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Why Are Divorced Not Forgiven

Some time ago many on forum said that a EXPERIENCED woman was now forgiven because she was saved so a man should not hold this against her. Why do same people not have this attitude to PREVIOUSLY MARRIED, but now saved women?

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 ---F.F. on 5/29/05
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Even GOD divorced.....

Jeremiah 3:8
And I saw, when for all the causes whereby backsliding Israel committed adultery I had put her away, and given her a bill of divorce, yet her treacherous sister Judah feared not, but went and played the harlot also.
---Trav on 1/10/11

Promiscuous behavior is immoral. And "divorce" may happen because of adultery. Both the sin of unchasity or fornication, and the sin of adultery, can be forgiven. When a person finishes taking a bath, it would be wrong to say that they are still unclean when they are wholly washed. God does not mislabel a forgiven soul as a sinner, instead he names them righteous: but satan and condemned souls malign and blaspheme God's blood-washed and sanctified children as sinners, because they themsleves are unsaved and still in sin.
---Eloy on 1/10/11

Everyone is forgiven by the blood of Christ. Though divorce might be a bad thing and bad might not like it, he will never leave us or not forgive us. God is always waiting for us to come back to him, and by his grace, when we come back, we are forgiven
---Adam_Boes on 1/10/11

theresa, i totally agree with your statement. but there is a problem with this idea, as soon as this is thaught in church everybody divorced because of Christ. amazing how many husbands (even christians)opposed their wife because of Christ. especially when the woman finds herself a new hubby. (this goes both ways). today there are so many churches that there's no longer any control over this problem. normally there should be a centralised (even oecomenical) organ of ministers to control this kind of questions with a genuine tribunal to decide the vallidity of every situation. then more ministers would be at ease when a divorce wants to ghet permission to remarrie.
---andy3996 on 1/10/11

People are adding what they want to scripture. They read what it says in the bible concerning divorce and run with it. They do not have any discernment or idea what the scripture is actually saying or referring to. They just make assumptions. They bible lists many sins. Not just divorce. But people pick out what they want to pick out to use against others. You need to seek God for yourself. The truth of your situation. Pray ,fast seek God about your situation. He will reveal the answer to you if you sincerely seek after Him.
---Robyn on 1/8/11

it is true that there is a tendency to stigmatise the divorces. nevertheless looking at the rate of remarriage with believersq it appears to me that this is allready of the past. as a bible loyal Christian i do not like to condemn
but the bible is clear about this subject
you divorce you stay single.
or you remarry you need to abandon all responsibilities in church. these biblical regulations are never honoured anyhow. a bishop is the husband of one (greek implies first) wife. so if the solution could be given how to keep the remarried out of the governmental ministies and keep them satisfied in church i'm open,.
---andy3996 on 1/7/11

You have many evil and ill-taught people(including pastors,elders etc..) who live to destroy peoples's lives, with that ignorance. This is why we are admonished to leave the judging to God. We are also to build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and knowing the true Word of God. If you build on this foundation, you will not fall for everything people dream up, to make themselves look more spiritual than others. We must be discerning in these evil times.
---Robyn on 1/6/11

We know from the Bible God only gives two circumstances allowing divorce. The first is in Matthew Chapter 5, stating except it be for fornication, which in the Greek means sexual impurity, (ie.,adultery). Then in I Corinthians, Chapter 7, verse 15 in the case of a believer with an unbeliver who departs or leaves them.The believer is not under bondage to the marriage. Otherwise, believers are to stay, pray and fast together
and God will answer!!!
---Theresa on 7/30/07

We are stuck in the OT law and the NT law bcos it is Christ Himself..He is the Word John 1:1 and made Flesh John 1:14 The Ceremonial Laws which is also mentioned OT laws are the ones done away to make way for Christ to come who can save us from spiritual sin..where animals sacrifices couldnt.Remember, God says He is a forgiving God. If you do wrong, kneel and confess sin 2God and He will forgive..amen
---law on 7/30/07

A lot of people are stuck in O.T. law, and do not know the N.T. grace.
---Eloy on 7/27/07

Divorce is a sin like many others on this board have committed. I will not thow a stone at this person. Remeber, one transgression of the law, you are guilty of the whole thing.
---Tom145 on 8/17/05

, Burning in lust, burning with jealious, because of other married couples.
You contradict yourself when you clame that God is a god of forgivness.Surly he can forgive an innocent party if their partner leaves them/and or commits adultary against them and the innocent can remarry. I DO Not adhere to the doctines of man.
---susanna on 8/17/05

Carla the bible says that it is better to marry then to burn! Now to burn can have more then one meaning, such as burning in hell for commiting fornication as a result of the cruel false doctrine of not being able to remarry after a divorce even though you were the innocent party.
---susanna on 8/17/05

What about the women in the bible who had many men. Jesus forgave her. He had said that the person with no sin could cast the 1st one could throw a stone.
He forgave her. Why would people not be forgiven today just as they always have been?
---M. on 6/4/05

Anyone can be forgiven of their sins through Christ Jesus...when they accept him into their lives and are able to repent and are willing to forgive others ..who do them wrongs.Just as the Lord's Prayer teaches us.
Forgive so u can be forgiven.
The greatest form of fornication and Adultery is sharing your Life with other God's and idols along with the God of heaven.For God is a jealous God.
---Michelle on 6/3/05

Accept someone has had sexual relations with another person whilst married, to marry another would mean you would commit Adultery According to Matth 19. Where the forgiveness comes in, is If the Spouse wants to forgive that partner and take them back, that is left to that individual and God.
---Carla on 6/1/05

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Fornication: Is also the term given to people that are unmarried having Sexual Intercourse. Now the wife/Husband that had committed Fornication with another person only if they marry do they commit Adultery according to matth 19, so people need to understand what is fornication and what is Adultery and how you commit it before marrying another partner Claming being saved as another reason to re-marry.
---Carla on 6/1/05

How does the Un-Saved Thief then repent get ''Saved'' and continue to steal because he is ''Saved'' what has he been Saved from. The murderer Get ''saved'' and continue to Murder. If it is the act that condems him, what condems the Adulterer? Being ''saved''?
---Carla on 6/1/05

Respectfully:Jesus afirms in the New Testament the Original Intention of what God said, JESUS SAID Accept for Fornication, Fornication is Stated in the terms Of ''One should have his fathers wife''... Corin 5. Taking this into account John 17 States that Jesus came not to condem, but to save Us,yet were're encouraged by some to ignore, Matth 19.Any other scripture refers to the renewal of the Inner Man not the reinstatment of the Adulterous Sin regardless of being saved.
---Carla on 6/1/05

If you Steal from someone you give back what is possible or restore it back, do not steal again. If you lie, do not lie again. Okay if you divorced and there is no reconsilliation possible, we are encouraged to remain single and serve the lord. What is the non forgiveness in that. What? You want to commit further Adultery? Jesus never said Re-marry, he said he forgave the sin and pardoned you not re-offend (Commit further Adultery). Matth 19:11 not everyone can accept this saying save whom it is given.
---Carla on 6/1/05

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I recently attended a small church for a period of a few months.....i was encouraged to take over as youth minister and had the FULL support of the ENTIRE church....As i was preparing to join the church,i informed the pastor of my past(divorce)......the church not only wouldn`t allow me to take over the youth but denied my membership into the church! GOD forgives our sins but unfortunately men (and somtimes CHURCH) doesn`t!!!!!!
---co_ach on 5/30/05

Read about Jesus and the woman at the well. She had 5 husbands and living with another man...Jesus did not condemn her, but pointed her to the 'living water' that would cause her not to thirst again. Many denom. today won't let a divorced person take part in Sunday School or leadership at all. That is so wrong..
---Karen on 5/30/05

I talked with a pastor. He said that at this time people were talking of husbands were divorcing over "burnt toast" and woman were unable to work out side home so made living remarrying. at that time if husbands abused family they could be killed by her family. If not his whole house hold. that was not some thing that was allowed. God wants a healthy marriage for his kids as much as we do! I wouldn't want my kid in bad relationship, why would God
---Laureen on 5/30/05

Some are not forgiven because they do not need to be.

We only need to be forgiven when we do something wrong. Some divorces are not wrong. They are the right and spiritual thing to do.
---Elder on 5/30/05

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Bible says "only ONE sin isn't forgiven, BLASPHEME of HOLY SPIRIT. Mark 3:28-30. Doesn't mean divorce whenever U like, he doesn't like it. God knows your heart & knows if U ask 4 forgiveness if UR genuine or not. Mark 3:(28)I tell you the truth, all the sins and blasphemies of men will be forgiven them. (29)But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin." (30)He said this because they were saying, "He has an evil spirit."
---Judith on 5/29/05

I have gotten to the point to where I really don't care what people think of me and my past. I got a divorced, I was a sinner at the time, but still I knew what the good book said. I know my past is under the blood, and that is all that matters to me. People are so judgemental on everything. I don't hold anything against someone else, we all have a past, if God can forgive them, and throw the past sins away, then why can't we? We all should if we want to put on the mind of Christ, we need to.
---Rebecca_D on 5/29/05

Wh says they are NOT forgiven? I agree--it seems that there are too many people who refuse to extend the same mercy that was shown to themselves. Jesus told a rather pointed parable about this--the one of the Unmerciful Servant.
---jack on 5/29/05

I believe in grace. Can you give me verses?
Example: numbers 30:8-15
do you have others?
---Laureen on 5/29/05

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