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Older Women Want Love Too

Why the negativity over an older woman wanting a mate? Please don't tell me to get a warm blanket or hot cup of tea. And please don't tell me to get a pet. Why can't we older people have someone to love?

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 ---anon on 5/28/05
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I'm one of the "oldies but goodies". Why not have a "love" interest no matter our age? When my best male friend went to the mission field, I asked God to send someone as "best" in my life. Indeed,He sent him over 4 years ago and he is the delight of my life. However, the best love we will ever have is Jesus Christ. If we are born-again, His Love fills all the empty spaces.
---Elsie on 4/28/08

cont'd....Singles over 40 are looked upon as defective. Pressure to be married could be one of the causes of the 50% divorce rate among Christians. As a 56 year old single woman I feel lonely when I'm too much alone and I start thinking I need a mate. But then I find myself in fellowship and I'm at peace again, accepting where God wants me to be which is right where I am. Jewel
---Ginette on 9/7/07

I come from a Catholic background. Catholics are one of the few denominations who honor singleness as much as marriage. They also recognize that there are basically 2 types of loneliness: one is spiritual, occurring when we're cut off from God, the other is social, when we're alone too much. Which is why Catholic clergy, including nuns, live in communities. Other denominations put too much emphasis on marriage.....cont'd
---Ginette on 9/7/07

I've got a pet, but a warm body close is much nicer than a blanket! I'm not a kid, but not too old to appreciate having a warm loving hubby either. I'm nearing 60, but I'm not dead!
---Rosa on 9/5/07

"Tennesse Syndrome you are high up on that list as a Gr Dau closer than you know even in my prayers.K"

Emcee, Tennessee Syndrome? Oh well, at least I'm high up on your list! :)
---Kay on 11/5/06

Donna::The words "I imagine""is your opinion,negative.Not true some men may be that way inclined, but those who respect womanhood view the heart, speech,attire disposition,what you are talking about is to some, "the icing onthe cake" lot of us can do without icing, But the reciprocal love is important to both sexes.
---Emcee on 11/5/06

Steve: "a truly mature man doesn't "settle" for whoever is left over. a good man always aims for the best. i want the very best, and i know she will be glad to have me as her husband."
A truly mature man isn't so self centered, and looks to give of himself as well as recieve. To call anyone a "leftover" is degrading and shows lack of maturity and insight. Jesus loves the unlovely, who wishes to marry the unlovely?
---christina on 11/5/06

2) Steve, I can't help thinking of Hosea,a picture of Christ and His love. how many would choose an adulterous woman, or man? To seek to love another is far more mature then to seek to be loved, although we all desire that. Some of the people that need love most are unlovely, but if shown love may blossom beautifully.
---christina on 11/5/06

Tennesse Syndrome you are high up on that list as a Gr Dau closer than you know even in my prayers.K
---Emcee on 11/4/06

I think the nagativity is due largely to the "age discrimination" in our society. If you are under fifty, you may scarcely even be aware that it exists. Believe me, "old people" are not the only "intolerent" ones by a long shot! And men fantasize about shapely YOUNG women until they die (I imagine). Male or female, 9 yrs old or ninety, you never outgrow your need for-- LOVE!
---Donna2277 on 11/4/06

"I have a number of Lady friends from ages 23 -73"--Emcee

Hopefully I'm included in that number! :)
---Kay on 11/4/06

I think the nagativity is due largely to the "age discrimination" in our society. If you are under fifty, you may scarcely even be aware that it exists. Believe me, "old people" are not the only "intolerent" ones by a long shot! And men fantasize about shapely YOUNG women until they die (I imagine). Male or female, 9 yrs old or ninety, you never outgrow your need for-- LOVE!
---Donna2277 on 11/4/06


70 is Young for Love [if you keep good health]; whether single or matched, enjoy your 70's. I will be hiking mountains in my 70's...

---Reiter on 11/4/06

We have a society that lusts after negativity. Were has judge not less yea be judged gone to? Were has forgiveness, edifying and lifting up gone? Were has the love of God in us gone to? We all need Love. We all need the love of God in us to love each other the right way.
---Junior on 11/4/06

"If he did, he would have never made Eve:)"

lynet, excellent point!
---Kay on 11/4/06

"a truly mature man doesn't "settle" for whoever is left over. a good man always aims for the best. i want the very best, and i know she will be glad to have me as her husband."

steve, if youre looking for perfection, youre never going to find it.
---Kay on 11/4/06

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Man should NOT live alone .The source of life is love & all through life.Love is in the heart, not any other part of the body,because that is the age of delusion not procreation.God has made it that way I have a number of Lady friends from ages 23 -73 & I respect them all.we have great fun when ever we meet some times even collectively.Because all I offer is my Heart & the heart of Him who has never ending love& the master of It.
---Emcee on 11/3/06

I understand where you are coming from anon.
I too have heard wait on the Lord, Jesus is all you need, and the Lord will supply your every need, mostly from married folk. Wanting a mate, having the desire to be loved has nothig to do with my salvation and trust in the Lord, God does not put himself in the position of a mate. If he did, he would have never made Eve:) I love the lord with all my heart, I love myself, and I will love my mate when he shows up:)
---lynet on 11/3/06

Now wait a minute some of you young men. I'm 70 and even though I don't want to remarry doesn't mean that if I wanted to I would be to old. Even single women my age and even older need just as much love as anyone else; and, I'm not referring to sex. I don't care if a man or woman in their 90's want to get married and enjoy their golden years together and be happy, more power to them.
---Norma7374 on 11/3/06

First, Love yourself.

---Reiter on 11/3/06

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Who said that older people cannot have someone to love? That is not true. God did not make any of us to be alone unless we want to be.
---Helen_5378 on 9/8/06

Steve, it is ridiculous to say that women ofover 40 are old.
If I marry again it will be to someone probably 20 years older than that. I have met many, and none of them would I consider "old"
Look for yuor dolly-bird ... I wish you luck if you find her, and hope you manage to keep her as you get old
---alaan8869_of_UK on 9/8/06

Steve or Curt, why do you hold bitter feelings against women. Read Song of Solomon. Remember Sarah. She was a classy woman way up in her years. You don't need a forklift to get out of the house do you? With a stinky attitude you'll just draw flies.
---Spike on 9/8/06

I don't think age matter's if you love someone a man in the church i use to go to i know he is in his 80's his wife died and a lady in another church husband had passed a way well these to met and married i seen them one day i was waiting on my grandaughter and i seen them he went around and open the door for her and when he got in on his side she moved over close to him i thought that was so cute so don't give up Love may just be around the corner for you.
---betty on 9/8/06

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Don't ever give up! I am 42, and have been blessed with a most wonderful and loving fiance' from this very site who is 30. Love knows no age, tis whats on the inside that is most important. God is merciful and compassionate, He does not desire to see ANY of His children lonely. When you least expect it, true love will find you. Have faith.
---Pamelia on 10/15/05

How do you know that God will not say to you one day; 'see that 45 year old abandoned divorced/widowed DISABLED weelchair bound woman of God with 10 children?' she needs love an a helpmeet for her children. you steve are to marry her'
LOL yes it can often happen.
But if you truly have Made Jesus Christ your Lord and saviour, this will not be a problem to you.
Just an example steve but it is the truth about how God often moves.
---susanna on 8/10/05

one Question i would like to put to steve.
Do you think that women over 40 who are single/divorced/widowed through no fault of there own, should become a nun (join a convent)or commit fornication? Read 1 corinthians7v2
Gods ways are not our ways, for there have been many incidences of God telling his people to do the strangest of things in the name of true christianity, like taking care of orphans and widows in their distress
---susanna on 8/10/05

I was 54 and my husband was 60 when we married 2 years ago, I was divorced MANY years ago, he had never been married.
We neither have never been happier.

You don't quit having fun when you're older, you get old when you quit having fun! We serve the Lord, and He blesses us with health and love. We rarely have a dull moment and are active in every aspect of our life.
---NVBarbara on 8/5/05

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Steve IS over 40, so by his own admission he isn't married because he doesn't want to marry, according to one of his answers.

When you 1st showed up as "Curt" you were wife looking, but added that you did NOT want sex with marriage.
I'm no rocket scientist, but its no wonder you haven't married.
Maybe you can see about getting those screws tightened that are loose!
---NVBarbara on 8/5/05

Steve, you dont know what you're talking about. I'm forty and never married and believe in marriage and I'm not too old. I look 30, never had kids, fit, healthy, fantastic, intelligent, well educated, world travelled, experienced several career paths.....I've broken all of your stereotypes right here so anything further you say should be taken with a grain of salt by need to change your attitude and grow up.
---lisa on 8/5/05

, the cold, hard fact is that women are considered old by the time they turn forty. all the feminist rantings won't change that simple fact.
---steve on 8/5/05

andrew: I know there are plenty of opportunities to teach English outside the US. Where are you and how can a woman who loves the Lord and people find out about guys like you?
---Madison on 8/3/05

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I'm 45 and I still want to be married. The problem is that the career I trained for has me working outside the USA a lot, and most American women won't consider going outside the USA anymore. I wish some of them would see how there is so much ministry that can be done by teaching English to others in the world.
---andrew on 8/3/05

, for the record, when i was in my teens and twenties, people told me i was too young to have a girlfriend. when i turned forty, i stopped listening to them. so i won't look for someone who is too old.
---steve on 8/3/05

, a truly mature man doesn't "settle" for whoever is left over. a good man always aims for the best. i want the very best, and i know she will be glad to have me as her husband.
---steve on 8/3/05

Steve ... you should consider someone of your own age.
You are too old to have a dolly bird.
Grow up man.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 8/1/05

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, i can only speak from experience. i waited until i was forty, and now, no women are interested in me unless they themselves are just too old to consider.
---steve on 8/1/05

I did not choose to be single, My exs mid-life crises did. so if it is so easy to find some one, where do I look o' wise one? My friends are married. and we don't know may single people for me to date.
---laure5469 on 6/20/05

You're certainly not speaking from MY experience, Steve. I was close 4 was abusive, one cheated on me, one went back to an old girlfriend, and one got scared and broke it all off. My singleness is not for lack of trying on my part. I can't believe any modern, liberated man would think the way you do. Maybe we should all be like the movie Logan's Run, and kill off everybody once they turn 29, because they're no good for anything anymore.
---Ann5758 on 6/17/05

. i am speaking from experience. those who want to be married will find someone by the time they reach thirty. those who are too picky, will still be single in their forties and fifties. nobody is perfect, so don't wait forever. if someone is a good match, go for it.
---steve on 6/16/05

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Steve, I've believed in marriage every since I was old enought to think about it. Unfortunately
it's a two-way street. It's very easy to say, Go get married, when there is nobody who wants to marry you. I really want to be married, and have for over 30 years, but it's not happened..not for lack of trying on my part. I just have to wait on the Lord, and see what He has in store for me. I sure wouldn't want to marry someone with your attitude.
---Ann5758 on 6/14/05

, okay, i am sorry if you didn't like my responses. but i think people who believe in marriage are going to get married. those men who wait until they are past forty.... well, watch out ladies, he's probably not the guy who believes in marriage that much.
---steve on 6/14/05

Steve ... you manage to be deeply offensive. I know many unmarried ladies over 40 ... most of them would dearly love to marry.

I also know many divorced ladies and widows over theat age ... many of them also would like to love and marry again.

Therre are men also above that age ... like me, many want to remarry.

I just wonder how old you are ... and where you found your stereotypes
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/13/05

Steve, you're such a breath of fresh air, such a perky fella! You're what ... maybe 14, 15 years old? An inspiration to us all. And, obviously, you just have to have the last word, but unfortunately it never seems to be a "positive" one. Okay, okay, so I'm being a tad sarcastic, but you had that coming! Quit picking on the older female generation. Frankly, given a choice between a "man" with your attitude and no man at all, I'd rather stay SINGLE!
---Helen on 6/12/05

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remember that those who haven't married by the time they are forty, are usually those who don't believe in marriage.
---steve on 6/9/05

My parents first marriage {to each other} was in their 40's. they had 2 kids and are married still, 42 years. I envy people who can wait and make it last. maybe older people have some of the bugs worked out. I see "old" love, and definitly want it!!!
---Laureen on 6/7/05

WISDOM....its rare kind of gift given by our LORD,its very sufficient to some yet insufficient to others,ignorance,PRIDE has no room in the LORDS temple,politely reading between the lines and taking time to digest ones opinion for sure goes along way rather than just brushing up and tap tap tap registering youre frustrations positevely and negatively,appreciate ones sentiment first.WE HAVE TO CAST AWAY THE "WOLVES SKIN AND PUT ON THE SHEEPS SKIN".
---peter on 6/6/05

Well Steve ... I wonder how old you are?

I would like to marry again, and quite honestly I hope there are ladies out there who are older than yuor 40 limit. They would be far too young for me at that age!
---Alan_of_U.K. on 6/5/05

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Don't think there IS any scripture for that...KJV or any other version. Sarah had Isaac when she was in her 90's, which means Abraham must have thought she was still sexy at that age, but that's all I could find. Unlike some people think, there isn't a scripture for EVERY circumstance in life.
---Ann5758 on 6/5/05

Marla and Helen Thank you very much! Thank you! :)
But am still waiting for scripture. King James only, don't want translations. Thanks
---anon on 6/4/05

Steve, I will repeat what I've said before: If you have nothing constructive to say, it is best to say nothing at all. As Marla put it, Love has no age limit. I know couples in their 80's who are still very much in love. Personally, I would feel truly blessed to have what they have. To all those who are still waiting for their special someone, I say KEEP THE FAITH and don't give up!
---Helen on 6/4/05

Love has no age limit. I often see older couples walking hand in hand down the street and I admire them. Everyone needs someone (yes besides God). God should be our 1st love but, we should also have a 2nd love to share and grow old with. Someone to pray with and read the word with and yes someone to walk hand in hand with till we see our lord in heaven.
---Marla on 6/4/05

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Too old for what, Steve..?
---Ann5758 on 6/3/05

Have you never seen an older couple walk hand in hand in the park? Would you like to die alone in your old age? The finding of a true love is acceptable at any age. Why deprive older people of love and companionship. It is not good for man to be alone at any age.
---anon on 6/3/05

, okay, i think once a woman hits forty, thats just too old, no offence.
---steve on 6/3/05

Elder, show me where in the Scriptures that statement comes from. King James view only. Thanks
---anon on 6/3/05

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Anon, just to clear up a misunderstanding- it was Peter who wrote about self-esteem, NOT Elder.
---Ann5758 on 6/3/05

Elder, why do you think it is a self esteem problem? You don't even know who I am, how can you judge? And no, I do not want a younger man, a man my age preferably, a man whose God is his source. And loves his woman as a man who loves the Lord should. Elder, soften up a bit.
---anon on 6/2/05

Well, Helen, I'm past the point of looking for Mr. I'm looking for Mr. He'll Do. Like Snow White sang when she took her film to the camera shop, "Some day my prints will come..."
---Ann5758 on 6/1/05

Ann, your sense of humor has come in handy over the past 30 years, eh? Believe me, I understand, all too well, what you're saying. Of course, I've been told I'm a bit too "picky", otherwise I could have been married again by now. To which I reply: I'll have to spend the rest of my life with this man ... shouldn't we at least be able to "get along?" LOL! God bless you and hope that wonderful man arrives soon for you!
---Helen on 6/1/05

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Bless you for giving me hope Tammy
---laure5469 on 5/31/05

A month ago, I married a man that I met on this site. I'm 60 and he is 64. We are having the best time of our lives. God knew what he was doing in this relationship!
---Tammy on 5/31/05

Try 30 years, hon...been praying since I was in my early 20's for a man..just turned 52, and he ain't showed up, people say that God is enough, and we should be satisfied with that, but sometimes you just gotta have someone with skin on. Any takers..???
---Ann5758 on 5/30/05

Almost 11years long enough??? Sigh...
---anon on 5/30/05

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Nicely put Helen.......The Lords timing is the best, i prefer older women ..Oh yes ido they ar every UNDERSTANDING,DEVOTED,HONEST,VERY MATURE,KIND,POLITE,VERY MUCH LOVING,TRUSTWORTHY. Anon why most of you never get someone to love is because of youre self esteem ,you wonder what that young fellow will think of you or take you( yes a mother or lover)or whetther he is trapping you or you are and what are his future plans in youre affair or marriage with the diffrences in age
---peter on 5/30/05

If God has placed a desire in your heart for a companion, then pray that God send His choice, and praise Him each day for the answer, as you receive by faith. Surely, God will answer and you will know it when He sends. I have personally known folks who got married at 60, and older ones who re-married their spouses after being separated from them for some years. God will give the best as you seek His face. Abigail
---Abigail on 5/30/05

Lorie, stop it, your not too old!
---John on 5/29/05

Anon, I don't believe any of us were "meant" to be alone, but I do believe that sometimes it is necessary to "spend" some time alone, in order to truly appreciate companionship. There ARE still some good men out there, just as there are some good women. If you're meant to have a companion, God will bring you together, in due time. Just remember, the Lord has a plan for each and everyone of us.
---Helen on 5/29/05

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well sweety most of the ones complaining are jellous. i am 42 and i was told by a young woman that i was to old be in search of a man. i told her the men wanted the older woman because the young ones have to be told what to do. you just keep the faith and keep looking for that love.
---lorie4334 on 5/29/05

I do believe that it is not wrong to want a love relationship in our lives even though we are older. However, it is hard to find dedicated Christian men in our age group. I will not settle for anything else! You pray for me and I will pray for you. It does get lonely lots of times. We have God, but we need human companionship also.
---Jane on 5/29/05

I do believe that it is not wrong to want a love relationship in our lives even though we are older. However, it is hard to find dedicated Christian men in our age group. I will not settle for anything else! You pray for me and I will pray for you. It does get lonely lots of times. We have God, but we need human companionship also.
---Jane on 5/29/05

Anon, I appolagize. I assumed that you were looking for a younger man. I was reading the other responces and got carried away. As long as it's God's will than there's nothing wrong with you being with a man of any age.
---John on 5/29/05

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I think it's wonderful for older women to find someone for them.Mom is 87 and has had a gentleman friend for 10 years who is 8 years younger than she is.The most negative I've heard about older women is there is a shortage of good men for their age group.It must be true I've had friends who've looked for years.
---Darlene_1 on 5/29/05

I am divorced and have pretty much given my future relationships to the Lord. He is the love of my life.

However, my mom is 78. She has been dating for years. This man adores my mom and treats her like a queen. They are probably not going to get married because they will lose some of their Social Security benefits if they do. They just go out a lot and enjoy each other.

I tease her and ask if I am going to have to wait till I am in my 70s before I find the right man.
---Madison on 5/29/05

I see nothing wrong with an older woman being with a younger man as long as it's God's will. Our good friends who live next door are a good example. Their names are John and Ellen. He is 30 and she is almost 50. They get along great, and as a matter of fact they got saved about a year ago. They look good together, and I say praise the Lord! Don't give up. With God nothing is impossible. God bless you, girl!
---John on 5/29/05

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