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I Am A Slow Learner Of Women

I asked a woman if I could get to know her better and she gave me her phone number. When I call the answering machine comes on and she hasn't returned my calls. I do believe this means she don't want a relationship with me. Am I right?

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 ---mike on 5/21/05
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Thanks "Lawrence" for that short-story about the Jeanie & the man. "Mike': I think with God's help we can understand the woman we have to be close with or the women we have to relate with. There is a Yoruba expression, "he who will have 2 wives must have 3 different personalities in himself"(1 when he is alone, 2 when he is with each woman). Just like men, women are also not equal or same, there is a God-made-uniqueness in each one. General study of women will only help to a certain length not completely.
---Adetunji on 7/15/10

Mike: I want to share on more thing with you that I learned a long time ago about men and women relationships. Very important. I think. Don't try to figure women out, as a whole.Same for a man. Just try to understand the one you are with(man or woman).Try to make that relationship work and that's enough. You will be successful. Make sense. Doesn't it. Bless you
---Robyn on 7/14/10

I would call several times and leave messages on the answering machine for her. Speak slowly and clearly. Let her know you are still interested. Give your return number,email,cell number etc...again. Whatever way you want to be contacted. Now the ball is in her court. If she does not call you after your several attempts. Leave her alone! Some things are not worth pursuing. Could be God's way of protecting you. This female could have been playing some kind of sick game. If she is this way now--watch out! Move slowly! The beginning of relationships are very critical. Normally a person want to show their best side in the beginning. If you don't see this in the woman--now, you may be in for a lot of pain, later on.
---Robyn on 7/14/10

A slow learner of women even to understand them !!
A man was walking along in alley & saw an old bottle in the dirt, picked it up, took out a rag to clean off the bottle. Poof, a jeanie came out of the bottle & he granted the man 1 wish. The man said ok, I'd like a highway from here to Hawaii. The jeanie took out his calculater & done some figuring ( metal - concrete etc.) The jeanie said to the man sorry I can't grant that wish, so I'l give you another wish. The man said ok then, give me the knowledge to understand women. The jeanie stood there making all kinds of facial expressions & lost for words. Then the jeanie said to the man, how do you want that highway, 2 lanes or 4?
---Lawrence on 7/14/10

Just the fact she gave you her phone number indicates to me she is at least a little interested. The fact she hasn't returned you phone call could be for a number of reasons. For example: maybe she never received the message. Maybe she expects you to call her and keep trying. (There could be other reasons, but this is a start.) But, I'd try and call her again. (Be sure you leave accurate information and remind her of your first contact when she gave you her phone number.)
---WIVV on 3/1/06

You are right. Just pray that God will lead you to the right woman for you in His time. And don't get discouraged.
---Becky on 5/23/05

Just leave a friendly message and your phone number, she'll eventually call IF she wishes to talk to you. Don't make anymore calls to her.

No fear brother men and women are all slow learners of each other!
---Rosa on 5/23/05

Proverbs 3:5-6...
---Leon on 5/22/05

why be judgemental and why jump to conclusions so fast. she was the one who gave you her phone number. give her the benefit of doubt, maybe she is not at home or maybe she is not in the habit of checking received calls. mail her and see what she has to say before you come to your own conclusions. 'friendship like a tree grows slowly and steadily'. if you have a lady of your choice ask the lord to bless your relationship with her. if its from the lord the friendship will blossom if not it will snap.
---olive on 5/22/05

It depends how long this has gone on. If it's just a short time she might just be away for a few weeks or something. If enough time has passed for her to get in touch and, as others have said IF she has your number, then I'd say she's probably regretting giving you hers.
---F.F. on 5/22/05

I may be stating the obvious here, but does she have your phone number? Do you leave it in your message? If you say yes to this, then you need to get the hint. Stop calling and see if she calls you back. If not, forget it, she has changed her mind. I agree, that a woman will make herself available to talk to someone she is interested in. Advice for next time, give them your number first, dont take theirs. Let them decide.
---lisa on 5/21/05

hi< as a woman, this has happened to me, maybe her machine, did not record your mesage, and sometimes just saying your name, (she has not yet heard your voice,) or, you maybe on cell phone, and gary is her friend's son name, etc...speak slowly, your call is being recorded and say last name, or that you are from pen pals, etc. You don't want to miss someone wonderful....
---anne on 5/21/05

You could be right. But, the other side of the coin is she could be busy and not have the interesting time to call. She is probably thinking, 'Well, should I call him or not?' 'I wonder if he has found somebody yet; when I get back home, I guess I'll find out.' Try to think positive on the situation and it will all work out for the good.
---gregg on 5/21/05

Program your phone to hide the number so she won't see it on her ID display and she might answer.
---Albert on 5/21/05

Sounds like you are right. Either she isnt interested or she is playing childish games. Move on! When a woman is interested, she will answer her phone or at least reply to messages left. A woman who is truly interested will go out of her way to be available for the guy she is interested in to contact her. One other idea, if you are long distance, she may not be able to afford long distance calls, has she emailed you? If she in on internet and hasn't even emailed you, I would move on for sure!
---Pat on 5/21/05

Don't give up so fast! Make sure you leave a nice message on the answering machine letting her know that it would be a real shame if you did not see each other again.Also remember: No pain no gain!
---Pierr7958 on 5/21/05

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