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How Do You Find A Job

I've been so desperate for being a failure in my job applications. My parents didn't know that I'm presently unemployed. I don't want them to worry since I'm away from home to search for my personal ambitions. Aside from praying, how do I get to face all my troubles so I may not lose hope along the way?

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 ---cristie on 5/24/05
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my friend, while u wait on god be about the fathers business. dont worry about it just give an ofering for the new job if u in the lord with all your heart and soul and lean not to your own understanding.
---david on 10/8/07

Tell me because I have not figured this one out either.
---Suzy on 4/19/07

Ive been looking for a job in my profession for the past 18mths bonded to work in a foreign country.So far Im doing what is considered odd jobs.I must say the Lord has blessed me in that I can give back to HIM and pay my bills.Deep inside I somehow hurt cause I've done it all to get a job in my profession,but no-one sems to want to give me a chance,its like I studied for nothing,Im not so happy,but if it wasnt for Jesus,I would have quit a long time ago,but HE keeps me strong,going and assured.
---Mimi on 6/4/05

Hi, I work in Recruitment. Your resume is EVERYTHING, get it done professionally if you can, it has to stand out from the crowd, really highlight your skills and achievements, second follow up where you can with a PHONE CALL, enthusiasm goes a long way. If you are interviewing PREPARE, dress well, listen well, speak confidently, make eye contact. Search the web for interview techniques and resume writing tips. Good Luck.
---Maxine on 5/31/05

terry have you seeked consul????shelters etc???there is help i was there...
---don on 5/26/05

You need to seek the Lord on the job he wants you to have. Also get in a Church that will help you and support you.
---burden4souls on 5/25/05

Yeah I have been WITHOUT a job. I am HOMELESS. I dont have any MONEY for food. I am in a heck of a situation.
---Terri on 5/25/05

Ask God for strength, get up, dress for success, and look. Troll the internet, look at the paper and apply...apply...apply! Smile, check into the company you are talking to so you sound knowledgable and interested. Never, never sell yourself short!!! Above all, Trust Your God, He knows his plans for you!!!
---Julie3763 on 5/24/05

You are not a failure! Your life is not all about what you do for money. God has a plan for you. Share with your parents so that they can pray for and counsel you. That will help you keep the faith and hope. Tell everyone you know that you are searching for a job, and what kind. Contacts are a great help. Post on here what you are qualified for...someone may have an idea. God gave us free will to make choices, but we should ask for His guidance in making them.
---Tanya1566 on 5/24/05

A job is a reward for helping the owner/company/ corporation do ITS job better. Therefore, to get that job or position , you must sell yourself as an employee who would help them obrtain their goals. Show you are interested in more than a paycheck. It may require effort on your part. You will learn. Be enthusiastic-a job is a privelege not a right.
---chuck on 5/24/05

What if the key is in the words
"Personal amibitions" and not remembering if should be "What does God have in mind for me?" and "The will of God"

Voluteering at missions, and from the newspapers and other job postings gives experience.

As Karen suggested - take a course from an employment agency.

Read 600 Christian job offers on this Christianet.

Go back to school and retrain.

Remembering you in prayer. Living by faith is the lesson.
---barbara67 on 5/24/05

Be sure jobs you apply for are the kind for which you have qualifications-previous experience.Once you apply go back to inquire if you are being considered.Do that every day or two until the job's filled.A person seen is one remembered.Tell your parents,most would want to know.Don't let pride cause you more trouble than you already have.Pray and praise God for what He is doing for you.Hope based on faith gives strength.Praise even when you don't see any reason to,except loving Christ as Lord.
---Darlene_1 on 5/24/05

I suggest that you look through the classifides in the news paper, register yourself through an agency to help you find a suitable job. More importantly dont dercieve your parents/family they may be able to help you. Seek Godly council, someone that you trust, concerning your troubles. God bless & Remember that there is noting to hard for God to do: Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.Karen!
---Karen on 5/24/05

A man prayed for money to pay his bills. Someone knocked on his door and offered him a job unloading trucks. He refused and prayed agan. Someone called him and offered him a job at McDonals, again he refused. Finally a little old lady ask him to mow her lawn, again he refused and pray, Lord I need money to pay my bills. The Lord said I tried three times to answer you prayers but you would not listen.
---Rev_Herb on 5/24/05

Christie dear, This is a tight job market now; the "fault" may not be yours. The public library can show you how to write an effective job application. Sign with a temporary agency until you find something else. Jobs Etc. in your local area can assist you also. Your parents would probably want to know your difficulty. This is NOT failure. We all need others to help us along the way. Don't forget your hope is in Jesus; trust Him! Find a Bible believing church and ask for help! Blessings!
---Elsie on 5/24/05

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