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Why Ask Personal Question Here

Why are people seemingly asking their deep personal questions on this Blog site rather than in their church families? (Of course I understand some are people who do not have a church affiliation or are unbelievers.)

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 ---Elsie on 5/28/05
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For some it's fun, they like reaction...
It's a routine/compulsion driving them to share shocking details that may/may not be true. The drill allows writing back to one's self, offering sympathy for the day.
It's a form of therapy/godliness that denies the Power of the Holy Spirit.

It is an insatiable bandaid/fix for sympathy.
The tank is empty the next day.

The Power of the Holy Spirit can remove this insatiable desire for sympathy and attention.
---Cindy on 3/22/08

The drill or routine has been going on for so long, they become upset when it's thwarted, throwing a childish tantrum.
Arrested development results in childish behaviors for adults.

The Power of the Holy Spirit is the answer. He can fill the empty places in our souls and take away all ungodly behaviors that destroy family relationships.

It is by an act of our will that we allow the Holy Spirit to fill us and overcome the devil's plan to mess with heads and hearts.
---Cindy on 3/22/08

To deny the Power of the Holy Spirit is to deny the only hope one will ever have of becoming whole.

A form of godliness, self therapy, self anything will never fill an empty soul or bring clarity to a confused mind.
Being absorbed with one's self to the point where all one can do is think or share about one's self is a sickness.

The Holy Spirit can take that sickness away.
---Cindy on 3/22/08

Sharing deep personal problems true or untrue.
A drill for self therapy, attention or sympathy.
There may be 5000 ways to ask the same question, but there is only One Holy Spirit.

When it's a legitimate need, the Holy Spirit moves one to pray and fast for that need.

When it's another manipulation, Holy Spirit reveals that, too.
---Cindy on 3/22/08

Elsie, I believe it is because of fear of condemnation. Most, instead of pointing to who Jesus is and what He has done, seek to point an accusing finger of judgment instead of allowing the ready writer of Psalm 45 to use the tongue, which is even a small member but able to bridle the whole body, as a pen to write grace on the heart.
---Linda_Smith on 1/30/08

Churches are no longer made up of true believers. Even the believers are far from showing love and concern to others as it use to be. Pastors and wives are far apart and unfriendly to those under their leadership. It s a holy mess. Keeping it real.It is less risky to ask questions in a setting of this sort. You can remain basically anonymous, if you so choose, so why not? There is probably more love here than a lot of us receives in our own churches.
---Robyn on 6/2/07

I'm not close to anyone at church. When I have a deep issue, it usually stems from my past, which is filled with dysfunction of the kind that most people can't relate to. I've been hated and rejected by Christians in the past and though now saved and delivered, I'm still sometimes judged by Christians who know my past. Thus, I can understand why some might ask personal questions here - they want feedback without being judged by those who are a part of their church, and who are supposed to love them.
---LL on 6/2/07

I think that it might be because it is less intimidating and also because one can be shy or afraid to ask and have people answer them with a bad attitude...
---Cathy on 5/31/07

in complicated issues & questions ,sometimes its better doing it in writing and reading the answer Than telling a certain person & the next day/week almost everyone knows the issue & bad/worste thing ..ITS more exaggerated!
---kharole on 5/31/05

Hi again, I see your points; particularly noteworthy was Laureen's answer about the time factor and Barbara's answer about going deaf. Forgive me, my Sisters, for not being aware of this. And Lisa, your point about the lst century believers having the same foibles as we do today. Indeed you are correct!!! And, yes, the Internet is WONDERFUL when it is used to God's glory. Thanks to all for answering.
---Elsie on 5/29/05

I guess to some it is easier to ask such questions to people they have never seen or spoken to than it is for them to ask such questions to someone they know, and take a chance on them telling the whole world.
---Rebecca_D on 5/29/05

Do U openly share ALL that U may B going thru with those in your church? Or do U have a special friend that U trust & can confide in? Then U R truly blessed; not all have that honour. Compassion is what is needed 4 those who prefer 2 use this method of getting help & encouragement.
Shalom from Misha
---Mishon on 5/29/05

I hold two jobs and don't get to spend as much free time as I like talking to others. I am able to check blog in my own time. I agree that there is safty no gossup by people I know talking about me.
---Laureen on 5/29/05

I am going deaf and it is much easier than you think to read these questions and see answers from the heart from people who share this interest. Listening is getting more and more difficult. And there is no one church represented, so we seem to be turning to the Bible for some of the answers.
---barbara67 on 5/29/05

Dear Elsie, you assume that back in the early church there was no gossiping and one could speak openly about their problems. Somehow, I don't think so, human nature being as it is, ie unchanging, was the same then as it is now, why else would Paul and Timothy have had to address it in their letters to the churches?? Culturally, things were different because times, they are a changing, but human nature remains the same. However,those poor souls didnt have internet anonymity.
---lisa on 5/29/05

Sadly, there is little of a personal nature that I would discuss with the members of my church. I can think of just one person that I feel sure I could confide in. This is certainly not how it is meant to be. We should uphold each other, be there when needed, pray about each others needs but, the fact that so many write in to CN shows, I think, that I am not the only one unable to find what I need in my own congregation.
---Xanthi on 5/29/05

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Sometimes the questions are to personal and i dont like asking church member who turn out to be gossipers. Here i can ask , get the answer or ragged on. then i move on..........
---lorie4334 on 5/29/05

Dear Ones: Thanx for your answers to this question. I guess what saddens my heart is that we should be able to trust and rely upon our church families to be more supportive......just as the lst century believers had....real community. Good thing we have our Jesus as our Comforter. Blessings all!
---Elsie on 5/29/05

why not! :-) <><
---monique on 5/28/05

I'll tell you why, speaking from experience, its because with relationship issues for example, when you talk to friends and or family about a certain issue in your relationship, they are forever with that knowledge. However, relationships are dynamic, meaning they keep moving and changing so when things change in your relationship, those you told are still stuck with that old image and understanding and its makes life complicated.
---lisa on 5/28/05

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I suppose this comes in a similar category to telling strangers our worries (whilst travelling on a bus for example). It's easier sometimes to pour it all out to those who don't know us personally and who have nothing to gain by repeating it or possibly telling us that we are wrong. I find the anonymity here very helpful at times.
---Xanthi on 5/28/05

I think people are just openly asking questions, in hopes of receiving a different perspective on the problem or perhaps just some welcomed advice.
---DeniMari on 5/28/05

I have no problem asking deep personal questions in my church family or anywhere else, as this is partly how we grow and help others to think and grow.
---Betty on 5/28/05

Definitely agree with Cathy; would add: Why do people call in anonymously to 'hotlines'? Probably because they are feeling too embarrased or even guilty to speak in person, but still want some help. Also, in many churches, the sin of gossip has been allowed to run rampant! ('Did you hear who came in for couseling?') Or, perhaps one has already been hurt by a person they "trusted" to keep something secret; lots of reasons for it.
---danie9374 on 5/28/05

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I think it's because some may feel that if they ask those they have a personal face to face contact with that they may become stigmatized. And, unfortunately, even though you go to a 'church' group, it doesn't always mean that your personal questions and concerns are going to remain 'confidential'.
---Janet7433 on 5/28/05

Maybe because people tend to judge you on your past or what they think they know of you. Maybe here they can get more truthful answers. Maybe you can express more in writing then in person. Maybe they don't wish to be judged on what they ask so it is easier to do it this way no one knows you.
---Judith on 5/28/05

When you assist somebody in some way, should you not expect them to return and treat you like a wise person and present some other problem that you may be able to answer? Some problems are seasonal, some problems come about on holidays, everybody is a member of the body of Jesus Christ, the Mighty Counsellor.
---gregg on 5/28/05

I think people ask where they feel safe to ask--where they don't think anyone will judge them for the question. I sometimes think they know the answer, but want to have someone else confirm it. Darcy5668
---Darcy on 5/28/05

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If we were all living in the light of the work of Christ, there would be no stones to throw to fulfill the justice of God. Alan of UK, I think I understand what you were saying when you spoke with me in this regard.
---Linda_Smith on 5/28/05

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