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Should I Be His Godmother

My sister ( a "sunday catholic" ) has asked me to be Godmother to her son. I left the catholic church because I do not agree with many aspects ( including infant baptism) Do I stand for this boy as his Godmother?

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 ---BeckyH on 5/25/05
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Of course take the offer and be proud. You do not have to partake in the RCC church and you may be able to reveal truth to this boy later.

You may very well become his only source for the truth.

It was an honor that you were asked as his parents know your stand about the RCC church.
---Elder on 8/9/07

KATIE, That is not true. A Roman Catholic Godparent IS expected to have the same values and religious beliefs as the parents. A Roman Catholic Godparent is not automatically the legal guardian of the child should something happen to both parents. Though the parents can decide to have the Godparents named legal guardian in their will.
Signed-Full time practicing Catholic
---Kristene on 6/19/05

In the Anglican church, which I used to attend, it was usual to have 3 God-parents. Two male and one female for a boy, one male and two female for a girl. It is quite often the case that actual parents are also the child's god-parents. My mother is also my God-mother. However, if the God-parents are not Christians it makes little difference who they are or how many there are, they are unlikely to keep promises they do not believe.
---F.F. on 6/12/05

jean , you aren't reading wrong. She has asked me (her sister) to be one godmother and asked her husbands sister to also be a godmother. In actual regulations this isn't allowed but like I said this parish and priest allows it. (her first child also has two god mothers)
---BeckyH on 5/29/05

I too am an ex catholic but if I were asked to be a god parent to a catholic child, I would still stay yes and with aggressive faith, believe that my covering in Christ will impact on his life. If we abandon souls because we disagree with this and that, where is our life changing christianity that Jesus showed us. Imagine if he declined to help all those of whom he disagreed with their values and beliefs. For starters, we'd all be lost because while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
---lisa on 5/28/05

Becky: Unless i'm reading your reply wrong of course both godparents can't be of the same sex it has to be godfather and godmother not godmother and godmother, it was allways this way.
---Jean on 5/28/05

The actual guidelines state that one of the godparents must be Roman catholic however they also state that both godparents can not be of the same sex and the two she has chosen are both female. So apparently this specific church is not too terrible fussy about following all the guidelines. My sister has said that if asked a question by her son then I am expected to tell him how the RCC see's things but I'm free to tell him if i disagree and how i see it.
---BeckyH on 5/28/05

Becky: I believe that as long as one of the godparents is a Roman Catholic, it is okay if the other is not.

I would not be a godparent in a Roman Catholic baptism. Not because I am being elitist, but because I left the Catholic church because I have strong beliefs about the teachings. I could not promise to encourage a child to practice a religion in the Church I was raised in and left. That would just be hypocritical of me.
---Madison on 5/27/05

When child is older are you going to tell him you would not be his godmother because as a christian you thought you where somehow to good to do so? That you where better than his parents in your belief? OR will you as a loving aunt take this child as your Godchild and raise him in the love of God to the best of your ability no matter what faith he is born into. Will you walk away and begrudge yourself and the child from the love that God has shown each of you to spread because of belief disagreements?????
---M. on 5/27/05

Good Lisa, I agree!
---Rosa on 5/27/05

So many of these questions are troubling me. They imply that we as christians must become an elitist group unwilling to get our hands dirty by getting too close to "the unsaved". My answer is YES, you should be his godmother because as a true believer you can give valuable input into his spiritual life speaking from the bible truths that you know. Isn't this what God is all about? Reaching out to the lost, those who are blind and deaf???
---lisa on 5/27/05

I would need to know exactly what promises I was expected to make in this service - word for word - before agreeing to it. I don't believe that Christians should make vows that they do not intend to keep or if they know that others will prevent them from keeping them. A Christening is meaningless if the family are not Christians anyway. I was Christened (baptised) as a baby but my parents didn't keep the promises they made because they didn't truly believe anyway.
---Xanthi on 5/27/05

Her church will allow me to be the godmother , her first child's godmother isn't catholic either. I'm not sure whether that's the way of the chuch or if the priest is just a little bit liberal
---BeckyH on 5/27/05

Becky: tell your sister to talk to her priest to find out If you could be Godmother from my understanding unless your a practicing catholic your not allowed to stand in.
---Jean on 5/26/05

Also wanted to point out that when I asked my sister what she would expect of me as a godmother , she told me that she would like me to tell him the way the RCC see's things but has no problem with me telling him how I see it as well. She is not particularly devout, is very secular minded and attends church more so because it is expected of her then because she beleives.
---BeckyH on 5/26/05

Regarding whether or not I would take my nephew in the event that my sister and her husband passed away: Not neccesarily. If I was in the financial position to do so I would but for now my other sister would be the one taking both him and his older sister. ( at the first sister's request)
---BeckyH on 5/26/05

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Katie I was unaware that being a Godparent meant that you would look after the child if something happened to the real parents. In the Anglican church it doesn't mean this. At a Christening the Godparent makes promises to ensure the Christian upbringing of the child, (and this will depend on whether the parents actually let you do this once the Christening is over) this will differ between denominations. I don't think it is wise to make promises in a denomination whose beliefs you do not share.
---Xanthi on 5/26/05

Of course! Being a Godmother has nothing to do with your sister's religion, it's a promise to take care of the child should something happen to her. If this were to take place, her child would be under your roof and your rules. Do not let a difference of religious beliefs stand in the way of loving this child or your sister. Share God's love with them despite their choices in life, or differences in opinion. Do not allow legalism to squelch love.
---Katie on 5/26/05

Jesus told His followers to be as wise as a Serpent but as harmless as a Dove.

Your purpose should be to win this boy and his family to the Lord.

When asked about RCC doctrine all you have to say is that you promise to raise this child according to Scripture truth to the best of your ability.

The parents all ready know your position so there is no big deal.
---Elder on 5/26/05

If u don't believe in RCC doctrines, you don't have to participate in anything partaining their doctrine. Being a godmother is as a result of infant baptism. I'd say, if you stand as the godmother, that means you support infant baptism. It's either you are there or not. Choose one.
---debba7385 on 5/26/05

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Dear Becky: You have been given a wonderful opportunity to "stand" as your nephew's Godmother but you will be "standing for" Christ's love in your family. You will be saying far more by your act of caring than just a "dedication" baptism. Paul says "to be all things to all people" in order to bring them to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
---Elsie on 5/26/05

If I remember my Catholic teachings, a godparent promises to guide the child in their Catholicism, making sure they receive their sacraments. That is what my godmother made sure of. When I got married in a Christian church, she was upset. When I did not have my children Christened, she was upset.

You have to ask the Lord what He thinks.
---Madison on 5/25/05

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