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Do Men Answer Their Emails

I'm just wondering why some Christian gentlemen don't answer the letters they get from nice, Christian ladies who write to them. Even when the ladies meet the criteria on their profiles? Could it be that they don't get the letters and how do we find out?

Webmaster - Yes, they get their emails on ChristiaNet. They only get them outside ChristiaNet if it is correct in their profile.

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 ---pat8949 on 5/23/05
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People may have excuses for not answering a letter but I doubt if there is ever a genuine reason. I answer every message but have now more contacts than I can cope with . It is only common courtesy to reply with thanks and a christian greeting.Some of us (older ones...! )do have manners !
---con on 6/1/05

zenob- I agree with you. Where have people's manners gone? Are we really too busy? I don't think so if we have time to visit the site we can type a quick note. I contacted a gentleman, who very nicely replied that he was not interested. I was not even insulted he was kind, complimentary AND quick to respond. How hard can that be? I respond to every message I get. I'm on this sight to meet new friends, so be friendly.
---kathy3339 on 5/31/05

I am a single Christian and I hope gentelman. There are times when a person just doesn't have time to answer all the e-mails they get. Also one can read a profile and just feel there is not a good match. There is nothing more boring than trying to make conversation with someone you cannot connect with.
There are thousand of subjects a Christian can discuss but many people are limited in thoes discussions. So it is a pick and choose thing.
---Dale6986 on 5/29/05

Pat I was wondering the same thing about the ladies . I have replied to their email and received no answer. Seems like both sides have the same problem.
---jerry on 5/26/05

When I send an occasional email out and don't get a response, I don't let it bother me. As Elsie pointed out, sometimes "not getting a response" is God's way of letting us know the other person is not the "right" one for us. Just remember, there are plenty of people out there who ARE looking for the same thing you are. Pray for guidance and let the Lord take care of the rest. Good things come to those who wait ... patiently.
---Helen on 5/25/05

Well, my profile says "no email addresses, please". I don't give out my email address to someone I don't know, and I don't want someone else's until I'm comfortable with them. If a man writes me and includes his email address, I know he either has not read my profile, or just doesn't care. Those notes I delete, because I'm not interested in someone who does not respect my wishes.
---Ann5758 on 5/24/05

How would yu feel if someone wrote to you and told you to only respond thru yahoo adress,and this the first time she has writen to yu, for me i ignore because i once did and iwas send illicit material to my shock,others tell you to apply for jobs and give yu email addresses that dont go thru thats why once bitten twice shy.
---PETER on 5/24/05

I have to respond to this question. One would think that after you have written a nice Christian letter ( seeking friendship) the recipient could have the decency to answer. I have written and never spoken an indecent word. Sometimes there is one distracted...two sentence reply, and thats it! I make it a rule to always answer notes and birthday cards as well. What has happened to common courtesy? If not interested...say that also!
---Zenob on 5/23/05

I will answer anyone as long as they are not offensive. I think one must understand that in exposing your self to persons emailing you that you have an obligation to reply as long as the persons are within the rues of the site. I also believe this site is a tool for expressing the love of God and as such your response must reflect that.
---Junior on 5/23/05

I just want to thank Elsie for her response to my question..and add that I have been..and am still doing what she suggested. I'm a people person..and like meeting and making new friends..which is what I'm looking for first..friendship. I'm thankful for the protection the LORD has given me from wrong relationships..and know HE'S reserving that "someone special" to bring to me in HIS timing!
---pat8949 on 5/23/05

Pat, something I found out by reading their rules, there does not have to be any reason for the Christianet computer to remove a name, mine has been done that way causing me to lose access to any e-mail.
---gregg4933 on 5/23/05

If you send an email to someone who does not respond, they might have already begun corresponding with another member and feel that it is disrespectful to carry on two online friendships at the same time.
---Daniel on 5/23/05

Hi Pat: Can you imagine how many wrong men God has saved you from becoming involved with? Not that they were necessarily bad, but they were not right for you. Please dear, pray, read His Word, ask for wisdom and guidance and LET GO AND LET GOD do the work of bringing that very special man to you. Blessings, Granma Elsie
---Elsie on 5/23/05

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