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Successful ChristiaNet Relations

How many successful relationships have came about as of meeting through Christianet..and how long did you court online before you met in person? I met someone on here months ago..we like each other a lot.. have a close spiritual tie..but how does that transfer over when you finally meet in person?

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 ---Cassandra on 5/22/05
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That is really a good question. Interesting to know what some have to say.
---ABBY7367 on 4/9/08

Hi, thats a wonderful question. am really interested in it as well. Good question well done. God bless you. Mary
---Liz on 4/17/07

Albert, It was the same with us also, we had no surprises when we met. We were honest from the get go. But after being together 2 years and living in his country away from my friends and family I think I have lost myself and this is contributing to the tempering of our relationship. In the beginning, the differences are cute and endearing, but as time rolled on and the more actual time we spent day in and day out, they are not so endearing anymore.
---lisa on 5/30/05

Lisa, the chili reference was more of a joke. She adds chili to her portion only. We spent lots of time talking about our hobbies, likes, dislikes, temper, handling of situations, and other basic daily behaviors.

I told her I'm a hyper person - she's more calm - told her I can be stubborn - but then so can she - then we go into examples of how far we go with our stubborness, etc.

Frankly, when we met, we knew who each one of us was and we had no suprises.
---Albert on 5/26/05

Albert,we did all that too. It's just that only time finally brought about the base compatibility of 2. I too like chili, spice and lots of herbs in my cooking but he likes simple food so my cooking skills become restricted. This is just one of many, many, eventual incompatibilites. I have lived many years as a non christian, he hasn't yet my love for the lord is passionate wheras his is religious. I blame myself for the breakdown. I think my expectations are too high but i don't know what to do about it.
---lisa on 5/24/05

Why should it take years to get to know someone? Straight forward open dialogues based on absolute sincerity should send a clear message whether compatibility exists.

My wife and I used to chat for 4 hours a day and never wasted time on unnecessary discusssions and we both realized the importance of truly getting to know each other. We found out that we have tons of things in common and are adapting to the few things we don't for example, she's generous in putting chili in food ;-(
---Albert on 5/23/05

I met my fiance online in 2002. We started as friends, then realised we felt something more. We corresponded by messenger, email, phone 8 months. He came to visit for 5 weeks. (opposite ends of the earth). He came back a few months later and stayed 1 year. We both moved back to his homeland. Been here 15 months, engaged nearly a year, but its only now the steam is running out and maybe we are not each other's future after all. It's taken this long to really know each other. We've never had sex.
---lisa on 5/23/05

I met a man on here 6 months ago. We only lived 25 mins away from each other. We went on about 4 dates in 6 months. We know found out we are too different. You can meet somebody, but I think finding out if your really compadable first is the key, and keeping GOD first, not the flesh! Wish you the best.
---Sara on 5/22/05

I've met my wife on ChristiaNet. We chatted/phoned/emailed for several months.

We had no surprises when we met simply because we didn't play head games, were totally open and honest with each other - the Angel I knew on emails is the same Angel I am married to now.

Utilize your time fruitfully, spell out all what's good and bad about yourselves and the meeting will be a "continuation" and not a new venture.
---Albert on 5/22/05

I met a gentleman on here March, 2004, met in person in April, 2004. We were married April 30, 2005.
---Gwen on 5/22/05

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