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What Is Abandonement By Spouse

What constitutes abandonement by a spouse? My husband moved out (living with a relative). He does visit sometimes (we have a child together). His explanation of why he is gone is so that he can think through things and figure out his life. Where does that leave us now?

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 ---Ana on 5/20/05
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It's leaving you with two kids and $150 telling you it's enough to get you started. Not paying child support and moving to another state with another woman because he doesnt't want to be a parent anymore. Didn't want to do the business of a Dad. Thats abandonment.
---anon on 11/24/07

Reggie ... you make an impertinent tassumption thta the wife was the cause of her husband abandoning her. What about his promises? He is the one who left. He is the one who says he wants to sort his life out (meaning he has decided he no longer wants to abide by those promises) And any decent father would say that caring for a helpless baby comes before looking aftyer a full-grown man.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/10/06

Yes, more than likely the woman is to blame if she is quick to point out she has no fault but there is not a good enough reason to leave your family no matter what the circumstances, remember your promised to love and obey him...where didn't you obey< biblical truth, or was there a point in your marriage where you paid more attention to your child and not your husband whom you were married to before you had him/her.
---REGGIE on 1/9/06

Check out the email/ divorce lawyers on the business blogs on this ChristiaNet site.
---barbara67 on 5/21/05

Still thinking through things, and figuring out your lives. Remain faithful to him in this time, and pray unceasingly for your husband to return to you, and to God. I know it's hard, but hang in there. God knows what is going on, and he can help you, but you need to be patient, wait on the Lords timing, and continue to pray for your husband. God bless.
---Katie on 5/20/05

Olive: I have been a loyal, respectful, loving, caring Christian wife! I believe this is about him not being "in love" with me any longer and I am not to blame for that! I was shocked when he didn't come home and when he quit his job to live with a relative!
---Ana on 5/20/05

marriage between two people is a sacrament to be revered and not at the slightest unpleasant instance to move out. your husband may have some very good reason for doing this. ask yourself where you have gone wrong with him and very often the finger points out at the woman. with understanding, patience and forgiveness you can help cement your relationship for the happiness of your family. pray, only jesus can bring about a wonderful change between the pair of you.
---olive on 5/20/05

I would say that it leaves you with exactly the same rights that he has given himself, that is to think things through and figure out YOUR life. If you are a Christian please pray about this because God might have something different for you than you, at first, think. However, having decided that he can walk out when he chooses should leave you with the option of not necessarily wanting him back if or when he chooses. As you have a child though, remember that her/his needs are very important.
---Xanthi on 5/20/05

You gave her heart and vows to a man sized baby. He only wants to make more children and play on your emotions. Get on with your life as though he were transparent. If you can, get a lawyer, divorce him, and get some help with his childs monetary costs from him if he has any income. You created in the image of God and yet, you had the choice to pick a mate and a father for your children.
You can forgive but you will never forget.
---chuck on 5/20/05

I understand what you are going through because I have gone through this myself. God loves you and cares very much. "Meditate on God's Word. This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous and then thou shalt have good success." (Josh. 1:8) Hope this verse helps you and listen to what He says.
---Laura on 5/20/05

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