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What Is Woman's Intuition

What can you say regarding woman's intuition? Is it a gift? A product of perceptive mind? Or simply the result of looking at events analytically yet with the heart working in full blast?

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 ---linda6546 on 5/24/05
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You folks using this as a message laundry room?
---Bond on 3/19/07

Why does Nick need to be careful what he does?
---mendy on 3/19/07

The freedom fighters, I love them. To procure our standard of living in reality. For our children to live peacefully, to safeguard the nature of our well being. To strain the impurities of how we are living to the betterment of live existence.
---mendy on 3/19/07

NO! I said the antichrist WILL NOT save Isreal. No -Christians wont back up the antichrist--he's against Christians cause he's against Jesus.
Hi mendy.
---mendy on 3/19/07

My intuition tells me, if you people mess
with Christians, watch out. Bible says of Isreal(as well as His adopted Children):"I
will Bless those who Bless thee, I will curse those who curse thee." Watch what you do,Nick.
---wendy on 3/19/07

I think God instilled this in a woman. Us women can feel things deep down that a man can't. (no offense guys). Just like for a mother, she knows if her child is hurt or mad, etc. It is a gift from God.
---Rebecca_D on 3/19/07

It is knowing without learning,seeing without sight,hearing without words.Intuition; a still small voice in our soul which brings information to direct our steps in a protective and positive way.It is neither perception,nor is it anlytcally prompted.It is knowing beyond the realm of human cognitive ability.It is Spiritually dropped into a person to guide them to act/pray.It's from God ,but not like a Gift of the HG.God gave all animals intution to survive,why not humans?In human's it is that and more.
---Darlene_1 on 6/9/05

Oh, Eloy, you really are an angel! you made me laugh today! Folks: I Wish you shared with Eloy's "insight" for us to have a good laugh. We all know how relaxing it is after a good laugh! Laughter is the best medicine!
---linda6546 on 5/30/05

Woman's intuition is using women instead of money to pay for your schooling. Women "in-tuition"...just kiddin.
---Eloy on 5/29/05

I beleive in the spirit of God speaking to us. we just need to listen to the spirit of God.
---laureen on 5/28/05

Women's intuition is that feeling that makes women think they are always right :))
---Albert on 5/28/05

Thank you, Barbra67. I am noting the verses down.
---linda6546 on 5/25/05

Do you know the difference between the right brain and the left brain? Intuition is right brain. Female intuition is right brain. Male intuition is right brain. But there is no difference male or female, they both have the right brain and the left brain.
---gregg on 5/25/05

I suppose it's a combination of all of them.It's one of those things you can't explain.
---Chioma on 5/25/05

This must be a gift of God; perhaps to keep us from harm. However, I know two men who have this ability; one is a stay-at-home missionary dad raising four children----another is a priest. Both are overflowing with the Holy Spirit; I really think there is a connection. I asked my priest friend, how he knows what a plant needs or what his dog is thinking; he says, "They tell me". Now how "intuitive" is that? Jesus could discern a heart before the person spoke.
---Elsie on 5/24/05

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