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How Do You Love Someone

What do you do when you love someone, and scared to love at the same time because of past hurts and divorces. I have prayed about it and have faith in God.

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 ---debra5895 on 5/20/05
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Woman of God,
If you've prayed, then what has God revealed to you ? if he hasn't answered your prayer, stand fast and hold your course until you hear from him. You've already have the answer, Trust and obey !
---Mr7788 on 5/31/07

i feel your pain. i have to "Hold" myself back from loveing a 23 year old(saved) guy, hes my youth pastor and im just hopelessly in love with him. i have to let myself love him as a brother and friend b4 anything else..just trust god..pray and believe
---angie on 12/16/05

Remember when you're out in the hot sun and you're about ready to go into the cold water to cool off? It's a little difficult letting the cold water slowly cover your warm body. It's like that, Go very slo-o-owly and with little steps, and eventually you should be totally ok with it.
---Eloy on 7/4/05

The fact that you are praying means you will find the answer. At least you are not in denial about your fear of love. Be patient with yourself and don't be afraid to seek out a christian counselor. I know you're going to be fine because God wants us to experience love and to be loved. So, hang in there.

---joy9988 on 7/4/05

To my sis Debra,
Heal youre scars first,remember true love waits and the LORDS TIMING IS THE BEST.Seek divine intervention and attend a counselling sessions.
---peter on 5/23/05

Start with friendship. There is no harm with friendship. No commitment. Just to know if the person is really worth loving at all. If you have found that the guy is worth loving and spending your life with,and then you have kneeled,to pray and ask God that he be given you, then trust. Just continue on to be a friend at the same time.
---linda6546 on 5/21/05

Dear Debra,
What I hear you saying seems to be a matter of fear rather than how to love. You know how to love- just let Jesus come out. It's His grace that allows us to walk in the love described in 1Cor.13 Fear is cast out by perfect this agape love, and it's a choice. Usually fear is the thing which keeps us bound, unable to expeience all of the blessings that God wants to release in our lives.
---sam7944 on 5/21/05

Dear Debra,
There are many of us in that same position,lonely,you find someone you care for deeply ,yet you're afraid of the pain that you know will come.It is not possible to live pain free,has anyone ever done that ?I have learned to love all,but trust only the spirit of God.
Remember the closer you get to God,the closer he is to you,he wants to help you,talk with him often,about anything,he is your best friend.Bless you.
---RUSSELL on 5/21/05

Dear Debra: Ask God to send you a Christian believer. Pray with them and talk about your problem with them. Trust God to answer your prayer. He HAS heard you and He wants to help you. It is a natural thiing to be afraid when we have been hurt before, but just concentrate on learning how God wants you to love by reading your Bible and believing in His way to love. He is with you---always. (Matthew 28:20) Blessings!
---Elsie on 5/21/05

Not all men are the same. Check to see if this guy has the same bad manners and/or habits of the previous guy - do LOTS of talking, pray together and all will become clear as you get to know each other.

If you're very very concerned, you may want to seek some councelling.
---Albert on 5/21/05

Debra:how do you love your self& how do you love God?You are frightened of another relationship-seek divine help-but you alone hold the key to love he must respect you & YOU HIM.If he loves you he will not make inappropriate advances& demands.You are in control, if there is no respect there is no love.look further afield.
---Emcee on 5/20/05

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