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Why Do I Fall In Love So Quickly

I thought he would be interested in me. Those were his signals. I asked him, he said not at the moment. I love somebody. This not at the moment hurted me. Why do I fall in love so quickly?

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 ---Lilie on 5/21/05
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It may all be "puppy love". You got to watch-out for that stuff!
---pat on 11/1/12

This is a very old blog. Lillie must still be in love.
---Mark_V. on 10/30/12

Your problem could arise from having wrong expectation that leads to your disappointment.Long term solution i could think of is-do not expect anything unless it is made clear to you in black and white.
---mj on 10/29/12

Beloved, family this ELENA, truly believe some of us,talk about myself, too.The brother post correct, I.put it this way,the devil. knows what we like, he going to tempt you because first we left a door OPEN ! , for those of us had maybe abandoment or not. good stable family,no dad at home, issues,it just another way that satan has a stronghold,we are in error (weak) we got to fill up that open space with read, study,devour the word give that desire be Christ first.and put the "garbage in our life out with the trash" JESUS be lord of our life! Pro.3:5,Php2:12,ja.4:7,1Cor.6:18.
---ELENA on 10/16/12

It's easy to say flesh is what is behaving badly, it certainly is when you don't fully understand, he uses this opportunity to cause war between you and God by using feelings to fulfill that ''lust'' when your ( innocently) but dangerously looking for love in the wrong place. As long as your focus is finding a husband Satan'll have a field day. . It's life and difficult especially when your soul tells you your not loved. Try getting involved with a church group and other activities it helps.
---Carla5754 on 10/26/07

I have been down the road that you are describing, and you do get hurt over and over again. God through His word has taught me to be patient and not to believe what everyone says. A hard lesson to learn, but then as I see in God's word as well as have experienced it myself, The Lord is very patient with His children as well as longsuffering. Everyone wants to be loved by someone, Amen? Pray to the Lord and ask Him to help you as well as guide you and lead you in this area of your life. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 10/25/07

You don't! it is your flesh. Must watch out for that one!
---catherine on 10/25/07

You are first of all, immature emotionally.You may be in love with the idea of love. You could be a very needy and dependent person. All of this stuff is no good and leaves you open to be taken advantage of. Believe me, sister. You really don't need a man to make you feel like a worthwhile human being. Give your heart to Jesus and the rest will follow. Learn to enjoy your own company also and then you will have something to offer someone else. Women basically need to grow up and stop acting so helpless.
---Robyn on 10/25/07

Dear Lilie, Sometimes we are so needy that we "fall in love" to fill our needs. Some of us use food, some over work, some build up a wall toward others etc. It sounds like you have a deep loneliness. The others rightly pointed you to God Who loves you more than you can imagine. Trust Him. Ask the Lord Jesus to come into your heart and fill up your empty spaces with His love. Are you born again? Bless you dear Sister!
---Elsie on 10/25/07

Yes turn to your God - then What? Pray? If u must go and do it - but on earth you have to know what U want from a love and see what he may be missing - do not just go with the flow...take a bit a time your in charge...No one else
---charia on 4/29/07

As long as you don't hide in your car with a pair of binoculars, you'll be alright.
Here's the thing, some women miss all the cues or lack of cues and fall in head first.
The guy smiles, says hello and you want to be married. Pace yourself or you'll end up with a goofball/fruitcake.
---Stinkbug on 4/30/07

Lilie-I think that this has happened to most of us at one time or another-Dont dwell on this.Turn to God for your comfort.Look for those scriptures that talk of God's love for "you".He is the one that will never leave you or forsake you.Be comforted by God's love for you.this other will pass.
---shearon on 4/29/07

To paraphrase Tammy Faye, I'd rather have a tender heart eager to give love and receive love, than one that does not open.

OTOH, perhaps in your yearning to love and be loved, you are seeing signals that are not there? I've seen it happen before--and one's walk with Jesus has nothing to do with it.
---Jack on 5/28/05

Abby, Some people have a keen observation of things and are able to point them out without having had to do them themselves. God bless you Lilie
---Lilie on 5/25/05

Hi people. I want to thank you all for your comments. Some, comforted me right away and I could understand them very well. Others, I couldnt understand at first read but I then prayed that the Lord would correct me as well and to be able to accept correction. Abby, I can tell you that I understand very well what Russell has written. He hit the point. Lilie
---Lilie on 5/25/05

Well Kathy, I agree with what you said,It is the feeling you get when someone is preaching something but never does it, That is the way the guy Russell sounded. I dont know the man but he just gave me a very uncomfortable feeling. Sorry to dispoint anyone.
---abby7367 on 5/24/05

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Abbey who didn't get Russell's point. The man said that he was not interested in her "at this moment,"as it not right now, but maybe later. I think that Russell is saying that by replying this way he's saying "I might be interested in you at some time in the future." He wants to keep her hanging on for the day that he DOES become interested.This is the point. He's a leading her on. He's a creep. She needs to get as far away from him as possible forever. Does that make sense?
---kathy3339 on 5/23/05

there are so many in the same situation as you are. i am the same way. we are in search of love so bad we dont wait and rely on God to bless us with the one of his chosing. There is someone on here i have fallen in love with, wait on the Lord sister and he will show you the truth. Pray for guidance and understanding, most of all spiritual healing, some times that is the main prayer we need and do not realize it.....
---lorie on 5/22/05

Proverbs 3:5-6...
---Leon on 5/22/05

This is to the guy named Russell,after reading your reply,what gives me the feeling,that I need to ask a question to you. Have you ever met a woman and let her hurting on the side? This is what I call head games from men. Your answer to Lillie could be true, and it tells me something about you. If you have left a woman on side with hurt feelings, I think you need to rethink what your saying, God does protect people yes, but he asks for honestly also. Your answer really puzzles me.
---abby7367 on 5/22/05

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i think the guy was very fair and honest with you. love is supposed to be indepth. he may like you alot but give him some more time to get to know you better. probably then,'his not at the moment' answer may turn out to be otherwise, who knows? if you really care for this guy, dont give up on him. ask the lord for guidance and with a mature mind, be tactful without hurting and continue with your relationship.
---olive on 5/22/05

You are probably a lovely and loving person or you have not discovered difference between love and infatuation. LOVE is what you read in COR. It is solid! INFATUATION is what you read in TABLOIDS. It is here on day gone tomorrow! I am glad you did not get burned too badly!
---Pierr7958 on 5/21/05

As a Christian in Christ we are commanded to learn to Love one another as He has loved us. It is our nature to want to love because it complete us, as in the example of God. But when we expect other to love us, we seek to control which we don't have. Love is not a commitment for marriage nor a relationship with just one individual. Remember "Love" is not measured or bounded. Seek ye first the kindom of God and all will fall into place.
My prayer of support with you in this manner.
---BLue on 5/21/05

I can completely sympathesize with you as I tend to do the same thing time after doesn't prove our lack of faith as some may think, but it is just who we are as human beings...everytime it happens to me I have to ask myself if maybe I am rushing things, is this is the right one, what is God saying to don't give up but sit back a little and let Him bring the right one to you...that's what I am doing're in my prayers!
---Fran8674 on 5/21/05

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Lilie,perhaps you don't know how to just be"in like" for someone,it is love or nothing.Know you don't have to love someone to date them.Friendship and knowledge of each others ways should come first.Don't mistake lust,or physical attraction for love.The attraction may come first but you must have more than that for it to be true love.Stop always looking for a mate,start just looking for a date.No strings attached.Learn how to just have fun without getting serious.
---Darlene_1 on 5/21/05

I was going to type something but Elsie had typed exactly what I was about to type.

You also tend to trust people too fast. Slow down in that department. Showing too much affection towards someone at the initial stage, can also chase that person away.

Use your brakes often.

PS: Before you fall in love again, make sure the guy is not in love with someone else.
---Albert on 5/21/05

I see something very positive here. Now that you know your emotions can send you the wrong way; you can be alert at this potential. 'Guard your heart...' Calm your soul with God's Word. Rest in His love. Live like Jesus will be here at any moment. It will change your attitude toward--falling in love quickly--
---Eloisa on 5/21/05

Passionate people tend to wear their heart on their sleeve. We are passionate about life, God and other things and tend to see the best in people and you know what? I am the same way and I wouldnt have it any other way!
---casey on 5/21/05

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Hi Lilie,
When this man said:not at the moment I love somebody,he was indicating that he may want you in the future,which means after you he would want someone else,I thank God that he protected you from this person,slow down,look for someone who knows what REAL love and commitment is,May God bless you.
---RUSSELL on 5/21/05

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