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Don't Meet Him If This Is An Issue

Help! I need verses on sexual abstinance before marriage; I will soon be visiting a man I met through this site whom I have been communicating with since last year.

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 ---Rose on 5/18/05
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If you are going to meet someone you met anywhere and you have to have Bible verses to prove to them that you should not have sex with them then DON'T GO!

You must already have an idea what this guy is going to request so don't put yourself in that position.

Read the contrast of a Virtuous woman in Prov 31:10-31 and the whorish woman of Prov 7:6-27.

Beware of this guy no matter where he came from.
---Elder on 3/3/08

I met my husband on this site, and for the first few visits he made to see me, my dearest friend went with us. He also stayed in a motel and had no idea where I lived. It was a long time before he had my address and my home phone number. Turned out, he is the most trustworthy man that I've ever met. Please, all of us need to use good ole common sense when meeting new people.
---Annie on 4/5/07

The Lord will not tempt you beyond what you can deal with or excape. Fornication is wrong before marriage.That is the word. It seems to me if you are concern about falling weak to sexual tempation upon the visit -you need to reconsider the grounds of the visit. Take someone woth you -don't be left alone togather and stay in prayer.Don't set yourself up for failure. If, he is truly a man of God he will not put you in a position for you to be disobedient to God's plans.
---christine on 4/5/07

You could putting yourself into a situation that is not only difficult but dangerous. Not sure what you mean by "since last year". That could be only a few months. You'll probably think I'm paranoid, but I speak from experience. Sexual predators will say ANYTHING to gain your trust. Sociopaths are charming and Oh, so believable. If you go to see him in a strange place you'll be vulnerable, easily taken advantage of. You would be safer to take a friend with you or have him come visit you.
---Donna2277 on 3/26/06

I was in the same position as you. I met a man through the internet. He told me that he was a Christian so we agreed to meet. Sex was a problem from the very first date. He wanted me to go into his hotel room and spend the night with him even though we barely knew each other. I refrained. Please be careful ! Sex before marriage is wrong.
---Nock on 3/26/06

Rose, if you've never even met this man and sex is already an issue, what the heck has been going on?? And if you think you need help in this area, you need to stay home. It sounds like sex is what he is after and if you go to visit, you are putting yourself in a very bad situation.
---Normaj on 6/2/05

You don't need verses, you know sex before marriage is a sin.
I hope you both are mature enough to have discussed this and know it would be wrong.
If you don't trust him or yourself on this, STAY HOME!
---Rosa on 5/31/05

I thought every1 on this site is a christian. How can u b thinking of having sex with a man you are meeting for the first time. Sounds disgusting. In this era of AIDS? If he demands for sex on your 1st visit, that proves him unserious. I don't think u need verses, 'cos you already know it's wrong.
---debba7385 on 5/25/05

Why are so many of you so paranoid about sex? Do you really know what TRUE love is? Is sex the only reason some of you want to get married for?

If there is TRUE love and respect, everything will be worked out between the two. If there are doubts then even your love should be in doubt.

Love strongly, truly and honestly and all "temptations" will take the back burner.
---Albert on 5/23/05

Chances are if you do have sex with this man, your heart isn't right with God. I understand that temptation is there and it can be strong, but you must be stronger than the temptation.
---Rebecca_D on 5/21/05

Rose,I think I know where you are at in this.I was planning on visiting a man in Tx from this site,a guest in his home,,,It didn't take the Holy Spirit long to make me lose my peace about this I decided not to go.He is having another lady visit him this month.I'm glad I protected my virtue.I'm 55,and I wear a "true love waits"ring.I believe it will be worth the wait.Bless you and I'll pray for you...
---lovable_linda on 5/20/05

Rose,I've been in same position as you. Don't worry, if you both have decided that you want God's blessing on your relationship you will be strong. A word of wisdom for you though,chances are, if you have sex with him, you will never marry him so decide now, before you meet him, to not set yourself up for temptation if you want a future together. Pure and simple. Not to mention the accidental pregnancy that can occur if you play with fire and imagine the shame when you go back home single and pregnant.
---lisa on 5/19/05

Tanya, I agree with you. And it is a good thing to put on the whole armor of God but we must do that daily. The last guy I dated, we decided from the beginning that we didn't want sex to enter into the relationship because it brings about confusion (both of us are saved). So that is something you must establish early and don't do things or be in places (your or his apartment) that will hinder the decision that you made together. Sis, be blessed. I pray that God keep His hand upon you.
---Chosen on 5/19/05

How about Ex 20:1-17
"though shall not commit adulery"
I believe that pre-marital sex fits that case.
Have a nice visit!
---Pierr7958 on 5/19/05

No verse will keep you from doing something that you allow into your mind. Renew your mind with the full knowledge and revelation of Christ and Him crucified AS you and you will have a purity within. Purity is not an action it is a mindset!
---rachel on 5/19/05

Some seem quick to judge your motives! I get the impression you are putting on the full armour of God and educating yourself with the Word before you meet this man, and I applaud you! We'd like to think this is not an issue when dating a Christian, but humans are sinful. When you are dating someone you are attracted to, temptation can sneak up on you. I think it is wise that you are preparing yourself ahead of time, and you are behaving very responsibly.
---Tanya1566 on 5/19/05

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Like Elder, I wonder why you have this worry. Surely if yuo have just been talking over the net, or by phone, there can be nothing between you yet that might lead to temptation? Unless of course there have been suggestive conversations.

If he is a decnt guy (even if not Christian) he would at this stage only want to meet yuo to see if there is then something that leads yuo both to want to develop the relationship gently and chastely
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/18/05

The bible does not mention a marriage service in a church.. But states in Genesis that Adam lay with Eve and two became one in the sight of God. This means that you are married to the first person you have sex with. After that its adultery, so chose wisely..
---Bob on 5/18/05

1 Corinthians 6:18, "Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body."
The word is free don't compromise to sex before marriage. You are going to loss your blessings!!!
---albert on 5/18/05

It was 1 Timothy 4:12 I meant.
---Barbara67 on 5/18/05

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Hi girl,
If you lack the spirit of self control pray for God to strengthen you. If you visit every man and sleep with him, Then what is the difference between you and somebody who is not a christian. Be careful.
---fransics on 5/18/05

Christ goes 2gether with character,you need Christ to know that you can't have sex before marriage and with a developed character you will know what Christ would want you to do. all the best.
---bena5959 on 5/18/05

Who are you wanting to prove it to? You or him.

Open your web browser, and search for "True Love Waits". You will find lots of great resources there.

1 Corinthians 6:18, "Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body."
---Bruce5656 on 5/18/05

Suggestion - Buy a couple of New International Version Study Bibles. - It contains a concordance that can help you find all the verses you need on many subjects. 1 Bible for you and 1 to give away.

There is also the Couple's Devotional Bible with daily marriage-building devotions.
Also the Women's Devotional Bible (Part 1 and Part 2)
and the Men's Devotional Bible

Purity is loved by God under all circumstances that I can think of.

Proverbs 22:11-14
****** 1 Timothy 5:12
---barbara67 on 5/18/05

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I met a man on this site and we married recently. Our first several dates when he came to my home town, we met in public and I had a friend with me for the first 3 dates. At no time, did this become an issue...he wanted me to be comfortable. We both knew where we stood on our Christian beliefs before meeting. Stay in prayer.
---Tammy on 5/18/05

The Bible informs us that to be "yoked" or "bonded" together with an unbeliever is not God's choice for you (II Cor. 6:14-15). If he is a believer and needs to be reminded that sexual purity is God's choice than he is either a new or immature Christian. Why not choose God's best? Pursue a relationship with a mature Christian who will help you grow in your own walk with God.
---louis on 5/18/05

The Bible informs us that to be "yoked" or "bonded" together with an unbeliever is not God's choice for you (II Cor.6:14-15). If your friend is a mature ang growing Christian the issue should never be mentioned. If you have doubt about his moral virtues, why would you consider him a "Christian" friend? Follow God's best-it will save you much grief.
---louis on 5/18/05

1COR5:13 - The body is not to be used for sexual immorality, but to serve the Lord...
1COR6:18-20 - Avoid immorality... the man who is guilty of sexual immorality sins against his own body... you do not belong to yourselves but to God, He bought you for a price, so use your bodies for God's glory.
---Janet7433 on 5/18/05

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