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How Long Was Your Engagement

I was just wondering how long everyone dated before getting engaged in their Christian relationships. Thanks!

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 ---Amanda on 5/23/05
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Dated about 14 months before the wedding. Engaged about 3 months. I was out of the will of God and so was he when we married. I am back in the fold. He is not. We have been together over 30 years,now.
---Robyn on 10/15/09

My husband and I dated for 6 months before becoming engaged and married after 18 months of dating. However, we were friends for 11 years prior to our relationship becoming romantic, so we knew each other pretty well.
---Dawn on 10/1/09

My husband and I met each other in Dec 07 and we dated for 4 months. In April of 08 he ask me to marry him. We set the date for Aug of 08. So, we actually dated 7 months before we were married. I prayed for God to sent me a husband. He answered my prayer. When we met the first thing he said is "She is the one". He knew I was going to be his wife. When God does something he makes no mistakes. When it is God sent, I don't see any reason in waiting in a long engagement. When God sents the spouse you know right from the beginning that is it the right person. We are so compatible and we love each other unconditionally. Our marriage is truely blessed by God and he is the center of our relationship.
---Janice on 11/18/08

Met my hubby in 91 engaged in 94 married in 98

wouldn't encourage long engagements tho!
---Carla3939 on 11/16/08

I met my wife on Monday, and asked her to marry me Saturday. She said yes! (I knew that she was the one after our date on Tuesday.) We were engaged 10 weeks. We've been married 20 years and have the best marriage of anyone I know. Our marriage is centered upon Christ.
---trey on 11/14/08

I dated my husband 3 months before we were engaged. We were married 5 months later.
---Kay on 11/14/08

I will be engaged for 4 months before I get married. At first I thought my fiance was crazy since I'm in nursing school and have to plan the wedding on top of that, but now I think he made a great choice.
---caron on 4/2/08

My fiance and I are getting married in Aug of 08. we started dating in Oct of 07 and he proposed in Feb 0f 07. This totally surprised my dad when he asked to marry me in Dec of 07 three months after we had offically started dating. We went to high school together and he actually dated my little sister! Four years later we rekindled our friendship and the Lord led me to the one who has always been there and now will be by my side forever.
---Sarah on 1/28/08

Evan and I started courting the 2nd day after meeting eachother. 2 months later he proposed. This was all very much so covered in prayer and included the constant guidance of our Lord, the blessing of our parents, and seeking the Lord's wisdom. We get married in 9 months... On our 1 year anniversary.

---Danielle on 1/16/08

my guy and i have been together 3 years.
we have two dates in mind to be married,
oct 08 or july 09. they're almost a year apart.

is it
a) better to get married sooner because we feel we're ready

b) get married later when more time/money/planning will be available?

also -
is it too long to be engaged 1.5 years?
if so, why?
how will it be different from how we are now?
---kate on 10/22/07

I met Linda on April 1st 1999. It was completely by chance. She was with the head of my security team. She watched me sing and afterwards I dropped him off and we walked under the moonlight. Three hours later, we knew from looking into each eyes we were soul mates and we became engaged. We married three months later and it has now been eight years. No disagreements, no fights and we would never do anything to hurt each other. Total selflessness between us.
---ashley on 10/13/07

I dated my husband for three years before getting married. We were dating a year before we got engaged. I got married when I was 20. We have been married for 24 years this pass june.
---Debbie24574 on 10/12/07

Less than a month after meeting, we began dating, and within those three months we were engaged. Seven months later we became husband and wife. It has been almost three years since then, which in real time is not that long. But in the time we have loved eachother through laughter and tears has been timeless. God has really been there for us.
---Kella3336 on 10/12/07

Before we were married my wife and I dated seven months. We are now married 41 years.
---InimicusStultitiae on 10/11/07

I dated a little over 6 months but he is my childhood friends uncle so I had been around him for years. Also my family knew some of his family since before I was born. We've been together 52 years,I was 16 when I married.
---Darlene_1 on 10/11/07

While I am not married yet, my parents dated 3 years before getting married. 32 years later and they are still together and going strong praise the Lord.
---Chante on 10/9/07

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"It is better to be single wishing you were married, than married wishing you were single" I really like that!!
We were engaged 4 months after we met and married 3 months after that. Our marriage lasted 12 yrs before we seperated and divorced 4 yrs after that. It didn't work for us because we didn't start out right. It is so important to begin as friends and build a relationship from there. It is hard to spend your life with someone you really don't know.
---Angela89 on 2/20/07

Lisa:With the sense of doubt in your mind I would be cautious. Seems you have reached a state of Complacency,The love light flickers,like a red flashing signal.Have you discussed this with Him.There is much that does not meet the eye.A broken contract brings Grief.better to be Absolutely Positive.He needs to twang your heart strings I hear no melody in your voice.PRAY.GBY
---Emcee on 2/13/07

To lisa....
The butterflies dont make the relationship, the realationship makes the butterflies. My fianc and I dated for 1 year and then we agreed on engagement. We did set our wedding for 07/07/07 but might have to push it back to 03/16/08 for financial reasons. ONE pf the reasons I love him is because we can go through these struggles at a young age and not let it tear us appart. The butterflies have nothing to do with the love---thats extra.
---Stephanie1 on 2/13/07

We were engaged 3 weeks after we met and were married in 3 months. That was 34 years ago and we are still on our honeymoon after raising 4 great kids and now we have 7 grand kids. All serving the Lord and blessed.
---john on 1/24/06

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We were engaged after 3 weeks and married within the year. (I was 18 when engaged and married at 19.) NOT RECOMENDED PROCEDURE!

We were very blessed. We had 27 wonderful years together before she died of cancer.

This time, I have been courting someone for 3.5 years and am in no hurry! As she says, "It is better to be single wishing you were married, than married wishing you were single."
---Bruce5656 on 1/23/06

We married after six months of dating and have been married 27 years. I do not believe it is so much the amount of time you spend engaged as it is the commitment to marriage and spending the rest of your life with this person. Always working through the issues with respect and love for each other and not letting divorce be an option.
---Carol on 1/23/06

We dated 2 years, became engaged for 6 mos before we married which will be 4 years in October. I've known people who've dated shorter periods of time before they married; only one of those marriages ended in divorce. I must admit I thought 2 years of dating was a little long, but, it gave us time to really get to know each other past all the "butterflies." Funny thing is, I still get "butterflies" when I see him :)
---Kim on 6/22/05

I married my high school sweetheart. We dated for my grade 11 and 12 year. We got engaged in Feb 1987, and were married three months later. I was 17 years old (one week away from being 18). Although I don't recommend anyone get married at 17, it has worked well for us. We persued our careers as man and wife, and enjoyed growing together. The Lord blessed me with a God-Fearing stable man. Last week we celebrated our 18th anniversary.
---Wanda_Mae on 5/28/05

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You can call it "dating," you can call it "courtship," you can call it "keeping company." They are three different names for the same thing.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the activity. If you expect to find Biblical advice about social practices that simply did not exist at the time it was written, you'll understand that the expression "dating in a worldy way" is meaningless here.
---Jack on 5/27/05

Jack, we didn't "date" the wordly way. We "courted" if you'd rather use that terminology. Call it what you will, but it's what you do that counts. Personally I am thankful that our culture allows us to marry for love rather than duty. I praise God for this opportunity, and embrace it wholeheartedly!
---Katie on 5/26/05

My husband and I dated for only 4 months before we got engaged. Then we waited 7 very long years before getting married. The reason for the delay, we both needed to focus on our careers and other personal goals so that we could provide for what would someday be our children. It's been 15 years and two children later. We are blessed! Everything happens according to God's plan and His timing. Be patient.
---Stephanie on 5/26/05

Dating (as we know it today) is NOT in the Bible. In fact, the Biblical pattern of marriage, like it or not, involves soemthing that most Bible-believing Christians would rather be shot than follow. Marriages were arranged by the families of those involved. You married for love of your FAMILY, because it was your duty, NOT for love of your spouse.
---jack on 5/25/05

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I dated my husband for three years before we got married. It will be 22 years this june.
---Debbie on 5/24/05

We were friends for a year, started dating and were engaged four months later, and then married three months after that. It's not the time span that counts, but if you are in God's will or not. I think long engagements are great for people who are young, and want to conquer the world, but in our situation the timing was perfect, because it was God's timing and not our own.
---Katie on 5/24/05

I've been engaged 11 months. Been together 2 years, courted 8 months (long distance). The butterflies have gone now and I think maybe we waited too long because the butterflies are God's design to attract one to another for marriage. At 40 when you wait this long, it may work against you. But then again, better to know now that you're not meant to be then after marriage. What do others think? I'm confused in my situation and need Godly counsel.
---lisa on 5/24/05

My husband and I dated for exactly one year before we got engaged and then got married three months later. Depending on the level of maturity and commitment in the relationship I think that a little bit longer then this is better. We had difficulty adjusting because when we got married we were still in that early part of the relationship where you have butterflies. This passes after about two years and you get a better idea of wether you can be with that person without the butterflies
---BeckyH on 5/24/05

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Me and my husband dated 10 months. We got married after our son was born. We were both sinners at the time, but we found God the same time. It will be 6 years this June. But it seems like we have been together forever but yet on the other hand it seems as if we just did get married. I do know that since we both came to the Lord our love for one another is stronger.
---Rebecca_D on 5/24/05

We got engaged after 6 months and another 6 months later we married. Nearly 40 years later we are still together with many children and grandchildren.
---Xanthi on 5/24/05

Our date has lasted for 4 years and we are not married yet. But hoping to get married soon.
---Leah on 5/24/05

i dont think there is any period of time one has to keep in mind from the time of courtship to engagement. what matters most is whether the couple is really in love with one another and whether they understand each other well enough to decide to spend the rest of their lives together. real love stems from a genuine relationship. my husband and i dated for six months after which we decided to get engaged.
---olive on 5/24/05

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My husband and I dated for 4 months before we got engaged. But see, when I first met him, it felt as though I've known him for years. Most of our dates revolved around our church's activities. He even proposed at a youth teen camp, which we were both counseling. This was 4 years ago. We now have a 2 1/2 yr old twin girls and a 13month baby girl. He is my best friend as well as my right hand. our hearts beats as 1.
---Tania on 5/24/05

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