have served God however I was, but right now it is harder be ccause I am lonely.
---Patty5555 on 5/18/05

i am single and unfulfilled.
---Eloy on 5/18/05

Because I have been single, I have been able to go on many Mission trips. I have been to Asia and Central America.

I have done many time consuming service projects for my church.

I can go serve my missionary friends at a moments notice. I can support them as well. Paul was right: when youre single you can care about the Lord's work.

I will add: I hope someday to be married. I know being married, I won't have time or the money like I do now. I am maximizing my gifts.
---Tom145 on 5/17/05

The most awesome thing that I have been able to do is live in my daughter's homes and be blessed and be a blessing with my grandchildren! When I was married I had a husband that nearly ruined my relationships with my kids so it has been wonderful indeed!
---rachel on 5/17/05

For 25 years I was married and a young mother with two wonderful children. Since single, I have gone to college for 8 additional years, became a social worker/counselor in a psych hospital, was discipled 8 yrs by a missionary, was a short-term missionary to Guatemala/ Russia; currently work in missions stateside and a medical agency; I serve on an evangelical Board. My favorite activity is praying and studying the Bible for hours! I'm 71 years old and looking forward to many more years serving Jesus!
---Elsie on 5/17/05

God said it is not good for man/woman to be alone. No i am not happy being single, and unforfilled, i am thoroughly discouraged and lonely, feel my life is wasted. I am an attractive 41 year old and life is passing me by.Need the love and apprechiation of a man.
---ginnie on 5/17/05

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Honesgly, I am happily married with kids, but I strongly believe one can serve and enjoy the Lord better when
single, because atimes when you want to study, pray or go out for evangelism your family want you to stay around, to
cook, and care for them especially your husband.
---glory8334 on 5/17/05

I am married with a large family but I have friends who have remained single. They would all say that the work that they do for the Lord just could not have been done if they had had the responsibilities of a husband or wife and children. God calls us all to something, for some it is parenthood and for others it is singleness with more freedom to work for HIM.
---Xanthi on 5/17/05

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