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Debt Problems And Debt Help

Being in debt, would it still sound true or look good when you are there in the pulpit seen leading church services or even singing in the choir? Would your life still be a testimony that would encourage?

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 ---kharole on 5/25/05
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I think nowadays you almost have to be in debt...with a mortgage and car payment. Granted, we really dont need to rack up credit card debt. But I agree with the poster who says "why should anyone know how much debt you have". Regardless, it's not a good testimony to be a bad steward.
---Todd1 on 5/21/08

The queston is how much debt? I think as long as it is a manageable debt it should not affect our witness. If on the other hand we are so much in debt that we cannot tithe or give to support of the Lord's work then we need to get help fast and ChristiaNet can help!
---Pierr7958 on 5/21/08

Why should anyone but you know that you are in debt? I wouldn't expect a preacher to talk about this kind of thing from the pulpit. I hope that you, or whoever your question is about, manages to get these debt problems sorted out. It is not a good state to be in and we should all strive to do without things that we cannot afford. There is too much temptation to take out loans these days.
---Paul_James on 5/11/07

I believe that the devil uses many avenues to trick and attack us. The real question I believe, is am I working to get this debt under control and have I turned my spending over the Christ. Once a person has gotten into debt, it may take several years to get out of debt. Students can spent up to $100,000 going to Christian universities... and that will take a while to pay off.
---Kristen on 5/30/05

Being in debt is better avoided. The less we are in debt the more our Christian testimony is appreciated. Strong credit and good credit is extremely beneficial in the Christian walk.

Proverbs 22:7 - The rich rule over the poor,
And the borrower is servant to the lender.

Isaiah 24:2

The Bible encourages us to handle our financial life with discretion. (Psalm 112:5)
---Barbara67 on 5/27/05

I think being in debt is no sin as long as you borrowed with intentions of paying back.Creditworthiness is key to your debtors as long as you will pay back.If you fail to pay due to unavoidable circumstances,ask for forgiveness from themand from God as well.Remember our Lord`s Prayer"Forgive us our debts as we forgive those indebted to us"
---Olala on 5/26/05

God does not call the qualified, but qualifies the called.

If you are asking for yourself, work on yourself. If you are asking for someone else, mind your own business.
---Madison on 5/25/05

Are you thinking of your self or someone else?
---BRUCE5656 on 5/25/05

I believe that and place all my faith in who He is and what He has done. Actually, that river of life waters my garden as it flows out of me. None of us is perfectly manifesting Christ in His fullness and if we are waiting for that before anyone enters a pulpit, we won't need anyone in the pulpit.
---Linda_Smith on 5/25/05

Let me add that it matters not where you are in your walk with the Lord. I do believe you should be not only maturing but willing to be matured more than what you are. We have debt (some incurred by choice, some not) but I can stand in a pulpit every Sunday and teach that Jesus delivered us from the curse by becoming the curse.
---Linda_Smith on 5/25/05

The problems we have or don't have are not what qualify us to minister. It is God who calls, equips, and qualifies. If it was up to us and our upgoings and shortcoming, no one would be able to stand in a pulpit.
---Linda_Smith on 5/25/05

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