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Who Is Going To Hell

I am Christian. My grandchildren: grandson, age 34 mos, and granddaughter, age 5 mos. are Jewish.Their mother is Jewish. Somehow, I can't swallow that they aren't saved and would wind up in hell, as I am told by many Christians. I never did see God that mean. We are ALL his people! Comments?

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 ---Kristine on 5/28/05
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God doesn't send anyone to hell...people send themselves to hell by rejecting Jesus Christ's payment for their sins. It is God's desire that everyone be saved, but there is also free will, which caused Adam and Eve to sin, and will also cause people not to accept Jesus.
---Dee on 1/27/08

We who receive Jesus as our Lord and Savoir , The Son of God , our redeemer are saved and will go to Heaven.
So if you want to be with Jesus forever in Heaven, you must believe in Him and that God Sent Him, that he died for us, to save us from our sins an eternal death.

There is only one way and it is through Christ Jesus our Lord, God and savior!
---lisa on 1/25/08

With God there is neither Jew nor Greek nor barbarian nor scythian nor slave nor freedman. Yes, we are all one. The body cannot be divided against itself.
---gregg on 1/24/08

doesnt matter if your jewish or of the cgristian faith. as long as you except christ as your saviour. and keep his word in your heart you will both go to heaven
---edward on 5/8/07

Kristin, Do not be deceived by the "false love-gospel" wrongly preached in many churches today. God is love, but he is also just. All people do not go to heaven, and God would be evil if he allowed sinners into sinless heaven. Please read I Corinthians 6:9-11. Jesus did not create hell in vain. There is a very literal and fiery hell, even the devils acknowledge their end is the lake of fire.
---Eloy on 2/12/06

It will matter not one iota, on that day, if you say I am Jewish, Anglican,Catholic..etc."Except a man be born of the water AND of the Spirit, He cannot see or enter the kingdom of God"Jn3&5.God is fair and just, but He also expects us to obey Him.Eventually these kiddies will have to make their choice..
---karin on 2/12/06

Here's what scripture states, at least some of them. They are all from the New Testament. Romans 1:16, Romans 10:12-13, John 3:16 While God has used the nation of Israel to provide a "path" for Christ, the Bible states that Christ met all the requirement of the O.T. Law, and the only way we can do the same is through Christ. So, unless God has a plan for salvation not stated in the Bible, ALL must come through Christ for salvation. Also read Romans 3:9-10, Romans 3:23 and Romans 8-1-3
---WIVV on 8/10/05

1 Peter 3:18-19. I Studied and this is what I found.
---Rebecca_D on 6/17/05

I am absolutely sure that you are sincere whe you write that "Jesus went to hell to preach..."
I respectfully suggest that you give this subject some further study because the truth, I suggest is different. I wish you all the best in your search and stand ready to help by E-Mail should you ask me to.
---Pierr7958 on 6/17/05

I'm not Steve, but Jesus went to hell to preach to the dead.
---Rebecca_D on 6/15/05

Then Steve,why did Jesus go to hell? act.2.27(hades) direct quote from psl.16.10(sheol) "you will not leave my soul in (hades gr.sheol Heb.)" hell KJV-grave NIV.
---1st_cliff on 6/11/05

who is going to hell? everyone who is cruel, greedy, boozing, lustful, heartless, slandering, profane, hateful, mocking, self-centered, dishonest, etc. Jesus warned us of these things in the book of Matthew.
---steve on 6/9/05

Eloy; the texts to which you refer are hell translated from "sheol" the common grave of mankind! Using fire to "destroy" like Sodom and Gommora,was a one time thing, and using "fire" to illustrate anger is a fitting metaphor! Actual putting "people" in a fire Jer.32.35(KJV) says it never entered God's mind!
---1st_cliff on 6/8/05

1st cliff, hell frequently refers to God's fire of judgment. "For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and will burn to the lowest hell, and will consume the earth with its increase , and set on fire the foundations of the mountains." Deuteronomy 32:22. Remember Sodom and Amorah? and the many prophecies of Isaiah? Isaiah 9:17-21.
---Eloy on 6/6/05

Since the subject is "hell" a short treatise is in order.Hell(sheol) is mentioned 65 times in thr OT 31 times as hell 31 times as grave &3 times as pit! No concept of a firey hell was known in the 1st 4000yrs of history! It has the same root word as "hole" and is of Germanic origin meaning "to conceal" The firey hell became known as a result of the symbolic use of "Gehenna"
---1st_cliff on 6/4/05

It is our job to witness and spread the word to all BUT it is God's who judges and says who goes to heaven or hell. Who are we to say that someone is not going to heaven. Only God sees a persons true heart. Only God can say where each one will go.
---Shaz on 6/4/05

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Jesus's Blood cleanses us of the virus Satan.
Satan is the ruler of this evil world, the bible says, not some underground world where he burns with fire.The demons hell is their distance from God and their torment is the great deep of this earth and so they need our souls to survive... they use us,but Jesus came here to hell to free us...this is great news .. all who Love father and want to be obedient to him, has a chance to break free and Live forever in a curse free earth with Jesus as King.
---Michelle on 6/3/05

I heard such a good sermon last night on the radio, and thought of you and wished you could hear it. It spoke of the Jews being God's intended, and how God is still working with them and has not condemned them. No one but God can say who His people are. Be sure to tell your grandchildren about Jesus, and pray for them, and trust God to take care of His own!
---Tanya on 6/2/05

Dearest Christian..
In the Bible it is written neither Greek nor jew nor Gentile can go to heaven. Because not all who says , Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of God. Let me then simply bring to you the good news that anyone who has a real GOOD AND HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with the Lord go to heaven. Healthy relationship means, appropriating the faith in the Lord Jesus..
---Mehden on 6/1/05

God has a great plan for all his children..even those who have never had the opportunity to meet Jesus
Those who have not met him will have a chance one day to do so...For every Knee of every person who has ever lived will bow to him..even those who crucified him.
God is a merciful God..not like what many make him out to be.

Allow the Holy Spirit to teach u all the truths of God which will set u trully free.
Even tiny babies who died will get a chance to meet him.This is Good news.
---Michelle on 5/31/05

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If we are believers in Christ and His word then we must also believe that His plan of salvation is true. "He that has the Son, has life, he that has not the Son of God, does not." Also "You must be born again"..and so on. Pray for your family. God honors the prayers of His people and will work on their hearts to receive Jesus.
---Karen on 5/30/05

Elder and Rebecca, uh oh, looks like i got the patriarchs mixed up. Sorry 'bout that. Elder, i mean nature as in those who followed and obeyed God's way by nature, as opposed to those who didn't but just did their own sinful things.
---Eloy on 5/30/05

teach them these concepts & all should be wellKristine:Hell is a place of endless punishment to which the wicked are condenmed forever with the evil spirits& those who deny the existence of God.God made us to know love & serve him in this world & be happy with him forever in the next.He gave us choices to do this: Bad choicesa bring condemnation while Good choices will lead you to eternal happiness with God.Teach them these concepts & all should be well.
---Emcee on 5/30/05

Eloy, Methuselah lived to be 969 years old, Gen 5:27. You are thinking about Enoch his father, Gen5:21-22.

OT Saints got Saved the same way NT Saints do. It is through the Blood of Christ by faith. The difference is they looked forward to the sacrifice, we look back.

Read Gen 22:1-19, "God will provide Himself a Lamb."

They were Saved on credit if you will and we are Saved because the account is paid in full.

No one is Saved by Nature. Nature only reveals God.
---Elder on 5/30/05

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My statement about the mental incapacity should have read those born with a mental incapacity.

Those who burn their brains out on substances like drugs are not in this category.
---Elder on 5/30/05

Eloy: Methuselah, did see death, he was the oldest man in the bible, 969 years old. Enoch was the one who walked with God for God took him, Gen 5:21-27. I'm sure it was a mistake. We all have em' :)
---Rebecca_D on 5/29/05

I was thinking (OH NO) about if Christ dwells in us, then that would make us have Jewish in us, (by faith) Because Jesus was a Jew. And Jesus can't come into a heart without faith. could I be wrong?
---Rebecca_D on 5/29/05

cliff, Elsie, Elder, Scripture records the righteous and the wicked in both the O.T. and N.T: Cain was a sinner, and Abel righteous; 8 souls in Noah's day were righteous, and the rest of the world were sinners; Methuselah walked with God and he did not see death; etc. God saved the righteous by nature in the O.T. eventhough the Christ was not born in the flesh yet. God will not condemn a righteous one who has not heard the gospel. Please read John chapter 9, and especially verses 31 and 41.
---Eloy on 5/29/05

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Our mind seems capable of changing all kinds of reality. Why did Jesus die on the cross?
In my growing Christian walk, I seem to have to accept that other people of another faith are some of the nicest people............But they are another faith.
What is evangelism? What is mission? What is servanthood? What is conversion?
Rejection of The Christ seems to be the issue of the heart. What will we do if they really reject Christianity?
---barbara67 on 5/29/05

First of all we must stop allowing ourselves to think that just may be God is going to be unfair and cruel. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! HE IS A lONG SUFFERING LOVING GOD!
The only people wh are going to "hell" are/wil be those who chose in their own free will to go there!
---Perr7579 on 5/29/05

Eloy; can you give an example of who might be "rightious" that never heard the Gopel? Elder; What scripture are you alluding to that those without the mental capacity are safe in Christ?
---1st_cliff on 5/29/05

My parents use to teach all of us girls that as long as one person in the family is saved all are saved. I love them but it could have been the cause of hell for us all. we are reponsible for our own salvation and I thank God i found out the truth before it was to late.....God Bless
---lorie4334 on 5/29/05

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just a few scriptures you can pray because God's Word does not come back void. psalm 103.17 his salvation extends to the children,s children. acts 17.31 believe on the Lord jesus and you will be saved, along with your entire household, God bless vicka
---vickie on 5/29/05

Brother Eloy: Can you explain what you mean by the 3 who go to heaven include "the righteous who never heard the gospel". I appreciate your understanding and would like to hear from you re this statement. In Jesus, Granma Elsie
---Elsie on 5/29/05

My, oh my, are we forever going to try to place our God in a box? We have a wonderful Savior whom God sent as a Jew and He loves us all. He tells us clearly how we can be redeemed. There is no discrimination. ALL are welcome! Just pray, dear one. He knows your heart!
---Elsie on 5/29/05

All of those not going to Heaven are going to Hell. It is that simple.

We don't go to Heaven because we are good for none of us are good, Rom 3:9-18.

We are not "all" Gods children, John 8:44.

God does not have grandchildren as all Christians are first born. Read John 3:1-18 to get the full story.

Those who have repented and accepted Gods sacrifice for sin go to Heaven. Those who do not have the mental ability are safe in Christ.
---Elder on 5/29/05

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First of all, your grandchildren haven't reached the age of accountability; secondly, the Bible plainly says that Jesus is the only way, and if you don't accept Jesus, you don't accept God; thirdly, God isn't mean, He gave us choices on how to live, and not live, our lives
---antha6445 on 5/29/05

I believe up until the age where a child can decide for themselves if they believe or not, if anything happens to the 3 yr old or the 5 month old child, they will be taken to be with the Lord due to their innocence. Their mother must make her own decision. I'm sure she's heard of Christ,. She must believe and surrender to Him to gain heaven.
---Ann5758 on 5/29/05

It depends on whether you mean they are Jewish by birth only or are Jews by faith. If they have accepted Christ as their saviour they are now Messianic Jews. Nothing will ever change the fact that they are Jewish but Jews can and will be saved before the end comes, BUT those who do not accept Christ will be treated just like anyone else who doesn't accept Christ. If you are a Christian Kristine you will know the bible teaching on that subject, if you are not please study what the Word of God has to say.
---Xanthi on 5/29/05

There are 3 kinds of people who will go to hell: the wicked who never heard the gospel, those who heard but rejected it, and the backslider who didn't return to the Lord. And there are 3 kinds that go to heaven: the righteous who never heard the gospel, the redeemed which is the true born-again christian, and the backslider who returns to the Lord.
---Eloy on 5/29/05

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The Bible states that anyone who recognizes and accepts Jesus as Lord and savior will be saved. The Bible also says that those who do NOT believe in him as savior will NOT be saved. It's your choice... you were given free will to choose. I don't believe you can pick and choose which pieces of scripture to follow and which to bend! If you believe that the Bible is God's word, then you have to believe it all without embellishing one way or the other. There WILL be consequences for denying him as savior.
---Janet7433 on 5/29/05

Just because they aren't american and their customs are different that doesn't mean they aren't saved. As long as they have Jesus in their hearts and endure til the end with him, they will make it into heaven.
---Rebecca_D on 5/28/05

If your daughter-in-law, or daughter, which ever the case may be, does not except that Jesus is the Son of God and died for our sins, then she will not go to Heaven untill she does except Him. God is a Loveing God, But if His Son is denied, then the ones who deny Him will also be denied before the Father. Your grand babies are still to young to know, so if the Lord comes back while they are to young to know, then they will go to Heaven. Pray for them, and their Mother.
---a_friend on 5/28/05

There are only two human beings we know FOR SURE will be in hell: the Antichrist, and the False Prophet.

Salvation comes only through Jesus Christ, but as Moses was told, "I will have mercy on whoever I will have mercy...." I don't presume to say how God decides to bestow it. I just pray He will be as mercful to everyone as I hope He will be to me.
---Jack on 5/28/05

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I believe that God will determine on an individual basis where we will spend eternity. Too many pat answers and verses of scripture taken out of context or quoted one verse only, are all too often used as reasons to include or exclude some one or some people. Micha4368
---michael on 5/28/05

I believe that God will determine on an individual basis where we will spend eternity. Too many pat answers and verses of scripture taken out of context or quoted one verse only, are all too often used as reasons to include or exclude some one or some people. Micha4368
---michael on 5/28/05

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