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Is My Woman Cheating On Me

The woman I want to marry gave the keys to her room to her boss on the pretext that he was tired from a trip and that he wanted to rest in her room whiles there are a million places he can rest. Is she cheating?

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 ---andrew on 5/23/05
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If you even think this may be a problem, stop and determine what the truth is. Direct questions work pretty well. A relationship has to have trust at the core first, or the foundation will cause all that is built on it to fall. Why do you think so many have difficulty coming to the Lord? Could it just be a fear to trust in Him?
---sam7944 on 6/15/08

Technically, she is not cheating because she is not yet your wife. Two non-married adults sleeping alone in the same house is not right. She is either an actual slut or is just trying to look like one. Ask her which it is.
---jerry6593 on 9/8/07

Are you working and taking care of the home(paying bills etc..) Watching your weight and hygiene(bathing,teeth clean etc...)treating her decently, romancing/sex is ok, taking her out on dates. What about appreciating her for the things she does for you and the family? Putting her first in all things and making her feel like a complete and competent woman.
If you are doing most of these things and more, she is probably not cheating on you,yet.
---Robyn on 9/7/07

There are only two people who can answer that question.
---Bruce5656 on 9/4/07

Go with your instincts. I did and discovered that my husband had an affair.
---mary on 7/12/05

Dear Andrew: If you have to ask this question, there is a problem with trust in your relationship. First you need to ask yourself if you are feeling threatened and why? Also is it the first time she has done this with her boss, etc.? You need to ask her why she did this and let her know how you feel about it (lovingly). If you cannot trust her, then you need to look hard as it is! Best wishes!
---Elsie on 5/31/05

(continued) It is possible that she will be away the whole time and is even thankful to have someone at the apartment--could be a thousand things. Communication is vital before AND after marriage. It is also vital that you are comfortable and trusting of her and her decisions. She may or may not be cheating on you-we do not know the facts in the case nor her purpose in doing it. Your question indicates that you should "make haste very slowly" here.
---Wayne on 5/28/05

Ask yourself if you trust her decisions. Some women in their care for others do things that may not be wisest, yet they do it from the love in their hearts. I know some who cannot pass by a hitch hiker or car with the hood up, even on the freeway. You must be comfortable with her and her decisions before you marry. Do not think you will change them later. If you are in a committed relationship already, then talk to her about your feelings--she may shock you with the reasons!
---Wayne on 5/28/05

By now you should know if you can trust her or not! I think it was very unwise for her to do what she did but TRUST is the key.
---Pierr7958 on 5/24/05

The devil is a liar, never assume things and dont believe everthing you hear and see be sure first before making conclusions,never judge. Trust worthiness is what yu need to evaluate.
---peter on 5/24/05

This sounds like the appearance of evil. I would find out more about her before you dare marry her. Even if she did it "out of the goodness" of her heart, it appears bad. Frankly, a good boss would never put an employee in that sort of predicament.
---shira_5965 on 5/23/05

Making stupid jesters is not cheating. Her offer to her boss may have been generous and compassionate even though not the wisest thing to do.

If you don't know her well enough to understand what she would do in a given situation then you need to put off your marriage for a while.

Your question should already be answered in your mind about this issue. You do not know her well enough yet.
---Elder on 5/23/05

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