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Read The Bible Or Don't Read It

We seem to have been infiltrated by a bunch of people who either don't read the bible or do read it but don't believe it. Those who fit this bill would you please tell us your purpose? The rest of us are here to help if help is what you are seeking.

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 ---Xanthi on 5/20/05
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What better place to be "infiltrated"? I welcome people here who haven't read or who have questions. Having questions is different than not believing what is written. I read, but don't even pretend to understand it all. And it's especially wonderful to have non-believers reading this board! You may be on the first step toward eternal life!
---Tanya on 4/3/08

i read the Bible alot, i do feel i need to read it more, and i do believe the Bible from front to back
---Curtis on 4/27/07

Two can believe the Bible, and yet not agree on all things. For example, one will not find a harder shell when it comes to the deity of Jesus, Virgin Birth, Resurrection, and the like. And for these very reasons, I could not vote for George Bush, though I voted for his father.

Just because someone does NOT believe the Bible--or apply it--exactly as I do does NOT mean he's not a Christian or is an unbeliever.
---Jack on 5/28/05

What do you mean by: dis?
---sharon_darlene on 5/27/05

Amen to that David.
---Xanthi on 5/22/05

I believe this is the best site anyone can visit-saved or not saved.I urge all believers to be kind and prayerful.Let ya responses show the mercy of Jesus.We stand a great chance to win souls to Christ here.
---david on 5/22/05

Eloy: So what if they dis us, or Christianity? I have a thick skin and understand that they don't have the power of the Holy Spirit to discern and understand scripture, so they might criticize. Jesus said we would be criticized for our way of life and beliefs.
---Madison on 5/21/05

Dear Xanthi: I appreciate you for clarifying your question. Your response was so loving and caring. Thank you!
---Elsie on 5/21/05

We need to encourage those who do not read to read. Somethings that people think I can't find in the Bible. Other things are kinda taken out of the meaning. I think the Bible is the answer to the fact that we will live in an after life.
The Bible must be interpreted by the Bible. There is so much that should lead us to see the whole purpose of the Bible is to lead us to God and God's opinion. Eventually, I think should become God says.
---barbara67 on 5/21/05

I would just like to add that some of you seem to have misunderstood why I asked the question. It was certainly not meant to be hurtful or critical. I made an observation then asked those who fit the bill to let us know why they write in. I think many of you will agree that since the forum became blogs there have been some very wierd questions (and answers) and I wonder what makes some people say what they say.
---Xanthi on 5/21/05

Elsie you are absolutely correct, everyone is welcome. Those of us with answers like to help those with questions but it has become quite noticeable that the questions are changing from how they used to be and there are times when this website doesn't look much like a Christian one. I just pray that those entering, for whatever reason, go away knowing more than they knew before and feeling blessed for having joined us.
---Xanthi on 5/21/05

Hi Xanthi: You ask GREAT questions! I got the impression that ALL were welcome to this website regardless of their level of spirituality. Is this not so? Praise God that folks are asking questions! We may not agree with every answer, but at least we can ask the questions knowing there will be a response given in Love. We can only pray that everyone is reading their Bible. However, we must be a witness to the Lord regardless - great mission field!
---Elsie on 5/21/05

Madison, This website is public, so it is open to any and all life forms. However it is a Christian website, so it is rather peculiar that nonchristians would desire to enter and then dis the christian teachings.
---Eloy on 5/21/05

Many years ago people who called themselves "Christian" hurt me deeply. I said if that is what christianity is all about then I want no part of it. It took God many years to turn me around. I was looking for something and did not even know it was Him. I'm glad I did not meet hurtful people at the time God was wanting me to come back to Him. People need to be careful of the words they say and use. You can not take a harsh word back you know. I pray God gives you a caring spirit.
---Dewey on 5/21/05

Many people are at a point in their lives where they are looking for "something". They many times do not even know what they are looking for. They may only be looking for someone to care about them. It may be Christ tugging at their heart strings woooing them to him. They see a web site with the name Christian in it and figure people will be kind. After all isn't that what a Christian is suposed to be like. Caring, Kind and Gentle.
---S on 5/21/05

I do not read the Bilble all of the time.I do believe in GOD.It is hard to focus when Christians can be so rude and nasty but the unsaved are kind and loving.What is the purpose of your question?There is nothing that you can do to help me.GOD can only guide me.
---cynthia on 5/20/05

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I am really pleased to have found this site.However I have already noticed that some people would rather talk to those who say things they agree with, rather more than take the time to put the wanderer straight. We can read as much as we want, but don't forget; all that which we know, needs to be put into practice
---Eleon on 5/20/05

Amen Bruce, and a warm welcome to those who come here looking for answers, and the truth. Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened.
Matt 6: 7-11.
---Margaret on 5/20/05

Some of these answers here are decidely UN Christian.
First of all it seems arrogant to think of this as "us" or "we" being "infiltrated". This is a public, site, hosted on a Christian website to be sure, but a PUBLIC site.
Secondly, people are searching for and in some cases, crying out for, help. They may not even realize it but their words betray them. Where better to come for that help?
---Bruce5656 on 5/20/05

Eloy: Are you suggesting that unbelievers are unwelcome here? I thought this was a site for all people to come and discuss Christianity, and the issues that concern people. As a believer, I welcome those who haven't found the Lord, and praise Him that they are here seeking answers here, and not at some pagan site.
---Madison on 5/20/05

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yes, go figure. i thought this is suppose to be a Christian forum where christians corespond with each other, yet i'm finding many here are nonchristian who dis the christian way.
---Eloy on 5/20/05

This is considered a christian site.As christians we are called to show forth the love and likeness of Jesus Christ.If you dont care to answer certain questions, pass it by. No question asked is ever stupid.But our reply should be as christian witnesses
as Jesus has commanded. W.W.J.D.
---shearon on 5/20/05

It seems to me like those are the very people that would be welcome on this site. I think the people that study the Bible would welcome the opportunity to share the truth with non-believers or people who are ignorant of the Bible's teachings.
---Ron on 5/20/05

anywhere the Lord is at work, the devil is at work also. The devil would love to misdirect christians and he has done so to some on this site.
---shira_5965 on 5/20/05

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Isn't that what this site is for?People who want to fellowship with Christians,want to know about the Word of God, and need answers for everyday problems in relation to a Christian perspective.Yes ,there may be some who come to argue or think they can put down the Word of God,but God will take care of them and they will fall to their own level,dark motives will be brought to God's light.As you say we're here for oneanother.Sinners as well as saints.
---Darlene_1 on 5/20/05

Personally, I have a harder time with legalistic, closed minded Christians. The truth is people have a right to their beliefs ... even if you think they are wrong ... and they have a right to express them. The manifold wisdom in God's Word (Ephesians 3:10) has many layers and therefore is open to interpretation. None of us have all the answers and we need to remember to walk in humility and love toward others ... whether they are "like us" or not.
---DoryLory on 5/20/05

God is also working through this website as He works through many brothers and sisters. It might not be perfect but its great that when we ask, many go to their bibles to check if the other person is right. It continues to give many an incentive to search for the truth and many others to complain but it is ok because God really is in control of everything. Even if their intention was wrong in their heart, God will know what to do with it and get glory out of it. Its all about God.
---Lupe2618 on 5/20/05

I try to be careful when answering personel questions because our answers can influence someone to make the wrong decision. Not all go through the exact thing. they are all different in someway. I try to answer all the time with God always been my focus. Never man. For He is king of kings as the sister mentioned. We are called to a spirit of patience and forbearance with each other as God is patient with us.
---Lupe2618 on 5/20/05

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Xanthi-You have hit on a concern of mine also. I grew up in an atmosphere of respect and faith. The policeman, teacher, pastor, was a person who had the right answers. Today, schools(primary,mid-school,high school and epecially our colleges and universities) teach to question everything. Smart people do not ask "Why" or "What" or "How". They look up the answer. They believe. I use the NIV study Bible for answers I need and God is there to answer the technicalities.
---chuck on 5/20/05

some don't have time and others do but think they know it all and don't have to check scripture with other scriptures to see if they are correct. I think also some ask questions about something personel and not scriptural verses. So the answers are from their heart because of their experience and from what they know of God.
---Lupe2618 on 5/20/05

Some are smarter then others. God reveals His word to us a little at a time. To some more then others. I don't believe that I would give credit to Satan. Many are Christians but don't have it all correct.No one does. That is why it takes hard work to know the truth. Just because someone doesn't agree with me I don't get upset because I figure that God hasn't revealed that to them yet if I have interpreted correctly. Hermenuetics is really required to understand some verses.
---Lupe2618 on 5/20/05

So now we have a war between believers and nonbelievers?! To the "believers", BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY. You never know when one sentence in the heat of the moment can turn someone towards eternal damnation and confusion. We all have faults, and are misled in areas of our lives. We need to be patient with those who are "less mature". We finally have a chance to make a difference for the better, lets be led by the Spirit, and not the flesh, amen?
---Katie on 5/20/05

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sister, I just wanted to give my point of view on what you said. First of all I think that many Christians have a little of the truth when they answer. Many have more then others. Some answer questions on Scripture from a verse and then turn around and contradict what they first said. I read so many. Not everyone in life has all the pieces of the puzzle of God's Word. Many are in a different point in learning then others. Some are young and some old,
---Lupe2618 on 5/20/05

I totally agree with tanya, after all isn't that what "real" strong, and knowledgeable christians are all about,helping those who are lacking in the understanding of God's word, and who are weak in their faith?
---Barbara on 5/20/05

discover truth! What hapens when a person dies let me give ch+V for my beliefs.
In the garden S told E "You shall not die!"
GEN 2:16/17;3-4
Now S is telling us that when we die, we don't die, but our soul live on and for some this happens in purgatory but THE BIBLE SAY: ECC 9:5-6
we know nothing
we (the living souL ceases to exist) no feelings, no emotions, thoughts perish PS 146:4 CON. the dead are not alive !
Read, pray, then chose your side!Lovingly!
---Pierr7958 on 5/20/05

Thank U so much 4 speaking out 4 the TRUE BELIEVERS N the bible & N the words of God. Some how this site has gotten 2 where the people working 4 Satan has taken it over. If U don't know your bible at least a little boy can U ever get caught up N a mess!!! Jesus is still the King of Kings & 1 day soon these so called " CHRISTIANS " will wake-up & believe when it's 2 late!! All we can do is pray 4 them. 2 me they can just go somewhere else!!
---sheia9679 on 5/20/05

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