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How Friendly But Not Flirting

I'm a female. How far can I be friendly to men and not be flirting?

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 ---anne on 5/22/05
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SR Nic: when I was 10 I was also flirtatious but didnt know it even asked Her "Since she was so beautiful with a dynamic voice why she did not become a Hollywood Film star."all I got back was a red face a smile followed by a stern look-but then I was her favourite to.Later
Put in charge of the rest of the choir boys.May her soul RIP she was a lovely lady.SR Fredrika.
---Emcee on 6/9/08

Anne, I wish I can find out. Because people said I flirted even when I was a NUN.
I have no clue.

But, I do think some read into statements that is not even there.
I just make sure whenever I am speaking to a man, it is never in private. All can hear me.
Married men: I just keep it professional. I never would want the wife to even have a doubt about the situation. He belongs to her not me.
---Nicole on 6/9/08

Leon>>How did you get away with putting such a very short message? Proverbs and the verses. How, how?
---catherine on 6/6/08

Proverbs 3:5-6...
---Leon on 6/6/08

If we are genuinely interested in who someone is in their heart, then we will show our honest and pleasant personalities instead of "flirting". All of us are prone to reverting to the flesh; therefore, we must become aware of how we come across. Christian friends can give us honest feedback. If we have Jesus in our hearts, reading our Bible, praying for the right people in our lives, and being the loving people God wants, then the flirting is less AND we females will be much more desireable.
---Elsie on 6/30/07

By the way..Harley and I are friends and I undrstand exactly what he meant. I was kidding him. The rest of what I said stands true. Harley is older than I and i have no problem treating him as a father/brother/friend and once in a while flirting with his royal sweetness! Smile! Why was it odd that I said we respect one another?????????????
---rachel on 6/4/05

Maybe some men mistake kindness of a woman as interest and being attracted to him. That has happened to me two different times. I have also miss understood a man's kindness to me as him being interested in me. I have learned through the years what we say, how we say it, and how we act really matters. It can effect other people and it can hinder our testimony.
---Ulrika on 5/26/05

And your point is Albert?
---rachel on 5/25/05

Be friendly bt make sure boundries are strictly defined. Men sometimes misunderstand ladies who want 2 be just friendly with them. The same goes 4 women. I say this from experience. I have a lot of it, due to my position in the office.
---debba7385 on 5/25/05

Rachel, just a friendly reminder: The date is May 2005.
---Albert on 5/24/05

Harley,what did you say? Let me tell you my gauge.....older men are to be treated as fathers and same age and younger men as brothers. so ladies if you wouldn't say it or do it to your father or brother well there ya go. I have crossed that line with no negretive results and I have crossed it with negetive results. What are your motives?
---rachel on 5/23/05

Elsie's comments are in order. A no nonsense attitude will help a relationship. Add to it lots of honesty and mutual respect.

If a woman flirts with me, she'll be gone very fast. The most beautiful outfit a woman can wear is that of dignity.
---Albert on 5/23/05

Elsie is very wise. Now, here comes a male. I recognize very easily when a woman is 'flirting' and when they are not. Sometimes they are very attractive and... cause feelings in me. I check with God. I know that to flirt can be very harmful. I go out of my way to see their side. Then my desire to flirt goes away. If it is of God, He will provide the need and the deed. Always present your Jesus side. Harle9478
---Harley on 5/22/05

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