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My Husband Doesn't Pray

After 2 years of marriage my husband is still not leading us in prayer, or walking with God or teaching his stepson the ways of God. He gets convicted of it, apologises then does nothing about it. Is he saved? It is breaking my heart because I love the Lord so much and want it in our home.

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 ---Rachel on 5/30/05
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You need to spend some REAL time in prayer for him. You take the children and lead them until he does. There is no reason why you should not.
---Elder on 2/3/08

I am sorry that I failed to communicate the mind of Christ in such a way that grace would abound. I wasn't faulting the original poster for complaining but recognizing my own tendency to complain when there is so much to be thankful for. Sorry for the offense.
---Linda_Smith on 6/10/05

Maybe your husband is not sure how to take the leadership role in the family. I suggest you see if your church offers some sort of mentoring for the men. This is where an older Christian man guides a younger Christian man in his role as a Christian. If not, ask your pastor for advice. Maybe he can start a sermon series on it.

It does not mean he is not saved. It just means he may not be sure of how to lead.
---Madison on 5/31/05

Don'tworry - God has promised to save all of your family. Your job is to be a loving wife and mother. Show him your love, not criticism. Let the Holy Spirit do his job. Also, in no way demean your husband to your son. It will affect your husband's walk with the Lord and your son's decisions later in life. It is hard, but use love as your strongest weapon. That's what Jesus used on the cross. God bless you and your family.
---Margaret on 5/30/05

Linda Smith gave excellent advice given in love and a spirit of grace and freedom for those who recognize grace and freedom. Why do youall think hubby has to perform a certain way to prove what?
---different_rachel on 5/30/05

Monica gave u some good wisdom!
---C.Lee on 5/30/05

Monica gave u some good wisdom!
---C.Lee on 5/30/05

Linda should never give advice esp if you cannot give it in love ......Rachel i really feel for you and this marriage; my advice would be to Pray and Fast for your husband but keep your focus on God and as some have said you take the lead in prayer and teaching your home. I sympathize with you, but if a person isn't living for God when they marry, more than likely things are going to be very rocky afterwards ..we as Christians are to try the spirits to know that they are of God ...GBU
---Lea on 5/30/05

I agree with monica. As christians we are to lead by example and prayer. You start the gathering to have prayer and bible study, and in your personal prayer life you ask God to give your husband a praying spirit, that he will pray and lead his family in bible studies and worship. Prayer always changes things.
---milet8667 on 5/30/05

Rachel, you are in a hard situation. It is his role to take the lead in looking out for your holiness and that of the family. And thus if you begin arranging whole family activities you would be stepping outside of your role within marriage. But to take the Kids and to teach them and pray with them would not be exercising authority over him. Next time he feels convicted why not point him to be accountable to someone other than yourself (a pastor perhaps)?
---Ben on 5/30/05

Assuming you were saved when you married him (sorry if you weren't), what was your measure of whether or not he was saved? How long did you look for fruit in his life, before saying 'I do'? Is there any fruit now, or is it only that he won't lead prayers that has you wondering about his salvation? If it's more than that, then we should all pray for him to be convicted by the Spirit of his sin and ask God to save him!
---danie9374 on 5/30/05

I remember one time in particular experiencing sickness in my body on a Sunday morning. Right before he and the children left for church, he came into our bedroom where I was laying and brought unleavened bread and grape juice with him to lead me in communion. I wept as we partook together in remembrance of Him. I would take ten moments like that over an entire lifetime of things I think should take place but don't. I am thankful for those times instead of complaining of the times that are not.
---Linda_Smith on 5/30/05

My husband doesn't, as a general "law", pray with me all the time...but I can tell you that when the Spirit leads him to, he does and those times are more wonderful than any time of obligatory performance. I don't place MY expectations on him and he doesn't resent me because of it. He is accepted as is and I am accepted as is.
---Linda_Smith on 5/30/05

Set example by taking the lead to call for morning devotions in the morning or evening which ever is convenient. By setting the pace you ask him to lead the next time, it always works
Good bless
---monica on 5/30/05

Rachel, why aren't you leading the family in prayer and devotions then? If your husband isn't doing it with the family then it is your responsibility to do it till he feels comfortable with it..just because he doesn't lead doesn't mean he isn't saved...some men are shy about doing things or fearful they may do it wrong but don't nag him about it but be an example..
---fran8674 on 5/30/05

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