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Pray For Me And My Kids

So upset this week please pray for me. My childrens dad and I are divorced. He never does anything for them and when he promisses he backs out. I try to make up excuses to them I am running out of reasons. It hurts to see them hurt.

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 ---lorie4334 on 5/29/05
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Lorie::Only you know the reasons & circumstances .Leave the rest in the hands of your Creator HE knows even more than you & sees all.Move on do not make excuses Once a rat always a rat, infected by fleas.MOVE ON make a life for yourself & the kids make a clean break.He is dead meat.
---Emcee on 2/18/08

hi lorle i would really love to talk with you but your no longer a member please reapply me and my kids were going through the same now hes seeing them at access centre its better if he lets them down then he has to answer to the court
---brooke on 2/18/08

Hi, dont let a man make you upset. Though their father may not help them, remember our Heavenly Father provides everyone with what is needed.Take your focus off from what their father does or doesnt do and fix it on Christ and may you show Christ love for your children. It is worth more than anything else here on earth.God bless you.With prayers for you,Lizzie
---Lizzie on 3/9/07

If any one reads this page pray that God move in the father of my kids that he to will have a change of heart to our kids!!!Thank God that your kids father is moved, I pray it continues!
---Laureen on 6/1/05

lorie, what a blessing. yes, i'll pray for you all.
---Eloy on 5/31/05

Printed this whole page and gave it to my son to give to my ex to read. His mother called me and said he cryed and cryed all day today. that he ask her to help him get in a drug rehab.He also ask the pastor of his mothers church to pray for him. I took my children to see him and the first time my ex held his children for hours.I pray and ask you all to pray for him. I can never be his wife again ,but if he will be a father to our babies then that is more joy then i could ever ask for..thank you all
---lorie4334 on 5/30/05

lorie, i understand perfectly now. You have no desire to be with the man anymore, yet the children do and that's why they hurt. Do what is right.
---Eloy on 5/30/05

Lorrie:I am sorry to hear the plight Of yourself & your children.Men who feign God are wolves in sheeps clothing You have done right GET RID of the ---.Your children will understand in time to come just love them double& more.Love is the answer to pain.Be honest with them, Do not make excuses they are growing & will know the truth.Teach them about God& his mother,show them the way to truth & happiness.Dont look back look ahead.May God Bless You as you endeavour to climb out of the mire.
---Emcee on 5/30/05

thank all of you, i try to repond to some of your questions. i do not talk to my ex unless it involves my children. when i try to talk to him about my babies he tell me to go f myself., as for my ex taking himself out of the picture .. he never did anything for them even in marrage. i try to save their feelings, but i want them to be happy and every child needs the love of their father i just pray he could give them that.
---lorie4334 on 5/30/05

If this guy is any thing like my Ex he wouldn't go to counceling. chances are he feels that his life is his own and that he isn't hurting any one. If he would have been willing to change they wouldn't be Exs
---Laureen on 5/30/05

Eloy, I'm surprised you suggest that Lorie seeks anger management and drug rehabilitation for her husband. For these to work the person has to seek help themselves because they know they need help. Seeking it for him could make him worse. A suggestion could be made but don't do any arranging.
---Xanthi on 5/30/05

I some times wonder if people who make divorced people 2nd class citizens, have ever gone through the pain of a divorce? it is not some thing a person of any morals choises for them selves. I would not wish the pain of a broken marrage on any one. this woman is hurting for her children show compation!
---Laureen on 5/30/05

I talked to my pastor about the moses "can't divorce remarry thing". At the time you are refering to, men were divorceing wives for burning toast or some thing stupid. then women {not being able to have jobs out side the home} were making a living out of remarrying. the reason things like abuse aren't brought up is that the men in the family were O.K.ed by the law to kill the husband for this. so was not a problem. God would prefer as we as Christians would prefer it too, life mates!
---Laureen on 5/30/05

Sweety you don't want him in your kids lives!!!! my ex did drugs& is a heavy drinker, and now isn't coming home to the woman he has now. Yes, it hurts your kids. it will rip your heart out!!! beleive me, I do know!!!! till he decides to clean up life he won't change till God changes him. he will continue to hurt you and your kids. if he saw them while under influnce of some thing and your kids got hurt, you won't forgive yourself easily!!! Honey I do know well what you are saying!!! all to well.
---Laureen on 5/30/05

Tell the children the truth, no excuses.

When dad doesn't show up be honest with them. Just tell then you don't know why he acts the way he does. Let them see that you have done all you could for them to see him and he is the one who doesn't make time for them.

He did abuse the children by abusing you. They saw more than you realize.

When we cannot have something we want it more. That is what is happening to the children. They want to be accepted by their dad and he doesn't care.
---Elder on 5/30/05

hi lorrie, i think the reason why your ex is backing out is because may be he is suspecting you have another man in your life who can support your kids as i have read your other question about loosing weight you have said that you met a nice man and maybe your husband found that out. But anyway put your trust in the Lord and He will be there for you.

---Sarah on 5/30/05

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Do you and your ex-husband talk, if so tell him his children are asking why Daddy is not doing the things he said he would, and that he is causing them heart ache and sorrow. explain how they will grow up someday and he will wish he could go back, but won't be able to. His Love means the world to them Now. But be kind when you are talking to him. If you have to, write it in a letter, just let him know. God Bless You!
---a_friend on 5/30/05

Yes, if a women is being abused in any form she has every right to divorce her husband I heard pastor chuck smith say that god never intended for any women to be abused by their husbands. Some people on here need to chill out and be more sensative to others, you can voice your view on the subject but please do it in a respectful way. And I also divorced my non-christian husband who was very verbally and emontially abusive. However, he is a great father and see's his kids every weekend.
---Sara on 5/29/05

i have no desire to be with the man any more i do pray for him, but he was a bone breaker he broke my hands and burnt my face . I was mostly over him wanting money but at the time i did not know why. I appreciate your concern and appoligize for getting upset. God Bless
---lorie4334 on 5/29/05

cont: As for what to tell the kids, do not make excuses for your ex. Tell the kids thse softened truth. Something like: "I am sorry, but Daddy can't make it today. Obviously, something came up and he had to change his plans. I am sorry you are hurt by this. I understand how you feel. Let's do something else together that is fun."
---Madison on 5/29/05

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cont: I suggest that in addition to taking your kids for counseling or therapy, you also seek it for yourself. Abused women suffer enormous trauma and need to work through the pain and emotions, as well as low self-esteem from it. In addition, there is your ex's drug addiction which impacts you and your children. You need help deciding how best to raise your children without him at this point.
---Madison on 5/29/05

cont: You do not have to reconcile with an abusive drug addict That is a ludicrous expectation for anyone to make. You also do not have to tell us if there is a man in your home or not. If someone here asks you questions that are none of their business, tell them so.
---Madison on 5/29/05

lorie: You do not need to answer to any of us for how or why you divorced. The fact that you are divorced now is enough information. The problem is not why you divorced, but that your ex is not treating his children to your liking. If your ex is still using drugs, he will continue to treat his children in this way. It would be best for the children to get some sort of counseling to help them deal with their father's absence because of drugs.
---Madison on 5/29/05

lorie, i needed to know why the father was no longer physically present in his childrens lives. Many times woman divorce their husbands, but then still want him or still want his money. Adultery and unbelief are biblical grounds for divorce, but not abuse and drugs. You both shared something together 12 years ago. To remedy the brokenness, you could seek reconciliation with your ex husband and pray together for God's intervention, and also seek anger management and drug rehabilitation for your husband.
---Eloy on 5/29/05

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I can relate to your problem. My ex has nothing to do with our daughters. You can't protect your children forever from fathers neglect. I spent years making excuses! that doesn't work. you don't have to be mean about him, but you don't need to hide the truth either. in the 8 years he has been gone he hasn't had them 1 weekend. your children probablely know the truth all ready.
---Laureen on 5/29/05

i am still a member if it does not work please leave me another note. lorie4334
---lorie4334 on 5/29/05

and as for a man being in my home ,no so tell me eloy why does a man have to be in my home. if you want to be nosy i can tell you also i have not been phisically with a man sence the divorce. so is there anything else personal you want to know before you can give your respond. am i offended yes because i read some of the blogs and the first thing some want to know is what that person may be doing wrong. so God Bless you anyway
---lorie4334 on 5/29/05

He promised to go to church with them and he did not show up. they cryed all day. how do i talk to my kids about a man that just does not care. i found out he was on drugs i did not know he was doing when we were married. to tell the truth i dont want him to be a part of their lives but i can not change how they feel he is their dad
---lorie4334 on 5/29/05

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Know where you're coming from Your Ex will reap what he sowes You will see it in the future Take your hurt and pain to God, ask Him what He would have you do about this situation Ask God to be your childrens Father
Be much in prayer Check into maybe big brothers and big sisters just a thought
When God brings you to mind I will pray for you and family
---shearon on 5/29/05

my ex was very abusive and even thought he was, my children still love him.As a stupid scared woman i took it for 12 years before i had enough sence to divorce him. yes no excuse just stupid. He was not abusive to my children but he was in front of them and as a mother i was putting them in danger. they love him and even though they do not see him much, they still want to be part of his life. i guess this is another blog.
---lorie4334 on 5/29/05

i need more information to give a correct reply, so let me ask, who divorced who? and why? and do you have another man living with you?
---Eloy on 5/29/05

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