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Can We Pray For The Dead

Can we pray for the dead? When my mom died, I went to the church to get a mass card. They told me I had to pay, and was put on a two year waiting list. They said she was in a place called pergatory. Kind of made me a little angry.

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 ---Joe on 5/18/05
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Catherine, Please address Rev 6:10-11.You just voiced your opinion.
"Purgatory comment- in the Bible",Thank Martin Luther.Luther as RCC priest.He removed 7books in OT which has the concept of Purgatory. James also,2:14-26against"faith alone." But,he was stopped.
My Bible has the purgatory concept with Jewish soidiers offering prayers for the dead. You may need to change Bible. If one Bible is present, and a 2nd Bible shows up with 7 books less. Doesn't this concern You?
---Nicole on 4/27/08

You can pray for the dead until you are bald-headed it will do you no good. You pray for people before they die. After one dies it is too late.>>>The concept of Purgatory is not biblical. Paul knew only of two states of being. Either he was going to stay on this earth, or he was going to be with Jesus.
---catherine on 4/27/08

"Let the Dead bury the Dead." Jesus said this because the man didn't want to follow Him until after his father dies. Jesus is trying tell him to act NOW and follow Him.
Mark 9:4-8 Transfiguration of Jesus,... Then Elijah and Moses appeared to them(Jesus,Peter,John and James) and conversing with Jesus.....Suddenly, looking around, they no longer saw anyone but Jesus alone with them.
Jesus said that God is a God of the living not the dead.
---Nicole on 4/27/08

Rev6:10-11They cried out in loud voice,"How long will it be,Holy and True Master,before you sit in judgment and avenge our blood onthe inhabitants of the earth?"Each of them wasgiven a white robe,and they were told to be patient a little while longer until the number was filled of their fellow servants and brothers who were going to be killed as they had been."
Proof that those in Heaven are watching us here on earth. At the time people are talking in Heaven and on earth. All are living.
---Nicole on 4/27/08

1) You do not have to use Gods word to prove Gods word wrong This is not correct.
---Emcee on 4/27/08

God's Word should not contradict other parts of His Word and when things are taught that are not in God's Word or are a twisting of God's Word, yet spoken of as though it's Gospel truth, then it is ONLY God's Word that can prove that wrong and show how the Word was ever so slightly twisted in order to create the untruth.
---Holly4jc on 4/27/08

2) Quoting the Word of God shows what the Word really says, straight up, without the suppositions and man-made add-ons that God never wrote in His Word. God's written Word (the Holy Bible) is the one and only yardstick to be used to measure all other "statements" by.
---Holly4jc on 4/27/08

You do not have to use Gods word to prove Gods word wrong This is not correct.

Gods Truth is more POWERFUL then man made traditions ..I use scripture in my posts's interesting you chose not to respond with scripture - just your opinion ...if you believe your religious system is more powerful then Gods Word then you SERVE your religious system Not Gods Truth
---Rhonda on 4/27/08

Rhonda:: I respect your beliefs which are your own choice.You do not have to use Gods word to prove Gods word wrong This is not correct.
---Emcee on 4/27/08

Matt 8:21,22 ...let "spiritually" dead bury their own "physically" dead

Holly's interpretation is correct further explain ...wages of sin is death (Rom 6:23) ...penalty is death all are dead waiting for the resurrection (1Thess 4:16)

To believe in "purgatory" is to believe Gods Word is LYING in these verses ...Christ died to pay the penalty for our sins need for a man made "purgatory"
---Rhonda on 4/26/08

...pagan purgatory DENIES Christs role as Savior ...leading many away from Gods Word to a belief that humans can atone for their own sins in this mystical place created by pagans and adopted by universal religious system

...purgatory was part of ancient Egypt where people paid large sums of money to purchase prayers and other "services for the dead" India the Sraddha, In Greece the Telete ...practices were adopted in various forms by Rome sometime after 1500AD
---Rhonda on 4/26/08

To believe in the pagan purgatory DENIES the POWER of God Almighty in these verses ..Rom 6:4, 8, 9, 11 ...Eph 2:5, 5:14 ... BY GRACE we are saved NOT purgatory

proper revere and fear of God not doctrines of men who turn HIM into a monster

nothing in Gods Word alludes to "purgatory" ...Mass Cards are "prop" collecting more money is a tradition of men (Mark 7:7) ...a universal system preying on weak who believe these will "help" their loved ones
---Rhonda on 4/26/08

Ecc 9:4-6 For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion. For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward, for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished, neither have they any more a portion forever in any thing that is done under the sun.
---jerry6593 on 4/26/08

It is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment. Hebrews 9:27 This scripture informs us that judgment for us is set for after our death! May God give you revelation on this subject.
---Candace on 4/26/08

It is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment. Hebrews 9:27 This scripture informs us that judgment for us is set for after our death! May Father God give us all revelation and peace in our hearts on this subject in Jesus name, Amen
---Candace on 4/26/08

Let those that are steeped in traditions, trying to follow the law or portion of it... Let those that practice the law instead of following Grace, Jesus Christ, 'let the dead bury the dead'.

Religious practices, traditions of men, praying for the dead is dead.

In the OT, there was a time limit for grieving, if you're trying to follow the law. After a certain number of days it was over. Mass cards are never mentioned in the OT or NT.
---lisa on 4/26/08

Holly::Ido not claim such great spiritual discernment as some. The text Matt.8:21 says"Lord first let me go and bury my Father".Jesus classic reply "Follow me".Your reply of spiritually and Physically dead is a red herring.But then that is your discernment.Jesus was being straight and to the point.I remain a natural man, simple and true.and make no claims of being inflicted with power and knowledge.I do not force fit things .
---Emcee on 4/25/08

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1) "Let the dead bury the dead" when did jesus use those words.Can someone who is dead bury some one who is dead--of course NOT but only those who are appointed in this trade. Per Emcee

Matthew 8:22
But Jesus said to him, Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead.

Emcee, Jesus was talking about letting the "spiritually" dead bury their own "physically" dead. The understanding of these things are only discerned by having the spirit of God living...
---Holly4jc on 4/25/08

2) ...within you, those who do not have the Holy Spirit within them cannot understand them, for they are spiritually discerned and carnal man cannot understand them.

1 Corinthians 2:14
But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
---Holly4jc on 4/25/08

It is through tragedy and death, that many turn to Jesus Christ in their greatest time of need, grief, sadness.

But an even greater tragedy to find "religion", false practices and lose Jesus Christ, once again.
---lisa on 4/25/08

Death and grief, praying endlessly for the dead. No such place as purgatory or soul sleep.
Babies are with the Lord.
Those that rejected Christ are not with the Lord.
Those that embraced Christ, His salvation, are with the Lord.

When people die, it is trust in the Lord as with embracing Him for salvation, that the Christian places their loved one in the loving arms of Christ and leaves them there.
---lisa on 4/25/08

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When people cannot move out of grief, they begin a search for any and every belief that will enable them to continuously communicate with their loved one without feeling any condemnation or conviction about what they are doing is wrong.

That doesn't make it right or acceptable in the eyes of God. It gives the grief-stricken a temporary comfort, but it's still very, very wrong.
---lisa on 4/25/08

In the quest for communication with the dead, you can end up losing your own soul and never seeing those that are with the Lord Jesus Christ.

So forget purgatory, forget prayers for the dead, and forget visiting with your relatives using prayer to communicate with your relatives.

Whether you use prayer to talk to them, or talk openly with them, it's all the same.
Leave them alone and let God be God.
---lisa on 4/25/08

Dear God, please tell Aunt Maria how much we miss her. God let her know how nice the picnic was and what we're going to do this summer. Lord, please tell her this and tell her that.

There are no more tears in heaven, let them be with Christ, and we need to get on with life down here.

A life spent focused on death is death.
---lisa on 4/25/08

There is no such place as purgatory. Save your money, save yourself the unnecessary grief. Whether a baby, or an adult that accepted Christ, they are with Him. They are with the greatest reward, being with the Lord.
---lisa on 4/25/08

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"Let the dead bury the dead"when did jesus use those words.Can someone who is dead bury some one who is dead--of course NOT but only those who are appointed in this trade.Remember He was Gathering His followers Matt8:22 his work was more important.Using this type of subterfuge is wrong,does NOT serve Gods purpose.
---Emcee on 4/25/08

All of us have lost a relative somewhere along the line. When open-ended grieving grieves endlessly for the loved one - to the point of visiting with them on a daily basis - that's calling up the dead.

The dead cannot hear you, prayers for the dead go to the dead letter office, returned to sender. Grieving that takes the form of endless prayers for the dead is dead religion but also calling up the dead.
---lisa on 4/25/08

When someone loses a baby, but continues to visit with that baby throughout the rest of their lifetime, that's calling up the dead.
The baby is with the Lord Jesus Christ. Far better to release the baby to the Lord, than risk losing your own soul by calling up the dead and not see the baby in the life hereafter.
That's the deception about false religion but God's word has all of the answers.
---lisa on 4/25/08

There are people that have lost their focus and spend their lives focused on death, unable to move beyond grief. Their life is about grief and they can hardly wait until they die and see all of their dead relatives.

That is not the life that Jesus Christ gives us.
---lisa on 4/25/08

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NO Lisa::Regretfully you are mistaken.FOR and TO are NOT similar.You may try innocently to make it appear so, but you fully well know that this is not TRUE.If by praying for the dead and he goes to Heaven why would you propigate a theory that denies Him that privelege whose agender would you then be serving by denying him Heaven.?
---Emcee on 4/25/08

Prayers for the dead reveal that you've not really read the word of God.

Jesus said, let the dead bury the dead.
Take up your cross and follow Me.

Praying for the dead is similar to calling up the dead. Neither one is for the Christian.
---lisa on 4/25/08

While it is a waste of time, in my opinion, to pray for the dead. It does show a good heart. As God sees the heart, it probably counts in your favour to be loving toward those who have died and pray for them if you are uneducated and think that it helps them. So I would not say that such prayers are useless.
---frances008 on 4/24/08

lisa ,
I don't believe in soul sleep, purgatory, or prayers for the dead.
Prayers for the dead are returned to the sender.
---lisa on 4/24/08

Greek=hades, Hebrew=sheol, English=hell, Catholic=pergatory, all are the same place, the "grave of the dead".
I do agree with you, prayer for the dead is a waste of time & prayer.
---Chip on 4/24/08

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Holly::1Cor15:51-52 is not about Purgatory But the resurrection on the "last days" But Look at verse 50:nor does the perishible inherit imperishable.Flesh and blood does not inherit the kingdom of god.again you misfit or force fit.
---Emcee on 4/24/08

---Holly4jc I would like to ask you to please not be too truthful. It upsets hard rigid thinking, such as some of our fellow bloggers have.
---Mima on 4/24/08

Holly what about the period of time From Jesus resurrection till the sounding of the trumpet.or are you grasping at a straw for an explaination.There are going to be a multitudinous collection of souls.dont you agree.No HollyJesus church guided by the H/S does not err There is a purgatory .You may believe or languish."The dead will be raised incorruptable"so where are these dead?
---Emcee on 4/24/08

Emcee...we will be the Lord Himself, for it's the Lord that makes sure that nothing "defiled" enters heaven...

1 Corinthians 15:51-53

Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.
---Holly4jc on 4/24/08

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The dead are not "lifeless". You're either present with the Lord or you are not, when you die.

I don't believe in soul sleep, purgatory, or prayers for the dead.
Prayers for the dead are returned to the sender.
---lisa on 4/24/08

Praying for the dead is like praying for a rock. It won't do any good. The dead are lifeless. As far as Purgatory, that is a man-made doctrine. Once a person dies, there is no second chance. If the blood of Jesus Christ has not been applied before you take your last breath, that is it.
---Rebecca_D on 4/24/08

You can, but it won't do any good.
People will be Judged by whats written in the little book,the prayers of the living Does'nt change anything written in those books!

I'm Quit aware of the powers of God,
and the Need for the Followers of Jesus to perform them, IF your able!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/24/08

Nicole_I've been reading the same KJV since i was 10 yrs. old, It has ALL the books in it including Peters, Thanks for looking out for me though.

I have an old collection of Bibles and that RCC Bible is just one of Them.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/23/08

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I see in the Bible, that we are meant to pray for the living saints on earth. That we are supposed to correct errors, and rebuke backsliders. I don't see any references to praying for the dead, or praying for those stubborn unbelievers who disobey God. Actually, I see Jeremiah 7's message from God discouraging us from praying for the hopeless cases.
---frances008 on 4/23/08

Exorcising of evil spirits is not a ritual but a response to a need. Not just Catholics do it. It should not be dismissed as a mere ritual of Catholicism, it is an essential part of the Church's job to exercise authority over evil. Anyone relegating it to superstitious nonsense, ritual or anything less than a real process is helping the devil.
---frances008 on 4/23/08

I have an old Catholic Bible That has a Book called the Apocalypse of Peter in it, It's a different letter than the ones that are in my reg. KJV.
I'm sure that some of the Catholics here may have heard of it.
It has the Book of the Maccabees and others that are'nt in the Reg. KJV
This Bible has all the RCC rituals, From Baptism to Exorcising evil spirits.
It has all of the O/T & N/T in it.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/23/08

Holly::"Nothing defiled enters heaven" by Romans3:23 you know that many a good person by transgression will not go to Heaven.IF SO, they are not fit for Hell, so where will they Go?You Tell me.The Scripture says to pray for the dead why?because it is their only HOPE. Purgatory is REAL-a place of restitution.and a sure step to Heaven would you deny your christian fellowmen this privelege?IF you did whose purpose would you serve.!If you desire to be a Soldier of Christ. Do not deny HIM.
---Emcee on 4/23/08

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"If it were up to me I would not have had Jesus go to the Cross"Right and you would have been serving the devil by those words.Jesus had to die to conquer sin in obedience to the Father the gates of heaven were closed by man's SINS. HE, show us the way to Heaven.He upbraids Peter for the same words you write.evn calling him Satan.Think Holly Your denial of Purgatory serves the devils purpose, in the same way,not God's whom you love.
---Emcee on 4/23/08

Duane,are you saying the Bibles by KJV N/T does not have Peter's first letter?
In my Bible Peter's 3letters are after the letter of James and before John's first letter. If you don't have these letters, please changed your bible.
RCC put all the canonbooks together 73 not 66. 7books in the OT was removed by the reformers. Remember-think about your titles=Reformers & Protestants.Both suggests one before them. You only can reform what it already there. Protest/against whatever existence first.
---Nicole on 4/23/08

Per Nicole: Purgatory is the mercy of God.

No...purgatory is a place that man made up because man does not want to believe the truth of the Gospel, it seems too harsh that if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you will go to hell. So man made up a place where you can get a 2nd chance. It is not a place of mercy from God nor is it in the Bible, it's a figment of man's imagination.
---Holly4jc on 4/22/08

Gods Word does not mention or hint about "purgatory" ...religious organizations take concept with no direct reference

purgatory was first a pagan babylonian concept later adopted by the established church sometime after 1400

follow purgatory or the teachings taught by Christ ...remember we are to imitate Christ coming out of the world of Satan and the pagan ways

prayers to dead are in vain
---Rhonda on 4/22/08

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I think you can find something like this in the Book of Apocolype by Peter.
It was put in the RRC bible but not the KJV N/T.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/22/08

1) According to your standards if they don't accept Jesus they go to Hell. No one even told them about Jesus to accept Him. Jesus is in charge. No one is damn before they are born. Jesus knew many will not get the chance to hear about Him.
---Nicole on 4/22/08 is not according to my standards, it is God's standards. If it was up to me, I would not have had Jesus go to the cross, I would have forgiven everybody without a sacrifice.
---Holly4jc on 4/22/08

2) But, I am not God and God has His standards, which He has outlined in His written Word, the Bible. And as far as being damned before we are born, yes we are, we are dead in our trespasses, born into sin and it's only after we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and the sacrifice for our sins, that we are alive to Christ. As far as Muslems coming to know Jesus, there have been many, many reports of Jesus actually appearing to Muslems in their very own bedrooms, giving them the...
---Holly4jc on 4/22/08

3) ...chance to receive salvation. Nothing can keep God from getting His Gospel out to those who are imprisoned, whether it be in a prison or a foreign country. As the Bible says...the Gospel WILL be preached in the whole world. God makes a way where there seems to be no way.
---Holly4jc on 4/22/08

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Permit me to run this thought by you Jesus matt10:28-33.we are all important to our why would he permit us to slip through His fingers so easily especially for those who are misguided.He wants your soul so does Satan.Purgatory does this saves souls,those who clammour do the bidding of satan who seeks the ruin of souls. What decision would a God fearing person Make,if given the option to pray or not pray,for some one who is helpless but needs prayer."Lord save me or I perish"
---Emcee on 4/22/08

**Prayers for the dead go to the dead letter office. They do not have a forwarding service. They are returned to sender.

---Rhonda on 4/22/08

Holly4jc, thank God it wasn't you who died for our sins. Purgatory is the mercy of God. Some are not bad enough for hell or pure enough for Heaven. Some are isolated from the true Gospel their whole life (women in that Texas compound or in strict Muslim countries.) According to your standards if they don't accept Jesus they go to Hell. No one even told them about Jesus to accept Him. Jesus is in charge. No one is damn before they are born. Jesus knew many will not get the chance to hear about Him.
---Nicole on 4/22/08

Lisa, joking or not- there is no dead letter office. Prayers are heard by God who can hear and knows our prayers before we even say them. God hears all my prayers and sends me a message, answer or acknowledgement of recipt. He is the AWESOME GOD!
---Nicole on 4/22/08

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What's the point? They're dead and they have already had their chance to make their decision whether or not to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Once they die, it's too late. Better to spend our time praying for the living, for those who still have time and are alive to make a choice.
---Holly4jc on 4/22/08

I don't think there is a system by which the number of prayers you get, rather than your own decisions in life, determine whether you go to eternal life with God, or to Hell, which will later be destroyed.
---frances008 on 4/22/08

Can you pray for the dead? Who's stopping you? You can pray for anyone you want to pray for.
---amicusdei on 4/22/08

Prayers for the dead go to the dead letter office. They do not have a forwarding service. They are returned to sender.
---lisa on 4/22/08

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If the dead have to wait two years for any prayers, believe me, before the last breath is breathed, the dead are on their way to their destination and it's not purgatory.
---lisa on 4/22/08

Joe::Somebody has steered you to a source which relies on men who are studying and need money for subsistence.There are some affluent people who help these novitates but it is NOT a requirement.Not every one is flushed with cash.I just ask my Parish Priest and he does it right then same mass no money no nothing.I even serve at Mass.Nicole is right just folow her directions.
---Emcee on 4/22/08

well, i have read the opinions and we all have bibles. though as cited, the dead do not hear, we pray, not so the dead can hear, but so that the Lord has mercy. He is a merciful God. the prayers benefit the dead, who may not hear them. we beseech the Lord to show mercy on the departed souls- all souls regardless of religion.
---kelly on 4/22/08

Joe, I don't know which Catholic Church said you had to pay for a Mass card and that there was a two years waiting list. I hope you ran from that Catholic Church to another Catholic Church. Or it just wasn't a Catholic Church you went to. You were paying for a Card like a Greeting Card not for the Mass. Just tell the Priest to say the Mass without giving you a Card -(remembrance of the Mass). The waiting list isn't longer than one week unless You were asking for a Sunday Mass instead of a weekday Mass.
---Nicole on 4/21/08

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Robyn said :No where in God's Word are we told to pray for the dead

2 Timothy 1:16-18 "May the Lord grant mercy to the household of Onesiphorus, for he often refreshed me, he was not ashamed of my chains, but when he arrived in Rome he searched for me eagerly and found me - may the Lord grant him to find mercy from the Lord on that Day - and you well know all the service he rendered at Ephesus."
---ruben on 4/21/08

Robyn:: Unfortunately there are many things that some christians WONT believe and so miss the truth proclaimed therein2Mach12:45 get an NSRV its in there.I always pray for the dead especially christians because those poor souls have no one to pray for them, they are left to languish in ----Its sad if one is totally forgotten, after death.Wonder why we have grave yards and ALL souls Day in the protestant church.
---Emcee on 4/21/08

No where in God's Word are we told to pray for the dead. Once the dead perish, they know nothing. They return from whence they came. We can pray for the loved ones who remain and have to deal with the passing of the relative/friend. This is why it is so important to get right with God before we die. It is too late to ask for forgiveness or to be saved once we expire. We need to get straight with God as soon as possible(to be saved).
---Robyn on 4/20/08

Jhn 5:25

Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.

The son of God is the only voice the dead will here.
---Carla5754 on 4/20/08

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well, jesus said let the dead bury the dead.seems like both are dead and one is actually beyond salvation.
---tom2 on 4/16/08

Passage 1 Corinthians 15:29:

"Now if there is no resurrection, what will those do who are baptized for the dead? If the dead are not raised at all, why are people baptized for them"
---Ruben on 4/17/08

well, jesus said let the dead bury the dead.seems like both are dead and one is actually beyond salvation.
---tom2 on 4/16/08

"TRUTH:the established church is the wealthiest system on earth,because the flock pay for the most absurd things"Is this truth or opinion?You want Truth "The sadest thing is that the decieved pay for eternity with the loss of their souls"WHICH IS MORE CATASTROPHIC.Those who go to Purgatory,have no one to pray for them and are denied the vision of God.Just because of the deletion ."2Mach12:43-45.Luther removed this from the KJV to prove his point on tithes for the dead.
---Emcee on 4/16/08

a 2 year waiting list? ...almost laughable ...purgatory doens't exist ...the dead are without God until Christ returns ...prayers are in vain ...and God doesn't have a "waiting list" ...pray for God to open your mind to His Truth ...the established church is the wealthiest religious system on earth because their flock pay for the most absurd things
---Rhonda on 4/16/08

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Mar 12:27
He is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living: ye therefore do greatly err.

Matt 22:32
I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.
---Carla5754 on 4/16/08

Rueben, im not RC but i agree and love the quote you used. The Lord is God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - He is God of the Living. All members of Christ are One who love and pray for each other. Both the living on earth and the living in heaven. One Body, One Church.
---sam on 4/16/08

rueben ur right man, stay strong in the Lord, i hear ya loud and clear brother
---josiah on 8/20/07

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