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Satan Chose Woman For Anti-Christ

As God chose Mary to bear Christ, could Satan choose a woman to give birth to Anti-christ, or will he be a regular man indwelt by Satan?

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 ---Ann5758 on 5/18/05
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RICHARDC. when I see MAN of sin, or MAN of perdition, we are being told it is a "man", which angels are not. Then we see what ever it is takes a wound upon the head, and rises up from that. Some say the BEAST is the USA, some say the RCC, and so on. The WOMAN who rides the BEAST, is the apostate church riding on the back of political powers of this world, as one description reads. So yes, it is confusing. BUT when seen thrown into the lake of fire, it appears to be an individual, not a religion or nation, or symbol. So it could be someone who was placed there by powerful forces. The number is the number of man, which I believe represents all that fallen man represents. 6 represent unregenerate man and all of this old creation.
---kathr4453 on 5/20/14

RICHARDC, when I see the supposed church riding on the back of political powers today, putting their faith and enforcement on those in politics who want to change the world FOR Jesus Christ, or use Religion to promote their cause, (Glenn beck) comes to mind, WE KNOW, according to scripture THIS IS NOT, how God works. God never said the earth will be subdued through self righteous legalistic politics forcing people back under the Law, and TODAY they are playing into the hands of ALL false, but self righteous religions. BE YE SEPARATE, is not their moto. I'm sure they believe their intentions are good....however not scriptural, and all one needs to do,is look at the Salem Witch hunts, and the inquisition to KNOW God was not in either.
---kathr453 on 5/20/14

Kathr - When over this a lot a few years back , remember all that end of the world stuff was going on a few year back - As I recall I had the man of sin as satan - Now got that from Isaiah - satan what's to be God - sitteth is to rule - these 2:4 - But just read 2 Thessalonians 2,9 and that doesn't seem to work, or I don't remember how I had that , Now the beast might be the antichrist - or does it represent some else, as I recall one of the first computers was number 666 - I know that really does seem to fit , Your right on few points here, It's hard pin pointing some of this down ,
---RICHARDC on 5/19/14

Revelation 20:10
And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

RICHARDC. I don't see this verse as symbolic, as the devil is a literal being, would not all else be too.

I know there are many beasts, but only ONE BEAST here, and the MARK. Is of the beast, not beastS.

Now Thessalonians calls him the man of sin pretending to be God who sits in the temple as though he were God. He will be able to do lying signs and wonders. I believe he will be someone pretending to be Jesus Christ. And people will fall for it.
---kathr4453 on 5/19/14

antichrist will be born of a harlot and indwell by satan -

Cluny , I think that's some what right, but not of flesh and blood, this is a spiritual war , and the bible is a spiritual book with spiritual meaning, The harlot is the false gospels - people are looking for a actual person , When this is all Spiritual thing !

Ephesians 6:12 - For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers , against the rulers of darkness of this world , against spiritual wickedness in high places,
---RICHARDC on 5/18/14

St. John of Damascus, writing in the 700's, said that antichrist will be born of a harlot, AND indwelt by satan.

However, he will not be Satan incarnate, as angels cannot be hypostatically joined to human beings in the way that Jesus is God and Man hypostatically united into one person.

Christ is risen!
---Cluny on 5/17/14

antichrist is called the beast ,

Karthr - How do you come to that conclusion ? We do have this Word beast in the Book of Revelation , and Book of Daniel - or should I say Beasts because there Two of them - Revelation 13:11 - Revelation - 11: 7 - People have had the Beast or Beasts , Every thing from a One World Government - To The Roman Government and Nero - To this all being Allegorical or Symbolic ,
---RICHARDC on 5/17/14

Ann, when it came to Mary we see all sorts of prophecy in the OT about her. We see no such prophecy in scripture concerning a woman giving birth to anti_christ.

In Revelation what many call anti_christ is called the BEAST, and it shows HOW the BEAST comes into power. There are many anti_christs yes! but only ONE BEAST.

Satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world during the 40 days...Jesus refused. Satan will again offer this to another who will accept. Rev 11 tell us Jesus will win this battle of the kingdoms and overthrow SATAN AND the BEAST AND the false prophet. The unholy trinity.
---kathr4453 on 5/17/14

1 John 4:3 - And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God, and this is the spirit of the antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come : and even now already is it in the world,

( The antichrist was in the world when Christ was on the Earth , So your looking For a two thousand year old man )

( satan is refer to as a man - Isaiah - 14: 12-16 )
---RichardC on 5/16/14

The not male.or female orwhom be the antichrist / the word says Blessed are those who are called to.the marriage supper of the Lamb! Rev.19:19a

also see Heb.13:6.

Our main focus should be maintain aclose relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Love of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 5/12/14

Don't think he'lll need a woman to give birth to a son for him. I think if he can desive a person into believing his lies then there is his servent. There are a few who already believe his lies.
---Bryan on 5/11/14

i believe stan can choose a woman if he wanted to. if a regular average man dwells over to satan be would be no match for jesus. jesus was born by mary right? then for the anti christ to level up to jesus or be his rival than he must be supernatural. or born like jesus. a regular human man is useless satan would have to create a anti christ like the lord created jesus and be born of a human.
---Angel on 5/10/14

I don't understand the question Ann. The bible says "HE" and every man is born of a woman.
There is nothing scripturally to support Satan "choosing" anyone.
From Ramses to Judas to Hitler, men become indwelt with Satan of their own free wil.
---larry on 6/18/10

Rev.17 v's 4 - 6. The rcc, this Is the mother that will give birth to antichrist.

God knows who this man is, & he will come forth at the appointed time.
---Lawrence on 6/18/10

This is what I found! The main reason the Bible discusses the Antichrist is not to encourage idle speculation, but to warn believers not to be mislead by his deceit....It is going to be hard for the faithful, during this time. You had better get prepared for tough times, my friends.
---catherine on 6/17/10

I think satan would choose the mother of his son. Call me superstitious, and maybe, I have watched too much hammer house, when I was little, but I would imagine, he would choose someone pure, the opposite of himself, to carry his demon seed. And, who is to say that the antichrist is not a woman ? Lucinda.
---lucinda on 6/17/10

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Angels do have the ability to procreate! Gen 6:1-4 And Jude 6-7 The angels fell because of sexual immorality! Why do you think sexual immorality is something that will keep you out of God's kingdom

all of the crazy things so many christians are duped into believing

Angels do not procreate ...this was given to humans EASILY understood when Genesis is actually READ

sexual immorality will not "keep one out of Gods Kingdom" ANY SIN WILL sin is greater than another
---Rhonda on 2/4/09

Angels do have the ability to procreate! Gen 6:1-4 And Jude 6-7 The angels fell because of sexual immorality! Why do you think sexual immorality is something that will keep you out of God's kingdom? That is where Galiath came from...the fallen sons of God! On another note though, Satan does not have the ability to impregnate a woman in the same manner as the Holy Spirit entered into Mary. He can possess a man...for instance Judas was possessed by Satan. If man did succeed in making a human clone, Satan could probably use that body, but not likely. He would more than likely use someone that the elect would trust. He did try to take Moses' body...remember? It's hard to say really, but he'll reveal himself regardless.
---Bryan on 1/28/09

**Are you asking if the anti-christ could be conceived by satan? I don't recall any scripture to indicate this. I do not believe satan has the power to create life..only distroy it. ***

Satan is a fallen angel. Angels do not have the ability to procreate. Someone has been watching Rosemary's Baby!!!

There wll be no such creature who is fully man fully angel.

Even those who believe Jesus is Michael the Archangel have an overactive unbiblical imagination.
---kathr4453 on 12/26/08

There is nothing in the Bible that lends support for a such parallel to be drawn between Jesus and an antichrist. This question assumes power Satan simply does not posses, namely an ability to enter into our time and space in the manner God the Son did when He took on human flesh in the Incarnation. Also, it is fallacious to believe Satan has such control over the course of history. Acts 17:26 makes it clear that it is God (and God alone) who determines the times and places in which every individual shall live.
---Bobby3 on 12/18/08

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The anti christ is already here--was born awhile back. Whether it's a man or a women doesn't matter. Just be watchful and not decieved.
---cindy on 12/17/08

No, sorry, but Rev. clearly states that 666 is the nomber of a MAN's name.
---Aharon on 12/3/08

The world will be amazed when they see him (the false prophet known as the culminating being called anti-Christ who is one of the deceiving 'nephilim' that existed before the flood) for he once was, now is not (and yet the spirit of the false evil kingdom deceives people into sin in The Supper of God of Armageddon as written, all the flesh of peoples.), and yet will come as written regarding the last 7 year period of trials to come.

It is possible with regard to Zechariah Prophecy that the false prophet will indwell in the flesh with regard to race of the Judean People to deceive them at a time of the bad situation whereby he causes signs and wonders which Paul Admonishes us that Jews look for.
---jack_david on 12/3/08

I do not see any difference. I do not like the words, Satan choosing either.>>>The AntiChrist-an enemy of Christ or one who usurps [to take by force and as though with justification], Christ's name and rights. Okay, there are some out there who is trying to take God's rights away from Him. In 1 John 2:18 John shows that the coming of the antichrist was an event generally expected by the church. It is apparent, however, that he is more concerned about directing the attention of Christians to antichristian forces already at work. Satan wants all of us Christians and unbelievers. He is a hog. He is evil 100%. Note: The OT described the Antichrist in various ways. Espscially in Daniel.
---catherine on 12/3/08

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Some time back i had a dream that was early this year.One of our great leaders in the world was at the lake shore with afew cabinet ministers, discussing the economy of the world.He was not as exicited as i had expected him to be. Later,an animal half alion half a leopard rised from water, everyone was astonished. Pointing at it, they asked their leader,who looked unbothered,who that beast could be. He told them who that person was, and this person was a woman now in higher places.who later walked through them to the kitchen and started preparing them food
---ann on 12/3/08

Are you asking if the anti-christ could be conceived by satan? I don't recall any scripture to indicate this. I do not believe satan has the power to create life..only distroy it. He will be a normally born man..who reject GOD...(that's not far fetched!)consequency do the devil's biding. He may very well be working behind the scenes NOW..and will be revealed immediatly following the catching away of believers...(rapture)..followed by the great tribulation.
---Eloia on 9/28/07

I wish I knew what indwelt meant? I would not want to think that he would have the power to do that, but I know it is possible.
---Jean_Webb on 4/14/07

I think it might turn out to be a man as the anti christ.
---sun on 9/19/05

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You've asked an old question. John of Damascus, writing in the 800's, said that just as the True Christ was born of a pure virgin, so Antichrist would be born of harlotry.

Keep in mind that our Lord, God, and Saviour Jesus Christ is true God and true Man--two natures in one and the same Person. This is something impossible for Satan to do. The traditional teaching is that Antichrist will be a normal man willingly taken over by Satan
---Jack on 5/28/05

The ? is in the realm of could,if and maybe; and as such I will comment. Please be careful how u hear. Living in an age of modern technology."Rev.17:11-the beast who once was, and now is not, is an eighth king." Suggests a clone. : )
Daniel 11:36-39-explains his character-seems he doesn't recieve motherly instruction or affection-nor cares about anything but himself--Satan goals-I will exalt..
---Eloisa on 5/21/05

First let's remember that the antichrist can be singular or plural.
Now in this case we have a comparaison between the true church, daughter of Zion (Jer.6:2) and the false church(es) personifed as a prostitute Rev 17,1-2) The colors of this apostate syste are purple and scarlet v4 and its seat is in the City of 7 Hills v. 9. Anyone willing to fill in th blank,Id-ing that system: It is the ______________.
---Pierr7958 on 5/19/05

What is the meaning of Revelation 17?
---barbara67 on 5/18/05

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Yes, a woman will give birth to the man who will become the antichrist just as a woman gave birth to Judas Iscariot. These are the only two men in the bible to be physically indwelt by satan (satan acting within them). The antichrist will first work for satan's purposes and then later on will be physically indwelt by him.
---Ron on 5/18/05

2Thess. 2:3 refers to the "man of lawlessness", "son of destruction". V. 4 says HE exalts HIMSELF, and HE takes HIS seat in the temple of God and displays HIMSELF as God. All references to gender are in the masculine. These are supported in Daniel 9:27 which speaks of the same MAN.
---Ron on 5/18/05

It is true that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. We that have received Jesus as our saviour are indwelt by the Holy Spirit.
1Jn 2:18,22 1Jn 4:3 2Jn 1:7 about antichrist.
---Ulrika on 5/18/05

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