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Date Many Women At One Time

Is it ok to date more than one woman at a time. It just goes against my principles to do so. Am I right about this?

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 ---Mike on 5/21/05
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I highly disagree with dating more than one person because it is good practice for when you are engaged.
---Cameron on 11/26/07

What do you define as "dating" in your life. If it requires committment from each other, that is not dating, but an engagement to be in a marriage. Dating should be a non committal relationship to getting to know each other and sharing your dreams, to what God has for your lives. Sharing the greatest blessing with each other and helping growth in Christ to be a priority. Without that you have no real relationship that can be promising. My prayers in support for your answers in Christ.
---Blue on 11/26/07

I can only answer from a personal perspective; if I was dating someone and found out they were dating someone else at the same time they were dating me I would break it off immediately. If I am not number one at this point I won't ever be realistically.
---Cathy on 4/19/07

Follow your instincts. . .when my husband & I were dating, he decided he needed to see other people & I told him fine if he wanted, but we couldn't see each other anymore. He came to his senses & we are married. It's just too duplicitous in my opinion. Why hurt your witness by appearing to be a player??
---Kim on 10/2/06

In Western Society where Marriages are not arranged, "Dating" provides a means for prospective future mate selection as well as casual association with the opposite gender. Until such a time as a couple decided to make a premarital commitment of exclusive exclusive association. I would encourage persons to date multiple individuals concurrently as that is what the selection process is all about. The higher the number in the sample size the more likely a compatible permanent choice for marriage.
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/2/06

I don't think it is right and you should go with your instincts. How would you feel if the girl you were dating was dating others. To me this does not show respect and you could hurt a perfectly sweet girl by doing this. As for myself I would feel very hurt and feel as though I wasn't important to him.
---Norma on 10/2/06

No..that is not shouldnt be dating more than one girl. like one said in a reply it is rude...2nd this is wrong and from what i understand in the books of John you are giving in to the desires of the "flesh". do you even think that you might further that relation ship or is that just someone to date? look into the word of God for more answers! hope this perspective helps!
---kurt on 10/1/06

I agree with Jack. Dating is a process of sorting on both sides. Now, if you are not honest that you are seeing other "gents" or "ladies" then you are probably hiding something. BUT if you are honest about that, then maybe you are just trying to find a person with whom you can be more committed. My understanding is that one you get there, you can become "engaged" and then seeing others should be eliminated ...
---larry on 10/1/06

I just went through this situation with a man and I can only tell you that it is rude and unconscious of another person to do this. You can't have a relationship without trust. The purpose of dating is to learn as much about another so you can determine if a more serious situation should come about. If you are dating more than one person and not being honest about it, then I believe it is very selfish, not to mention extremely hurtful whether you are a man or a woman.
---Pamela on 9/30/06

A similar question was asked here: a man who learned that his "girlfriend" was dating other men. My answer summarized: If there has been no serious discussion of marriage, what's the problem? Rule of thumb: the younger the individual, the more different people he/she should be going out with.

A woman having several suitors or a man squiring different belles (archaisms deliberately chosen) was once the norm until engagement.

If it wasn't wrong then, it's not wrong now.
---Jack on 5/27/05

hi< I am replying to blue's post on 5/21/2005. Sharing each other hearts and dreams and growing together, is an intimate thing for a woman. This should be done with someone you are going to marry. If not then one could be defrauding a sister in Christ.
---anne on 5/23/05

If dating one woman at a time goes against your principles then by all means be true to yourself and follow your heart. I think its okay to date more than one but be up front about it. Im talking about dinner or movie,etc like friends. If your idea of dating includes cuddling then stick to one.
---Randy_G on 5/22/05

Mike I'm think you are not asking this for yourself because you say it's against your principles, so you must be asking for someone else. It depends on what this person means by the word 'dating'. Just going out for a meal or see a film is not a 'date' in my opinion, but going out with someone whom he thinks could feature seriously in his future should be treated with utmost respect and number 2 shouldn't be considered until he is sure that number 1 wasn't the right one.
---Paul_James on 5/22/05

Mike there is neither right or wrong about this. It all depends on your motives. If you keep Christian principles when dating more than one there is no problem.

If you cannot keep Gods standards when dating just one there is a problem.

Keeping sin out of all of your relationships dealing with others is the key.
---Elder on 5/22/05

HI Mike, Not sure if I can answer this correctly,but I prefer a guy who would be willing to date only one woman at a time. And be honest with them if they are not what your looking for or what you see in them be honest, don't play head games like some of these guys are doing that hurts more than anything. Ask God to guide you and the most important thing is be honest. God knows what your doing. Believe me I have been there many times with men that play head games. May God be with you always..
---abby7367 on 5/22/05

What is your motive to date those girl/s? Since you feel it goes against your principals, the rules of the thumb is - Don't do it if you are in doubt.
---Lovena on 5/22/05

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Well, personally I don't see anything wrong with dating several people at once...I am dating several men and not sexually involved with any of do you find the perfect one if you don't date different people? Unless you're seriously committed to one of those people or engaged then I cannot see the harm in dating several people at the same time....just don't see them all on the same day or night!
---Fran8674 on 5/22/05

suppose the tables were reversed would you feel comfortable with your date. mike, go by what you stand for. ultimately women would prefer a man with principles. be genuine, honest and fair with your lady friends and ask them how they feel about it. if it is fine with them, then go ahead and date as many as you wish but remember, they will not hold you in high esteem. what matters is, mutual respect and understanding in all your relationships.
---olive on 5/22/05

Simple, basic, prudence and dignity demands dating one woman at a time.

If a man is serious about it, he would never date more than one woman at a time.
---Albert on 5/22/05

It is okay to have female friends.When dating-always be honest with all women.Let them know up front that you are friends and nothing more.You can only focus on one woman at a time. Dating many women does not allow for you to bare your soul.Thank you for being a honest caring man.
---cynthia on 5/21/05

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You are very right not to date more than 1 woman at a time. Women don't like it when men do that.
---a_friend on 5/21/05

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