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My Husband Is In Adultery

My husband is in adultery and he has been seeing kids at access center but soon at his home. I feel sick about the kids been around adultery but the court wont listen about our beliefs any suggestions?

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 ---brook4359 on 5/27/05
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I'm assuming that you and your husband are separated and you are worried about your children seeing 'the other woman' during visitation.

If so, it's one of those things you may not like, but you have to deal with.

Just remember, it's not at all right to berate your husband in front of the children.

And it's perfectly acceptable to ask/require your husband behave in a respectable manner while in front of the children. (And to keep certain things behind closed doors.)
---Nancy on 11/12/07

The word "Adultery"sets the scene, For this question which is unclear.What is an access center?the evidence is ambigious. Hence if the glove dont Fit you must aquit.what is the charge?
---Emcee on 11/12/07

The courts of this land are anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-christian, anti-moral, anti-marraige, and anti-family. Therefore don't look to them for any support, instead look to God. The Lord is our very present help in time of trouble, i am driven to my knees daily, and this is where we belong, in prayer. The Almighty, he knows how to save.
---Eloy on 11/12/07

The one thing you should remember, is there are lots of diseases out there. If he contracts one, you need to be really careful if you're still being intimate with him. Also, just keep showing Christ's love to him and your understanding and love for him. And then, only as the Lord leads,be prepared to forgive him. if you stay understanding and do this... I just know your marriage can be salvaged. Also, Pray with your husband everyday. Tell him how much you love him everyday and do things he likes.
---Laura on 5/5/07

jack, agreed. Poster, is your adulterous "ex"? husband having supervised visitation at the access center, then soon at his home, but to you and your new man's disapproval? Or, is your husband committing adultery with kids at the access center? Or what? Please clarify your question.
---Eloy on 5/30/05

Eloy--the question as written here is unclear and ambiguous. It needs to be revised and clarified to be understood better.
---Jack on 5/29/05

jack, Remember Shadrach, Meshach and abednego? If the law of the land is corrupt, we christians arfe to obey God instead of man. gregg, adultery (ad-, to + ulter, other= to other), so adultery is intimate coupling with another "other" then your married spouse, distinguished from fornication and lechery which is whoredom.
---Eloy on 5/28/05

There is, in my mind, a question on the definition of adultery. The woman was caught in adultery and brought before Jesus Christ and they asked the question about stoning and Jesus answered the way he did and told the woman to 'go and sin no more;' what exactly was the sin?
---gregg on 5/28/05

pray for him and trust in the Lord
---MnK on 5/28/05

Tell your kids how adultry is wrong and how much it has hurt you and your husband and your family. But NEVER talk bad about your husband (your childrens father) in front of your kids because it will give your kids a bad self esteem.
---sue on 5/28/05

Your posting is unclear. Are you separated from your huband, and he's seeing them on the sly? Or a pedophile? Please clarify.

The courts might be anti-everything--but they ARE the courts. Remember that Jesus submitted to the courts of His sojourn.

Like it or not, the Courts must judge according to SECULAR law. If we allow Biblical, then we have to allow Islamic law, Talmudic, et al, to have civil effects.
---Jack on 5/28/05

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