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Older Men Handle Younger Women

Man desire women with barbie body shapes and an angelic young face is normal, but before asking for such attributes, consider, can you cope with the girls that age and lifestyle and maturity. Can she understand you and match your lifestyle.

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 ---Lovena on 5/22/05
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Another view: Older men like younger women because younger women are easier to mould and shape than an experienced woman. They want somone to look up to them(man) be naive and yet make him feel like he's the best thing that has happened since pizza. This scenario is the worst relationship one can get involved with. Not lasting.
---Robyn on 10/13/07

Men take younger woman and desire them for obvious reasons. Mostly sexual and some hang up they are dealing with in their weak psyches. As long as you give them what they want, as long as they can handle it, they are fine. What they don't think about is: they are wearing out quicker than she. When he can no longer provide the money and good times, she is gone. Never to look back.
---Robyn on 10/10/07

Why is there an ad here that promotes a site which endorses dateing married women?
---ed_the_other_one on 10/8/07

This may be unpopular, politically incorrect, against the current culture, but according to scripture women are to submit without question, and men are to love their wives, age has little to do with it. Read 2Cor. Its an area Christians compromise on all the time.
---John on 10/7/07

Many in the Bible took younger wives. I my self find that women my age are not taking care of them selves. Most are ready to just sit around. Not me. But if I find one that has taken care of herself and can keep up in life, I would consider her. Younger for me is 15 to 18 years. And 7 to 10 would be normal differences.
---Charles on 10/7/07

I cannot understand why some men think it's O.K. to let themselves go, age naturally etc. yet expect women to make the best of every asset and look beautiful for them. Failing that they seem to think a younger model is in order. If men took care of themselves perhaps they would naturally attract the kind of woman they seek. Having said all that, don't you all think that we pay way too much attention to outward appearances?
---Paul_James on 10/7/07

Nothing wrong about it. because I believe in myself that age is not a measure of love and friendship. It happen to me and my sister too... My husband is older than me he is 52 and I'm 27. I love him so much, he really good person.he is GOD fearing man. loving and very patient and understanding husband... He love me and respect me. I learned many things to him. He incourage me to know more the words of GOD. I love my husband Dexter.
---Charistine on 2/12/07

Nothing wrong about it. because I believe in myself that age is not a measure of love and friendship. It happen to me and my sister too... My husband is older than me he is 52 and I'm 27. I love him so much, he really good person.he is GOD fearing man. loving and very patient and understanding husband... He love me and respect me. I learned many things to him. He incourage me to know more the words of GOD. I love my husband Dexter.
---Charistine on 2/12/07

Is the difference of 7 years will mean the husband is old, and now has to cope up with immature behaviour
---JKP on 2/12/07

There is nothing wrong with a man marrying a womban who is younger than he is...or marrying a lovely womban...I would question the whole "barbie image"...though...for the sake of healthy girlhood self-image...

---Rahel on 1/3/07

Part 2: But, don't worry, so long the older men are living Godly life, there is a chance that older men would like to accept younger girl (habit/ thoughts, etc).
---Dian on 1/3/07

Based on my personal experience, usually older men are already in their comfort zone. They indirectly request the (younger girls) to just follow their states, like the opinion, habit, etc. If the girl has different opinion, usually the older man will take it as immature attitude. To be continued.
---Dian on 1/2/07

You guy's give the best responses.(((hugs)))!
Thank goodness God is faithful, I tell it everywhere I go.

Thanks for the encouragement, but he'll then be a divorcee either because she got tired of him, or he got tired of her, either way unless she committed adultery he's still out of the running, and will probably have the mind set of Paul:)1 Cor 7:26. hahaha
I like Walter Matheau too!
---lynet on 12/13/06

I think the problem here is that older men usually seek in youth,a second chance; then realise that they have bitten off more than they can chew.If you seek incompatibility you seek, disappointment; whats in your heart & whats in your mind is not reality.God intended that a couple should grow old together & mature after tasting the cup of life (equally Yoked).Mans ingratitude & roving eye has caused so many women who seek companion ship & matrimony is of a need as God said man should not live alone.
---Emcee on 12/13/06

Hold on, Lynet. You can catch one of the 'old' guys on the fly. The young things run away when husband begins to look like Walter Matheau (I liked him).

It's has to with the middle age crisis, get insecure, want a 20 or 30 something. Don't give up. (You wouldn't want that type anyway). God will answer your prayers.
---R.A. on 12/12/06

to be honest as a man, the looks did matter to a point, but when it came to marriage material I didn't care as much if they were "prize" material because the real prize is inside. I love my wife, she is a caring, sweet, loving, giving, disiplined lady, she may not be a super model but I don't think I could talk to a supermodel but I can talk with my wife.
---Jared on 12/12/06

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#2 I enjoy the company of others my age, and would not consider dating anyone younger.
One thing I've noticed is that women are called to task for any changes that occur as they age. No matter how well kept we are. Body changes, any weight gain, gray hair, lines, etc, the cosmetic companies make sure we know whats considered socially acceptable. Men however are treated differently, with little to answer for. There is truly a double standard.
---lynet on 12/12/06

The question of all time.But you know what is really weird? Is having a guy that is in his 20's ask you out and you are in your 40's. It would be like dating my child. Times have changed. Give me a good heart, and decent man over great looking anyday. Heart is what matters. Beauty on the outside can turn out to be very ugly on the inside. But a good heart makes one beautiful in the way that it really matters.Dana9769
---Dana on 12/12/06

1# I'm in my 50's, and desire to marry a man my age. I know 3 guys my age who recently married women in their twenties. I'm sure they love the guys, but the men definatley feel like they gained a prize.
These men are graying, balding, have body changes, are less agile, yet they're not interested in women who have aged with them and are compatible in lifestyle and maturity.
---lynet on 12/12/06

I agree with Paul James, society has put too much into the way people look. The heart is what is most important. History shows older men and younger women marriages all through it. These marriages were also found in the Bible. Maybe it all has to do with a man being the head of the house. They are older and know more than young women, in other words they should be old enough to *lead* the household. Just a thought.
---debra6575 on 12/12/06

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Only PERVS WANT a young woman with a barbie body and angelic face FOR [lustful] reasons. HOWEVER, there's nothing WRONG LOVING a beautiful young woman. My grandparents had 62 wonderful years together with a huge age gap. Our HIGH divorce rate has NOTHING to do with age/barbie body/angelic face...think God is pleased ? The bible only mentions Abraham and Sarah's age difference. You CAN LOVE a younger person and have a wonderful relationship, even if she is a "barbie doll". GodMadeUsInHisImage.
---Neil on 12/10/06

I agree with Paul James! Men should look after themselves more. Nevermind that, what really gets to me is those old men who insist on wearing earings, forcing to hold on to youth that has since left them. They look ridiculous with their teenager on the arm, instead of just aging gracefully.

As human beings, & as Christians we should accept & rejoice in every faze of our lives. Each year that God grants us is a gift & a blessing not a curse!
---Karen on 5/27/05

so is that a question or a statement?
---bruce on 5/23/05

Lovena, it will be foolish for a man to run after a Barbie body shape and an angelic face. Such qualities will not maintain a couple together.

I looked for other features in my wife and, luckily, she happened to be also beautiful. But the beauty I loved and still love most is her spiritual peace, honesty, and of course her character and many other qualities that God was so kind to me to give me.
---Albert on 5/23/05

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We know of two worlds, the seen and the unseen.The seen is not nescessarily caused by the unseen. We also know that none of of the seen is in the unseen. What we hope for is more of the unseen. In the bible, Eve was created FROM Adam. Though they may now be apart, they are one. Do you understand?
---gregg on 5/23/05

LADIES! You are all responding to her question, but if you re-read it again you'll discover it seems like she is asking for the MEN's opinion here! GUYS, who's gonna step up to the challenge and answer this lady's question for her?!
---Janet7433 on 5/22/05

Hi Lovena! Our culture emphasizes the outer person. God does not. He looks on the heart of a person. He sends just the person He wishes for us to have if we pray, read the Bible, trust and obey Him; then we can ask Him the desires of our hearts. We must be selfless people who love Jesus before all else. Then there is hope for enduring and loving relationships. Read Luke 12:29-32. God wants to gives us His best always! Blessings!
---Elsie on 5/22/05

Being a saved woman now, it pains me to say that these men often were laughed at behind their backs. Younger men did not have the means and money they had. I was not the only young woman who made these men pay dearly for their "trip down memory lane". They often became demanding, nagging and threatening. No matter how "in shape" and energetic they seemed there was always a "lack" and I will leave it at that to remain dignified. Blessing to all!
---Zenob on 5/22/05

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I believe I can answer that. Though I am an older woman now, I have encountered older men in my younger years. The answer for me was "no". Our tastes in food, music, attire and other areas were miles apart. I was still into a lot of younger things while they insisted upon the old ways and often forgot and asked me if I remembered something that happened twenty years before my time!
---Zenob on 5/22/05

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