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Can You Remarry Your Spouse

My husband and I have a friend who recently divorced his wife. He was the one who, I was told, had an affair for 8 months while he was married to her. He wasn't saved when they got married and then early this year he got saved. He has admitted his wrong and wanted to get back together with her.

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 ---Judy on 5/21/05
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If this man's wife is also a Christian remarriage would be wonderful, they would be equally yoked. As James says this could only be in accordance with God's will if the wife hasn't remarried in the meantime. If the wife is not a Christian, remarriage would now be an unequal yoking. Much prayer would be needed if that's the case (and I hope it isn't).
---F.F. on 5/15/08

In Dueteronomy 24 it talks about this.If the woman has not been remarried in the meantime then God would still have to a miracle in terms of trust between the two of them. If the woman has been remarried it says it is an abomination to God for her first husband to remarry her.
---jamea4333 on 9/27/07

If the man had been saved he wouldn't have been cheating.
---Betty on 3/13/06

deutoronomy twenty four talks about divorcing if a man finds out his wife was not a virgin when he married her. according to jesus who is the absolute authority adultery is not a reason for divorce. the only reason for annulment of a marriage is if there was fraud involved in the marriage which also relates to deutoronomy 24. so the answer to the question is whether he was saved or not his wife is still his wife. getting back together with her is the right thing to do.
---raymond on 2/16/06

I am now in this mess my husband cheated on me he is a minister finally i did get a divorce and he remarriade the last women he cheated on me with and now there getting a divorce and he wants me back we started with counciling i decided to take him back not even a month later we are in turmoil i lost my peace and almost my mind but now my prayer is for god to lead me out this wilderness I REGRET MY DECISION keep her in prayer i am a strong women in god in leadership and fell for this so pray for her
---PATRICIA on 7/7/05

The OT forbidding divorced persons remarrying if another marriage has intervened are totally meaningless for a Christian. This is related to the larger issue: Christ nailed ALL of the Law to the Cross, or He nailed NONE of it. The distinction between "moral" and "ceremonial" law is one that the Bible does not itself make. There is simply "The Law."

I would say the case you mentioned concerns only the persons directly invoved, and possibly their pastor. Stay out of it!
---Jack on 5/28/05

If there was no marriage between the divorce and their current position they are free to remarry each other. The only time it is forbidden is if a new marriage took place Duet 24.
---John on 5/27/05

I think scripture is pretty clear. 1 Co 7:39 Now, for those who are married I have a command that comes not from me, but from the Lord.[a] A wife must not leave her husband.11 But if she does, she must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband And a husband must not divorce his wife. Even in the case of fornication divorce is not Ordered, only permitted. If he has repented she is to forgive him as Christ forgives her sins. Absolutely she is to be reconciled to him.
---Tami on 5/26/05

Personally, Im not sure a person in their right mind would want to
---Randy_G on 5/24/05

From a Biblical stand point, I believe a husband may return to his divorced wife, only if neither spouse has married again. In other words, you cannot divorce, remarry, divorce the second spouse and return to the first. If he had an affair during the marriage, and they divorced as a result, they are Biblical reasons for the divorce. If she is willing to forgive him and give marriage to him another chance I believe that it is acceptable.
---Rose4649 on 5/22/05

If he is now saved God has forgiven his unfaithfulness. If he has admitted to his wife that he was wrong and wants to get back together is sounds as if he's probably asked her forgiveness also (if he hasn't he needs to). God asks us to forgive just as he forgives. John Robert, which bit of God's word do you refer to and what is it you say is wrong - the affair or the getting back together?
---Paul_James on 5/22/05

God's word says it is wrong and what a mess we get ourseleves into when we don't listen to God.
Should your friends remarry will they be able to forget the affair the Husband had? What will the wife think the first time he is late for dinner or don't show up when he is suppose to. I hope if these people remarry they get a lot of good very good counseling from a God fearing counselor.
---John_Robert on 5/22/05

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