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Techniques For Spanking Your Kids

To all the pro-spankers, which I am, how do you spank your kids?

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 ---mike5663 on 5/24/05
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I do have her naked when I spank her. not about humilation they are about repenting and growing.
---Shelbylynn on 5/16/09

Give me a break... Spanking ANYONE like this IS about "humilation". You people are sick.
---NurseRobert on 5/31/09

Rhonda .... not in the NIV, nor in Phillips, nor NEB, nor Good News, or even The Message.
---alan8566_of_uk on 5/31/09

This woman's spelling and punctuation indicates to me that she probably is a Christian. Let us pray for her.
---frank on 5/30/09

don't recall Word of God stating Christians become Christians via spelling and punctuation

still IS by repentance and baptism in Christ's name

maybe spelling and punctuation are in the Revised KJV?
---Rhonda on 5/31/09

I feel that spanking should be used with children up to a certain age. It should be used after other things have been tried. It should not be done in anger and there is never a reason to remove a childs clothing to do so. Spanking should not be used to put fear into a child but to teach them that their actions have consiqences. A child of 15 who has been brought up in a christian home should have been taught enough that you would not need to spank. Taking away friends, phones, tv, money should do the trick. Explain to them why you feel the way you do and pray with them don't spank!
---Sara on 5/30/09

"This woman's spelling and punctuation indicates to me that she probably is a Christian"

---alan_of_uk on 5/31/09

This woman's spelling and punctuation indicates to me that she probably is a Christian. Let us pray for her.
---frank on 5/30/09

Shelbylynn: Your daughter is 16, What are you doing? There is always other alternative, do not give allowance, do not buy something that she wants, go out with her friends etc. Set the rules base on age, and then discuss the consequences.
---BB on 5/29/09


Your obviously aren't very well. You need some help. I hope your daughter won't carry your sickness into her adult life, but the signs aren't good.

Because you are sick it's hard to fully blame you but the fact that you can "brag" about this sadism on the internet means you can be.

I really hope you aren't Christian so there is a possibility you can change.
---Marc on 5/17/09

I have a daughter who is 16, and I spank her. I make sure it is just het and I. Her father is never home when I spank her. I never spank her in het bedroom. She is always spanked in the wreck room of the basement. I do give her time in tne corner, and I do have her naked when I spank her. She's only been spanked on two occasions with the hair brush, at 15 when she smoked, and 2 months age when she tried alcohol. It has always been otk hand spankings. Spankings are not about humilation they are about repenting and growing. I hold and hug her after and she knows it hurts me also. Shes kind, sensative, smart, submissive, and a work in progress to becoming a woman of God
---Shelbylynn on 5/16/09

Frances008 -- I have access to the internet...I just don't believe everything on it. I like to know a little about who is posting and whether they have some qualification to speak on a particular subject. Do they have an axe to grind? Or a product to sell? Anybody can say anything there, including labeling of non-specific videos... attributing them to anything they choose.

I use the internet, but prefer books as references. They have known authors who are accountable for what they write.

Lets just avoid making personal judgements about each other and stick to the subject at hand.
---Donna66 on 5/4/09

Donna, don't you think you are rather twisting the truth when twice recently I said in posts that you are kind and intelligent. You simply lack knowledge. What is insulting about that? Maybe you don't have access to the internet all the time, or maybe you only look at government supporting websites. I don't know why you lack some very basic understandiing. Good fathers would never belong themselves to Skull and Bones, and would bring children up to not want to be members. I never suggested (seriously) anyone spank anyone else, so stop putting words into my mouth. I espouse not spanking even children: the very opposite of what say I think.
---frances008 on 5/3/09

Can't you answer a single post without insulting? It that a habit of yours?

I know about the Skull and Cross Bones. Many Presidents have belonged,I think, and many international figures as well. But it is an ADULT activity, parents don't "smack" their grown children for the choices they make.

My parents were of about the generation of GW's parents. I and most of my peers were spanked when they were young. They certainly did spank kids in Texas, where he spent most of his youth.

The "elite" may protect other "elites" as adults, but when it comes to child raising, they are not that much different from everybody else.
---Donna66 on 5/3/09

Obama and Clinton had no real father figures. I doubt that they had the discipline they should have had. Bush's father loved his son so much he allowed him to join the Satanic Skull and Bones group. Skull and Bones being a symbol of stealing and killing that was used by pirates of old. A look at other members proves that it is an elitist group that help each other up the ladder of success and power. They never expose each others sins. On the contrary, they formulate their devilish plans in such meetings. It is secretive and not healthy for any government to have members of this fraternity which has lifetime repurcussions on members. Your lack of knowledge of these things leaves me wondering.
---frances008 on 5/1/09


What? you mean Clinton never got smacked?:)

Clinton and Obama are exceptions in their Fatherhood. Most presidents grew up in the homes of their fathers. And I'd practically bet money they all got "smacked" at least once growing up.
---Donna66 on 4/30/09

Mark said: "when parents are "lowering the pants" for a spanking, they should never see the front parts. it should be pants down and over the knee or over the table(for big kids and teenagers)and only then should underpants be pulled just below the buttocks and spank moderately 5 to 6 times . pray with them and GD LK!!!!!"

You're making a joke, aren't you????
---Marc on 4/30/09

The evil people are not spanking their children and so evil is growing. The good people are spanking their children and putting them off following in their parents footsteps. People! You need to be kind to your children. There are many ways of reaching the same destination. Some paths are good, some are bad. Spanking is not a good path. We want the children to be on the side of good (and God). Abusing them is not going to do it. Protecting them and cherishing them is a good path.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

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Donna, have you ever heard of President Clinton? Perhaps your memory is not as good as it was, like mine. Well, we all have to get old.
---frances008 on 4/29/09


>>>why do Americans vote in presidents who were not only not smacked, but often had no father - just a sperm donor.<<<

What presidents are you referring to besides Obama? What other president had no father--Which ones were "not smacked"?
---Donna66 on 4/29/09

I'd like to see the pro-spankers dishing out justice to those in power who abuse prisoners. But like all bullies, pro-spankers are scared of authority.
---frances008 on 4/28/09

If being spanked was considered ideal, why do Americans vote in presidents who were not only not smacked, but often had no father - just a sperm donor. Obviously being smacked is for keeping the common man down, and in the meantime, the guys running the world are people who never received much discipline, but were constantly given whatever made them feel good about themselves. I think we should take a leaf out of the book of our Dear Leaders and bring up children to have self confidence, so that they can oppose the lies of the evil ones.
---frances008 on 4/28/09

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This is all about controlling the masses. Why should masses of spanked and quivering in fear adult-children be spanked about by their unspanked leadership? Let's level the playing field a bit and give our kids love and confidence because they will need it to deal with whatever is coming down the line.
---frances008 on 4/28/09

Ben, is the objective to just get them to behave temporarily, or to make them better people or to permanently scar them mentally? Spanking is easy and quick, and means you can get back to whatever thing is more important than your children, and have relative peace, because they don't want another wallopping. From experience of being smacked, I say it leads to resentment and permanent distrust/fear of a parent. I would have been a softer person, if I had been treated with more kindness as a child. But busy parents, and too many children. ... So, as I say, it depends what you want as the end result.
---frances008 on 4/28/09

I agree with Cindy. You have problems if you cannot think of better solutions and don't want to. Perhaps the problems of the world are due to over -spanking done by parents when they should have loved their children a little more. So the cycle goes on. Each one saying 'Well it never did me any harm.' It clearly did.
---frances008 on 4/27/09

I'm not a parent, but when I have children if I was to spank them it would be because they were being bad. I don't know how young yours are so I can't tell you much. I believe that you shouldn't spank them if they are too young are getting too old though.
---Ari on 4/26/09

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Our kids are all grown-up now so I can speak from experience, we tried all the methods, grounding, taking toys away, isolation etc but the one thing that truely worked effectively was spanking, it was always short and sharp and very painful but once done it was as though everthing was back as it should be. Children need to know their boundaries and what happens when they cross those boundaries.
---Ben on 4/22/09

Cant help but be against spanking. I've posted a few times why I'm against and I've read the pro-spank posts and thought hard about it and I still believe spanking or beating or hitting kids is WRONG. Some say successful people were spanked, but that depends on what we think is successful. I still say most people in prison were beat as kids.
---sue on 4/20/09

when parents are "lowering the pants" for a spanking, they should never see the front parts. it should be pants down and over the knee or over the table(for big kids and teenagers)and only then should underpants be pulled just below the buttocks and spank moderately 5 to 6 times . pray with them and GD LK!!!!!
---mark on 4/19/09

You may have strong feelings that prevent you from spanking your child, but it is ignorance to claim that love is your motive. The God who made little children, and therefore knows what it best for them, has refrain from doing so, based on a claim of love, is an indictment against God himself. Your actions declare that either God does not desire what is best for your child, or you know better than He.
---Joanna on 4/11/09

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Those who excuse themselves from using the rod by claiming that by doing so they are being righteous are, by inference, condeming God. "For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons, for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But is ye be without shastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not son" (Heb. 12:6-8)
---Joanna on 4/11/09

I find it odd how many people are against spanking. I was spanked on the bare bottom as a child with a belt. And I turned out just fine. But to say spanking is wrong is not so. I believe in spanking because I know that without it as a child I would not have stayed away from a lot of stuff I did. Like smoking and drugs. The world is going crazy and remember when the child respected adults and didn't swear. and during those times spanking was used all the time. Lets spank our child again and see if we can stop all the craziness that is going on with our kids today. And see if it doesn't make a difference. OK
---ronnie on 4/5/09

children if given a choice of punishments may chose spanking as means to end their frustrations, only from an understanding caregiver of course, I believe this is the way God intended it!

coming from a large family having more than 20 nieces nephews children of my own and living in a large community neighborhood with children ...never witnessed a child gleefully wanting a spanking

beatings and spankings relieve the LAZY parents frustrations NOT the childs

God did not intend for children to be beat professing christians USE Gods Holy Word against itself to SERVE their own wicked pleasures of child ownership translated to power and force OVER their "livestock" there is NO LOVE in their twisted perversion
---Rhonda on 1/30/09

"All of you people have issues, I hope one day someone comes out of know where while you are "misbehaving" and slaps you one you A** a few times, BARE BOTTOMED....and see how you feel! =)"

I don't have any issues. Been there, no problem. You learn real fast that you don't do certain things and that you parents really do care about you.

BTW, I learned the 6 rules for proper spanking by thinking ab't what my dog must have been "mad" ab't when our neighbor went to wallop his kid.
---djconklin on 1/29/09

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All of you people have issues, I hope one day someone comes out of know where while you are "misbehaving" and slaps you one you A** a few times, BARE BOTTOMED....and see how you feel! =)
---Candy10199 on 1/29/09

It isn't a case of wanting to, you msut discipline for them to learn. Do the 6 I gave earlier--it'll work like a charm.
---djconklin on 1/28/09

why do everybody want to spank their kids Like they are baby dolls
---jessica on 1/27/09

The rod of the Bible is a shepherds crook which they would use around the neck of the sheep to guide them back to safety. It wasn't for beating. Anyone who beats their kids should be thrown in jail--they are creating tommorow's monsters they turn loose on society.
---djconklin on 1/26/09

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diconklin>>>I like that. Best answer so far. God said the other day that He has the right to discipline His people. However, people do not have the same rights in this that God has. But I am telling you if we disciplined our children the way God does we would receive 20 years in prison.>>>I am DEAD serious.
---catherine on 1/26/09

6 Rules for Proper Spanking:

1) One swat.
2) On the keister.
3) Not hard.
4) With your barehand.
5) No anger.

and then comes the most important rule of all,

6) hugs and kisses--to let them know that you still love them. Sending a child to their room creates a physical distance just when they need closeness the most. Ultimately the physical translates into an emotional distance and then the parent will have no control or influence over the child whatsoever.
---djconklin on 1/26/09

To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

The twisted minds of the world conjured-up "Spare the rod spoil the Child", from Pro.23:13 Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.

The Rod & Staff of the Lord is the "Strength of His Word"!!

God's desire for mankind was to not withhold His Correcting Word from our children, so that they may live & not die. God never desired for us to physically beat our children!

The beating of children is only a destructive cycle that instills in them the desire to senselessly beat & prey on those who are poor & helpless!

Pray for the patients needed to instill the Virtuous Correcting Word of God's Love.
---Shawn_M.T. on 1/26/09

A child should not be spanked on a regular basis but may require it a few times during early childhood. The bible admonishes that we should "not provoke your children to anger lest they become discouraged". Routine spanking teaches anger and violence. There are many other ways to teach/disipline a child without the laying on of hands.)
---jody on 1/25/09

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The rod can also mean in a gentle manner when correcting your child. God never, ever, advocates abuse. So many people have no self-control when correcting a child and they use the Bible as an excuse to do whatever they so please in disciplining their children.>>>I wish to be known for now on as a woman of God, because, now a days everyone it seems is wearing the Christian lable. So, a woman of God I am. I am so proud of that.++
---catherine on 1/25/09

I'm sorry I have to say it. How can one Christian quote scripture advocating spanking and another call him a bad Christian for doing what the Bible says. Because that particular passage of the Bible goes against what the second person believes? It's ridiculous to me, an Aetheist, to hear such nonsense. If you're a Christian, cool, and you're welcome to your opinion as we all are, but to attack someone in your own religion for what they're doing (which is advocated by your own scripture) and bashing how they interpret your shared religion is pure hypocrisy.
---Maximus on 1/25/09

A loving spanking may cause a few little tears at the time yet it is the most excellent way to help a hyper child get control of themselves and relax, timeouts work but not in the same way as the child still has pent up excess energies and frustrations spanking therapy also works a lot better then all those dangerous evil drugs so popular now too! The hyper child needs his or her bare bottom lovingly spanked and the only thing bad is the parent or caregiver who can't or won't do this for them! You might be surprised how many children if given a choice of punishments may chose spanking as means to end their frustrations, only from an understanding caregiver of course, I believe this is the way God intended it!
---Arnold on 1/19/09

Do you spank barebottomed? If yes, how do you get them to lower their pants and underpants
---becky on 1/3/09

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Hello everyone,what is our world is comming to!I have a degree in Early Childhood Edu and I have seen what happens to children who are spanked, when a child is playing with a doll and starts to hit them and telling them they are bad is horrible.With my children we talk about whats going on and why they have to stop, if they are put in time out they do not get out anymore becuse I put them over and over again so they know they have to stay! take the time for your chid dont scare them, What happens when you are mad at an adult do you just hit them instantly? We pick on becuse you can! My husband thought spanking was the way to go becuse he was hit as a child! I have shown him their is no need to if you love your child.
---Julie on 12/21/08

I have the two best kids I know. They are in their late teens and I haven't spanked them in years. I haven't had to. I spanked them with my hand on the bottom when they were small starting probably around 2. I never spanked them with a belt until they were maybe 11 or 12, and that's about the age I quit spanking. Now if they are disrespectful or disobedient, I take away their cell phone, tv, and internet. At the age they are now that is extremely painful.

Anyway, my wife and I have been strict disciplinarians, but always with love, and never in anger.

My kids also have a drug problem. My wife and I have "drug" them to church all their life. They love the Lord and worshiping with his people.
---trey on 10/18/08

Well I am a kid and my parents make me get over their kneee then they give me 10 swats with a paddle then they swat my hinny 10 more times with their hand on my bare-bottom ouchhh. It's never done out of hate they are just showing me they love and I learn alot from a sore red bottom I am remindedd not to do what I did again when I sit on my bottom after I get a spanking.
---Jonathan on 10/16/08

Look I think that spanking to a certain ext. is good.....ur kids need to learn authority. i was spanked as a child (the right way, not bare bottom) and i have sooo much respect for my mo i am 24 and i still don't curse or anything n front of her. And i have friends who curse there mother's out...fight with them and everything else..and u know what they weren't spanked they were punished as a child...and look where it got there parents? My daughter is 2 yrs old and she is the sweetest most well mannered little girl(she still can misbehave thou) u will ever meet and for the most part she minds me...and adults....b/c I have taught her the right way and i don't really even have to spank her anymore!!!!
---erica on 10/2/08

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with spanking your children's bare butts. You spend their early years changing their diapers, wiping their bottoms and washing them in a tub. To me the main way it would become humiliating is if you make your children ashamed of their bodies. Spanking them pants down is a way of saying im the boss and it stings their butts more effectively when using your hand. If done right, it can be quite effective and only needed sparingly.
---Heath on 9/30/08

I also believe in the theory of 'building a fire' when you spank, rather than acting like you're 'running to one.' The steady, methodical warming of your child's bottom over your knee is sure to make a more remedial impression than a slapdash (literally) flurry of smacks. And again, I'm making the argument for spankings being given sparingly. Especially when pants are taken down, it's a ringing pronouncement that a line was crossed and here come the consequences. The more you can hold such punishment in reserve, the greater its impact when it does come time to spank.
---BruceS on 8/24/08

I can see now that I need to distinguish myself from any other Bruce's. For the record, I'm the most recent Bruce to post here. :)
---BruceS on 8/22/08

Bruce seems to enjoy life
---Alan_of_UK on 8/22/08

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I have experienced both sides of the fence. I was spanked excessivly as a child and vowed NEVER to spank my son. Instead, I used time-outs and talking out feelings from the moment he was accountible for behavior (2ish). My sweet little guy began hitting, biting, scratching me, etc. during tantrums & disobeyed consistently and this only worsened. Time outs were no longer working & he was out of control at 5 years old. Tried several other reward and consequence techniques as well. We hestitantly began spanking 4 months ago and his behavior is entirely different. He now understands respect, obedience, & consequence. This liberal is no longer so liberal when it comes to discipline & finds truth in the teachings of the bible.
---Jami on 8/21/08

As a follow up to my original message, I should mention that my son is a happy, energetic and very loving and loved child...without the violence, disrespect, and disobedience. As a 5 year old there are still moments of testing limits but they are MUCH fewer which = very little spanking. Also, I spank with a frosting spatula on the bottom, over pants/shorts, with three quick, short wacks. He has never been welted. It's an "I mean what I say" spank vs. "you must pay for what you've done" spank. Hope this helps. I struggled with this issue for SO long.
---Jami on 8/21/08

Spanking a child's upturned bare bottom is a purely natural form of corrective education. Anyone who's ever gotten and/or given an over-the-knee spanking understands how perfectly suited it is to confronting the transgressor with the error of their ways. Lying bare-bottomed over the lap of adult authority for a good, sound spanking with palm, paddle or hairbrush is a guaranteed wake-up call for any girl or boy inclined to naughtiness. And baring the bottom not only ensures an accurate monitoring of the punishment's intensity, but it also instantly deflates any juvenile I'm-the-boss-of-me pretensions. Not to mention adding an extra 'zing' to the sting of the spanking.
---Bruce on 8/21/08

"Johnny, mommy loves you, but you shouldn't have done that. I want you to grow up to be a kind and gentle person, so I'm going to hit you."

Humm, I don't think so.
---deb on 5/29/08

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i agree with your methods micheala and i hope that you continue to have well behaved kids.
---john on 5/26/08

Andrew must be sick
---alan_of_UK on 5/26/08

HI~ my name is kim eu kook. I am interested in spanking kid. so I joined this site~ Have a nice daY ~~ And Thank you for every one~~~
---kim_eu_kook on 5/25/08

I agree with Chris. It is no less than child abuse. And for what? The children are probably sending you a message that you are neglecting them. Don't have children if you cannot be bothered to spend your time with them so that they will feel valued and have no need to commit offenses. But some people have babies for their own amusement or because they did nothing to prevent it (like abstain from intercourse), when the unwanted kids get big, they know they are not wanted.
---frances008 on 5/4/08

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I'm fairly new to this site, and browsing the blogs for the first time, and I am appalled at what I'm reading here. Some of these posts are so sick and perverted I can't believe I'm reading them on a Christian site. Abusive perverts calling themselves Christians!
---Chris on 5/3/08

Well, I have to tell you some of the answers I am seeing is sickening.
---catherine on 5/3/08

How many here think that they are smarter than King Solomon?

Pro 23:13,14 Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell.
---jerry6593 on 5/3/08

"Our daughter was spanked about a month ago at 15. In our home, all spankings are given either bare bottom or over the panties/underware." The thought of a 15 year old girl having her bare bottom or underwear revealed as part of a physical punishment fills me with horror. How can this EVER be correct? It would be humiliating enough for a 15 year to be spanked at all (there are more effective punishments for that age group) but to reveal that part of her anatomy is totally disgusting.
---RitaH on 5/3/08

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Andrew, why is there a need to first spank with a hand and then also use a strap on your children? Isn't one form of punishment enough for you? Did any verses of scripture help you to decide that a double dose of punishment was correct?
---RitaH on 5/2/08

We have a long chat before, to decide why and how to proceed, and to mak sure they feel loved by us even though the spanking will hurt/sting. We spank over 1 thin layer, by hand for a minute, then with a special kids strap 5-15 gentle smacks, slowly and making sure the kids are ok throughout, thanks, Andrew
---Andrew on 5/1/08

I'm pro-spanking - not beating to blister or bleed given or received by some ...spanking is last resort for children unwilling to listen - (children not teenagers) - appears many use it first proud of bare bottomed "discipline" ...using christianity as a means to apply the rod is sad

disciplining teenagers be withholding privledges - not humilating them - removing their underwear receiving a bare-bottomed spanking a 3 or 5 year old receives ..that is perverted and sickening
---Rhonda on 2/26/08

We beleive that spanking is most effective between the ages of about 2 to 10. They will likely be needed less between 11 and 13 or so. From 13 on, I would say they should be rare, but still an option in exceptional case. Our daughter was spanked about a month ago at 15. In our home, all spankings are given either bare bottom or over the panties/underware.
---Jen on 2/23/08

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When will people learn that to 'discipline' means to teach. Teach your children with love, not violence and humiliation. The 'rod' in 'spare the rod' was a tool to gently lead sheep, not beat them.
---sue on 11/29/07

My 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son lives with me still. So does my grand child. I have spanked my kids and just 3 months ago my daughter recieved a spanking and it was well deserved. She will be the first to acknowledge this. She has been an honor roll student every year, and will graduate next year and start college in N. Carolina. . I do not punish my kids, I discipline them. That is not to say that I do not blister butts because I do and I take my time.
---Jason on 11/29/07

It is a sickening thought to endure that Christian parents feel that they have a right to spank a child or worse spank them bare bottom. I am a Christian and wont subject my kids to that nor do we have a relationship with my parents due to their abuive punishments as are similar to this.
---Hannah on 11/24/07

For goodness' sake, don't you know by now that spanking is illegal in many places?

And even where it isn't, do you think it's right to teach a child that it is okay for an adult to hit a child? Because that's what you're doing.

And if your child thinks it's all right for an adult to hit a child, imagine what else your child will think is all right for grownups to do to his/her body. *shudders*

Think about that.

And about whether Jesus would ever do anything to hurt a child.
---Nancy on 11/20/07

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I say beat 'em good and make sure they cry their sorriness. then stop. once they say their really sorry, then it's good. When I was a kid, my dad had me get naked and beat me with anything handy, usually a whip, and once i was bleeding and said i was sorry, he stopped. I'm still alive. But don't go too far. Sometimes it can damage.
---Janet on 11/19/07

If you truly loved your children, Friends, I assure you, there would be no need for spanking, because most child rebellion is due to the child detecting the great discrepancies in their parent. The Bible does not force this act, and while it does allow it, the better part of wisdom, is to love them deeply. I have found that most acts of child rebellion are due to the legalism, etc., of the parents. Rare exceptions apply.
---Daniel on 10/17/07

I have 3 boys and I spank them as discipline with my hand (occasionally a brush for major offenses) on the bare bottom with them over my knee. I am a strong christian. My boys are 3, 5, and 7 and are usually well behaved.
---Kim on 10/16/07

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