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How Has ChristiaNet Blessed You

How long have you been using What are the "good things", blessings, "changes" that has brought into your life?

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 ---linda6546 on 5/27/05
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I do thank God regularly for putting me on here. I have grown a lot. I am not so easely flabbergasted as I was two years ago when I would speak God's words and be called a liar. Yes, I have grown. And I thank God first and all of you unbelievers as well as believers for helping me to grow. There were plenty of times it was not easy, and I would have taken myself off the first day, if it had not been for GOD.+ Thanks
---catherine on 6/26/08

Have been on Christianet several years now. Love it! If gives me an opportunity to share with others and to learn,as well. One of my favorite sites. When I started we did not have blogging. I joined the prayer room and prayed for many souls. I met many wonderful friends also. Pen pals included.
I love this site tremendously.Moderators are wonderful. Thanks and God bless to all.
---Robyn on 6/26/08

I have been on for about a year now. It gives me a way of communicating with others. I work the 3 PM to 11 PM shift and don't get out much. When people plan things they are always in the evening and I work.
---sharon_darlene on 5/3/08

wellll, I've discovered CN a few years ago, and it has blessed me by showing me that I'm not THAT bad after all. I mean, I had always thought why even bother trying (the path is small that goes to heaven and wide to hell). But after reading some of these blogs that 'Christians' have written to each other, well maybe I have a chance after all! I am a member to several blogging sites and this one has more insulting, judging and just plain rudeness than all of the others put together!
---sue on 3/18/07

i just got onto christian net.... and so far i have made some friends, i have a few pen pals i think that is a good thing...keep up the good work
---irene7395 on 3/18/07

I have been on Christanet for a while now. I have met some really good Christian people on here. Have developed several deep friendships. I am honored to call them my friends.
---Sally on 3/16/07

I was happy to read that all of you here have had great experiences here on this site.True, this site is packed with resources but what I find very disconcerting though, is the amount of scammers that send me mail. It is very tiring. I can spot most very easily, but the deception runs deep.
I know christianet is very proud to offer this resourceful site free, but I can't help but wonder if we had to pay our way, if it would not be better- sometimes 'free' is not all it is crocked up to be
---Al-Nadean on 3/16/07

I have been using Christianet for almost a year..and the blessings have been numerous..I have met the Christian man of my dreams on here..I have made some wonderful friends.Back in the day when one could respond to prayers posted..I got so much help from people writing to me when I posted a prayer. I have gotten a lot of letters and cards of support as I go through a hard time in my life.
---Cassandra on 3/16/07

I do have a question though,some of the chat rooms on this site ,the individuals do not just talk about Christ,it appears to me that they use the site for flirting or related topics.some,not all seem more into fun ,instead of witnessing or encouraging thru God's Word.I hope the sites,and chat rooms will be more closely monitored.i want to chat with people who are happy to speak about the wonders of our Lord.Thank-you for your time. God Bless Debra
---debra on 9/15/05

I have been using christianet for 3 years. I love doing the quizs, meeting peoples and Sending e-cards. I am blessed with a guy whom I met here. He is from here, and We met and We become such good friends and now we are taking our friendship to More committed one. So for me Christianet is A service which brings my soul mate closer.
---Hana on 6/4/05

The Blog at CN has given me a "baptism of fire". What I mean is, the first two questions I posted(1st week May 05)has generated reactionsfrom Bloggers (online &offline)that made me realize am not on "safe grounds". Some bloggers got irritated with me. An Offline correspondence pointed to me that am not saved! These made me THINK deeply of my situation. I guess am gaining friends and SALVATION. Thank you folks for being patient with me.
---linda6546 on 5/31/05

I feel so blessed to have found CN and all my new and encouraging friends here! I've only been here a couple of months, but I'm blessed everytime I log on.
Thank all of you for your prayerful thoughtful blogs. God bless you.
---Rosa on 5/31/05

Halleluyah!! ...This was long awaiting ihave been a member for over 3 yrs,i tell yu what this site is just inspirational that icant help it and share it with most of my friends who dont.It changed my life one time wen i thought all was over for me and ikept reading over and over its contents and praying with others it was my turning point,came the blogs section this thrills me its awesome and i learn alot just alot from sharing with others i know now am not alone.blessings to the president of this site.
---peter on 5/30/05

I have been on ChristiaNet for a few months. I have met someone who has really helped in prayer to Give me the happiness in Christ i was needing so strongly. I also have met some friends that not only keep me in line but understand who i am and give me the prayers i need to carry on Gods work. Love you all and may God Bless and carry you always in his loving arms...lorie
---lorie4334 on 5/29/05

I cannot express what Linda Smith has meant to me and the far reaching impact God has in mylife because of her faithfulness to minister life. Elder,NVbarb,AlanUK you are precious. Even with all the differences c-net is awesome!
---rachel on 5/28/05

I am diabled and no longer able to attend all the Christian related activities I used to.Christianet gave me a lifeline to other Christians and also Bible Study of a sort.The fellowship and love I found here are remarkable.Also I have always prayed for others and counseled with the Word and this gives that Ministry an outlet.It has truely been a blessing.One gets very hungry for more of the Word and Christian Fellowship when homebound most of the time.
---Darlene_1 on 5/28/05

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Eloy you are also a blessing! Linda Smith my deasrest dear how could I EVER say what you mean to me. NV Barbara you are just a jewel. Elder keeps us all lauhgin and on our toes thinkin!AlanUK we have had some encouraging discussions off line that has been a blessing! I have also met folks in the chat rooms and made friends and had prayer and givern prayer.Even with the frustrations. It brreaks down those goegraphical and other man made barriers in the BODY
---Rachel on 5/28/05

I've been using the site for almost a year now.Managed to get a few dear friends but my greatest interest now is the blog section.This has helped me to grow in Christ.Many thanks to the owners of this site and all fellow christians for making this happen.David8634
---david on 5/28/05

For a couple of months now. As i have no church yet, i enjoy coming here and enagaging in all the different discourses. i enjoy studying and researching all the Bible passages. Nv Barb and Elder and Linda Smith are dear to me. i am being blessed by praying for others here, and also i'm being blessed by others praying for me. Thank you Jesus, bless all who come into this site, give light and life to all who seek you. in Jesus i pray. Amen.
---Eloy on 5/27/05

I have been a part of Christianet for a pretty long time, I think about 2-3 years now. I have meet some wonderful friends that I will have forever. And last year the Lord sent me the love of my life one night when I was on christianet. And we are now engaged to be married. I am so happy, and blessed.
---Megan on 5/27/05

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The greatest blessing is the fact that to keep up with your blogs,questions and comments, I have spent on the average 3-4 extra hrs,per day looking things up in theBible. But I am happy doing it! Nothing like sharing the TRUTH with folk who are interested.
---Pierr7958 on 5/27/05

I am SO thankful for Christianet! Everyone accepts and loves each other. I have learned a lot here, about people, and about my Lord. I was a Moslem, from Persia (part of Iran) my dear sister nv Barbara taught me of Jesus and I got saved right in her home when I prayed the sinner's prayer.I'm so happy she also led me to this site,I have been blessed. Thanks Barb, and TY CN! And most of all, thank you Jesus for accepting me!
---Kathay on 5/27/05

ChristiaNet has been "happening" for 5-8 wks. God transformed this site into
ministry. I can utilize my experience as a social worker/counselor, transcriber, long-term Christian and short-term missionary accompanied by a God-given desire to serve the Lord. Also my own questions are answered by loving Christians. It helps me over-ride intense body pain so I don't have to use addictive drugs. Isn't that just like the Lord to answer prayers in such a unique way? ALL TO GOD'S GLORY!!
---Elsie on 5/27/05

I have been using this for a little over a year. Having you all give me honest answers to questions and being able to ask questions that I couldn't ask anyone at my church has been a blessing. Thanks everyone!
---Cathy_Y on 5/27/05

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Reading and answering blogs on this site challenges me to check what the bible says about certain subjects. It would be wonderful if people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus through this site.
---Ulrika on 5/27/05

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