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Pray For My Interview Next Week

I am going to attend interviews for the first time from the next week so please pray for me that God will guide and bless me and that His will be done in my life. I am little nervous about my communication skills so I am relying on the Lord to see me thru since the job is very important to me.

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 ---sam on 5/23/05
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I'm in agreement with that prayer, Sam! You serve an almighty God who created you to be just who you are. Look what he did through Moses! Scholars believe he had a stuttering issue, but yet God used him mightily. Trust in the Lord, and let his joy be your strength! If you don't get this job you will get something else, and it will be around the corner, so don't lose hope, and remain patient. The Lord will hear your cry for help and will fulfill all your needs if you will only trust in him.
---Katie on 9/17/07

Dear Sam, I am going through the same thing. I'd be happy and honored to pray for you and ask that you do the same thing for me. God wants us to be prosperous in our lives and to be living testimonies of his wonderous gifts. Like you, the job that I interviewed for, is very important to me. You are in my prayers.
---Tammy on 4/8/07

Congrats Tammy, give God all the glory for He deserves it. As for me I'll b attending the interviews from saturday(three in five days), so plz keep praying for me. Thx u for ur prayers and ur concern. God bless u all.
---sam on 6/9/05

Report: Not only did I get the offer of the job I really wanted...I got 2 more besides that one! I'm leaving tomorrow to relocate to the last job I interviewed with. Thanks for your prayers. How is it going with you Sam?
---Tammy on 6/8/05

Sam, you never got back to us. How did the interview go? Let us know the outcome! Should we still be praying for you to find another job? God bless you.
---Rosa on 6/4/05

Tammy and Sam,
When you prepare to go for youre interviews just remmeber Paul and Saul they prayed untillthe garrisons gate were opened When HE says the job is youres no man can stop that whosoever HAVE FAITH AND YOU WIL PROSPER, MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU BOTH, GOD BLESS YOU.
---peter on 5/25/05

Thx u everyone for ur prayers and advices, they make me feel better. Yes, we all serve the mighty God and he has the best plans for us, Glory be to Him. He gave a gr8 promise yday(jeremiah 33:3).Tammy i will pray for u. Do well.
---sam on 5/24/05

I hope this is the same Sam who used to write me months ago.

Sam I will pray for the interview to go however it will bring you closer to the Lord.

If there is anything that will hamper your relationship with the Lord we will pray that will be revealed in you NOT getting the job.

Make sure your stand for/with the Lord is the most important thing in your life.
---Elder on 5/23/05

Dear Sam and Tammy: We ask Father God to guide you to just that job where he can bless you and use you mightily for Him. Give them the words to say from your Holy Spirit, Lord. Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. Just remember, you are interviewing them also to make sure it is the right job for you; don't be afraid to ask questions. God will close the doors if He doesn't want you there; otherwise, you will get the job! Peace!!
---Elsie on 5/23/05

a young man in our church went for an important interview and he was ask if he had ever taken drugs. He looked at the interviewer and said "yes, I use to before I got saved, but now I am saved and I don't those things anymore." He got the job.
---shira_5965 on 5/23/05

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