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Have Decided To Lose Weight

This is for the people who are dieting, don't do it for anyone, but yourself. I have been over weight for years and I met a nice man and started losing alot of weight. Now he said he does not want a small woman. Well I guess he better move on because I have decided to lose. God Bless

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 ---lorie4334 on 5/29/05
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Speaking of diet - I want to share my wife's expertise on how to diet.

Cycle 1 hour a day - claim you want to lost 8 lbs and then on Easter, we had four chocolate eggs and miraculously, they all disappeared.

When I asked her where they were, she gave me a suspicious smile!!!!!
---Caring on 4/27/08

Robyn, the healthiest life is when people put humor into it. My wife is Oriental and I tell my friends that she's feeding me so much rice that my eyes are becoming crooked like hers.

Of course, she doesn't get insulted because she has very beautiful eyes --- But, obviously, mine are nicer :))
---Caring on 4/27/08

LOL! Sorry but I can understand Caring's wife after his comment, even though he was being smart-alecky :D It's called "do not bite the hand that feeds you" lol :D
---Mary on 4/20/08

Robyn, you obviously didn't get the joke and missed to see the smiley :))

My wife cooks and cooks good food and is a very caring and responsible person.
---Caring on 4/20/08

Caring--That was not very nice of your wife.She should make sure there is cooked food for the family. Everyone should not have to go on a diet because she has to shed pounds. Losing weight takes determination and willpower. She has to bulk up on both,go into the kitchen and cook for the family. At the same time, resist the temptaion to eat the food herself. Only eat what she can have. That is tough but can be done.
---Robyn on 4/20/08

Losing eweight is a healthy thing to do.

My wife just went on diet to lose a few lbs. I asked her to keep it up till she disappears. I ended up having to go to McDonalds for supper :))
---Caring on 4/18/08

Good for you-you are healthier, happier, and you will be here lots longer to enjoy it. If you change now, it will be for someone who does not want you to be attractive, and desireable to the eye of others. Chances are he will never be completely agreeable to what you have difficulty in changing. Good for You.
---chuck on 4/18/08

Well, well,
Suddenly after to keeping to the diet - boom, an overnight gain.

Now this morning am starting down again.

Only reason to praise the Lord - Am still down under the original first weigh in.

Well let's keep praying for each other.
---weighed_in_again on 6/3/05

Good for you. Keep up the good work. I don't blame you for dumping the man. I would have too. I had been playing at dieting to lose weight for months. Then, I seriously started praying and asking for motivation to exercise. I also pray that I eat as a neccessity and not a pleasure. NOW, I am walking, eating less and losing weight. I am so excited because I am too short (4'11) to weigh 160 pounds. Praise the Lord for all his goodness.
---Normaj on 6/2/05

I have been doing the protien diet. i eat all the meat i want and green vegs, i also walk a mile each day some can not do that but try the protein diet it really works, do not eat breads or potatoes, try it one week and you will be amazed when you weight in.....God Bless and i will pray for each of you who want to lose. lorie
---lorie4334 on 5/30/05

lorie, I have lost 15 pounds but have not been able to loose any more. I am trying to loose to get the weight off my knees. It does not matter what I do I am not looseing any more. The only way I have been able to do it is by not eating. I just drink a protien drink. If I eat anything I do not loose.
Pray for me.
---sharon_darlene on 5/30/05

Boy, oh boy!!! Weighed in this morning. Am down in spite eating up. Praise the Lord.
---barbara67 on 5/30/05

Would do anything to lose weight. But. Have severe edema and the water weight will not come off. Yes I use dieretics and no I don't eat like there is no tomorrow. People can be cruel when they don't know the truth, even when it's a health issue. May God Bless me with a man that isn't a "Shallow Hal" and and allow them to see me for who I really am.
---anon on 5/30/05

Once my sister went on diet and she kept it up for a while until she almost disappeared, so better be careful :))
---Albert on 5/30/05

To your health! May God Bless you each and everyday to stay on this new you path.
---a_friend on 5/30/05

hahaha i figured that out on my own. i am a very emotional person and i did not know what hurt worse being told to lose weight or not lose weight. but i can tell everyone this it feels great to look down and i can see my feet. i can even been over without falling over..hahaha God Bless all you people keep it up it is wonderful to feel so much smaller
---lorie4334 on 5/29/05

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Me too. And I lost some and was doing fine.
But went off the diet this weekend and feel fat, again. It does take continued determination and an ability to ignore everyone elses good cooking and keep saying I am on a diet.
How can we all keep encouraging each other to keep dieting?
---barbara67 on 5/29/05

Me too. And I lost some and was doing fine.
But went off the diet this weekend and feel fat, again. It does take continued determination and an ability to ignore everyone elses good cooking and keep saying I am on a diet.
How can we all keep encouraging each other to keep dieting?
---barbara67 on 5/29/05

Lose the weight for yourself...I lost over 225 pounds by having gastric bypass surgery and am thrilled with the new me and the second chance at life...have had men tell me to contact them when I lose the weight..sorry, but if they don't want me now then I don't want them then! I want someone to love me for the person God created me to be and not for my figure! We live in a world where the physical appearance overtakes the real person within and that is wrong!
---Fran8674 on 5/29/05

You did right to tell him to move on.

To translate his statement he didn't want you.
---Elder on 5/29/05

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I agree with you that anything you do for yourself should be for yourself and not anyone else. Good luck with losing weight.
---Debbie on 5/29/05

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