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Why Do We Need To Pray

If God is all knowing & knows our life, beginning to end, why should we pray for him to change things such as; heal my husband and don't let him die from cancer, AND have faith that he will do it & what do we do when he doesn't? My husband died 4-24-05. Please answer.

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 ---Tiffany on 5/31/05
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We pray:

Gods - Will be done.

---char on 1/2/13

This life in flesh is only temporary and just a reflection of the invisible.
God is life eternal, and through Him, by Him and For Him - He sent His Word to be declared.Rom 10:9,Phil 2:11 (confess the Lord Jesus...)

For the agreement: 1Jn 5 (all)

This is the one who came by water and blood, Jesus Christ, not with the water only but with the water and the blood. And the Spirit is the one that testifies, for the Spirit is the truth. There are three that tesitify: the Spirit and the water and the blood, and these three agree. If we receive human testimony, the testimony of God is greater, for this is the testimony of God that he has testified of His Son.
---char on 1/2/13

A root from PL is [Pala]

[Aleph] meaning "strength," when added to Pal the meaning is "perform'
a great work (performed) (out of judgement) an act of intercession.

[Pala] used as the subject being God, expresses an action(Hebraic perspective)

Gen 18:14 "Is any thing too hard for [pala] Adonai?"

Deut 30:11
For this commandment which I command thee this day, it is not hidden from thee [pala], neither is it far off.

Ps 118:23
This is the LORD's doing, it is marvellous in our eyes

---char on 1/2/13

2nd posting-

[Palal] judgment:
Hebraic perspective is

"one who restores life"

Jude 1:22-25
22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:

23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,

25 To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever.

---char on 1/1/13

Pray: Palal
From the parent root (two letters) PL=pey/lamed
The pictograph is a mouth[pey] and a staff [lamed]

Meaning: Speak to Authority

"Fall" comes from the parent root [pal]

[Palal] defined:

to "fall down to the ground in the presence of one in authority to plead a cause."

---char on 12/31/12

God knowing our lives, does not mean that his will is automatically done for us.

God's will is health and healing. Do we ever get sick? Injured? Yep. If God's will were to be automatically done then God wasted his time giving us his word to read and believe.

When someone dies after we prayed for their recovery. Faith in God's word works like a plant that reaches maturity and bears fruit. A modern equivalent would be making small payments on something. We don't get it until the amount is full. Jesus had God's power in full measure so things happened immediately for him. With us it takes hours, days, etc. And continuously saying what we believe as if each phrase is a drop in a bucket.
---jan4378 on 12/6/12

Hello Pat. you a mess ! That got me so much laughing,almost FELL out the chair! You are something else, smile back at you,love of JESUS!
---ELENA on 10/26/12

I tell God sometimes what He needs to do! He just laughs. And I say to God, "If I were You"!, He just laughs. It's a whole lot of fun. God is a lot of fun. HALLELUJAH.
---pat on 10/25/12

We pray to God not to tell Him what to do but to humble ourselves before Him,presenting our request to Him and if things doesn't happen the way we pray for, we also need to pray for our self so that we may be able understand His perfect will in our life.
We know through faith that God has His way of allowing things to happen in our life for a purpose.
---mj on 10/25/12

Because prayer can change things. God can change His mind. God answers prayers, according to His will. Prayer gives you His power and strength, to get through this tough life. [must be saved]. Pray like this>>>>HELP. Anyone can pray like that, if you are saved. The only prayer that God listens to from an unbeliever is a sinner's prayer, which He initiates. Otherwise, you are an abomnation to God. [strong negative feelings] He takes GREAT DELIGHT in the prayers of His people. Try begging. It might work.
---pat on 10/24/12

This been on my mind.Many times,have seen others healed, praise god,can we can not say ever anything negative in that,many times, God been my healer, so,many times. I.believe however,he works out my situation, I will be gratefull.believe in prayer, for me,I have to talk to Him,there is a song the words and it says ..."Besides, God Where else can I go? Who else can I. TURN. To?
That is my feeling exactly,prayer to me is essential. If I am very ill yes, I have found He does hear silent prayer and sometimes, I pray silent do,the devil does not hear my prayer.God bless everyone.
---ELENA on 10/24/12

Communicating with God doesn't need a 'jargon' (partisan lingo) name (make no sound when you speak with God).

God will teach you with DIVINE logical REASONING...

"Come, let US reason TOGETHER".

Partisan 'following' (procedural, rule obedience and protocol) is for robots/puppets, not for a "living, breathing soul" that communicates and relates to "I am who I am" (Exodus 3:14,....His "forever"/eternity name).

We are to worship 'GOD ETERNAL' (He who "inhabits ETERNITY",..."I have made the breath of life", Isaiah 57:15).

Do not use "jargon"/lingo, it will mislead you (do not worship with your lips, but with YOUR HEART).
---more_excellent_way on 9/23/12

It is appointed once for all to die. Some live long lives others don't. Did you ever ask your husband how he was feeling during his cancer treatments? The drugs to treat cancer are so awful with so many side effects often people give up during their treatments, and many give up all hope when the treatments are ended and they are left to die because all of their hope was in medical establishment not God. It appears God did not answer your prayer because your husband died, however maybe it was your husband who was praying to God to take him away and he believed death was the answer. Too many people believe a few words in prayer and God should jump to their demands and answer instantaneously and according to their will.
---Follower_of_Christ on 9/22/12

Tiffany praying is talking with the Lord. You have a mouth with a tongue for a good reason. Jesus desires that we talk with him. As far as dying of cancer, there are many reasons why this happens, but you must remember that if you are a Christian, "We are just passing through". This is not our permanent home, Thank God!!! We are alens on this world, and we are to occupy until Jesus returns. If your husband was a Christian, then he is in a better place, where there is no more pain and suffering, and you will meet him again one day, if you also are a Christian.
---Eloy on 6/4/12

For most of Christendom, prayer is transmitting information to a God who knew every detail, about everything, before the universe was created, in the expectation and some times, in the hope that He will respond favorably. However prayer is never intended to give God information.

Prayer serves three primary purposes: One, prayer acknowledges God as God, the Creator of the universe, two, prayer demonstrates and accepts that God is the source of all gifts, and three, prayer brings the Believer closer to God. That is, prayer put the Believer in position where he is reminded of the presence, the power and purpose of God, in the life.
---Allan on 6/4/12

Children have to ask their parent(s) for things they need. It is not all things that parents can give that the children receives. God is our parent, HE gives us perfect(sometimes distasteful) gifts.
---Adetunji on 5/31/12

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Hello,all I can say is God is sovereign and he doesn't make mistakes.I have prayed for others like myself,truth a few have been healed and to date,I have not been healed.I believe it could happen or it could be another purpose God has in mind.. I wrote a song & in that song I said Lord if it don't go the way I plan,let that wandering daughter far off get saved in Christ Jesus..I believe that will suffice and not have suffer in vain. For if it does not go my way/ God has a better way! 1Co13:8,Ps.31:16,Ps.122:6,Ps.63:3.
---ELENA on 5/28/12

I have a story for why we need to pray to GOD?
The story goes like this
(One day Jesus and Satan had a conversation in Heaven)
Satan:GOD!You are very partial.
Jesus:I cannot accept it!and on what basis you found Me partial?
Satan:You always forgive the humans and blesses them abundantly for whatever sins they have commit,but you never forgave me!
Jesus: Have you ever prayed to Me to forgive ur sins??
Jesus:Look at My people, even if they get tempted to worldly pleasures and commits sin,
they always looked for Me to confess their unhealthy behaviors and sins, through PRAYER.
Jesus:They asked Me and I gave them..have you ever asked Me to forgive for anything ??"
Satan:(he immediatly left the place)!!!
---su on 4/28/10

My friend I can sympathize with you. God commands us to stay in prayer. To help us with all of out hurts and pains. God never meant for His people to have a comfortable, free from pain and disappointments, kind of a life. We will have this and more when we reach heaven.....Pray for strengh, courage, stability, wisdom, and His power. Very important in these days which we are living in. Hallelujah. That's it. Thank you Jesus+++
---catherine on 11/13/09

Good question, easy answer. We pray because we are commanded to do so.

True prayer is agreement with God. What's the downside?
---larry on 11/10/09

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I know that we cannot post links, and I'm not, but 125 words is not enough to answer a question like this, especially for one who cares enough to really try to answer it. *Hint to find site and specific link*, Page Name. When you need to know the answers, search: If you *got questions,* search for yourself "Why Pray?" How about *sunday school lessons* on *prayer*, "Why Do We Pray?" How about *pray-today* and what one needs to know to and about *Pray/Prayer/Faith/prayerfaith*, "Prayer and Faith". Why not use a *Biblos* bible reference. Or, how about a *christian post* on "The Most Important Prayer Request that God Never Granted | Keeping the Faith".
---Jennica on 11/3/09

We pray to communicate with God who has giving us this precious gift of life. We have faith in Him that He will do what is BEST & PERFECT for us. When HE does not do as we requested or wanted, we should still believe that HE has given us the BEST. Even after the loss of a loved one, you can still pray to HIM to meet your needs & to fill for you the void created by the loss of your husband & make your life better than it was before, GOD can do it Matt.7:7.
---Adetunji on 10/18/09

To---Jeri It is my desire to pray for your situation. Father you know---Jeri very well and you know the situation in its entirety. Now because you are God and ---Jeri has needs I'm asking you to bless him and let him find favor with all that can help him. Father I need not remind you that you are our only hope but I do ask you to hear the cries of your people. Thank the father for the Son and the relief and help you have already sent!!! In Jesus name I have prayed.
---mima on 10/16/09

Jeri --- Bless you! You have presented a difficult, but not uncommon problem. God cares about our daily lives, but sometimes allows us to suffer for what seems to us an unbearable length of time.

God's main interest is what is in our HEARTS. Turn your eyes from your needs, difficult as this is, and ask to know God.
Ask Him to show you what things have done wrong, to forgive you and put you on the right path... one that will be pleasing to Him. (Mat 6:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:)

Hang onto this promise Mat 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things [material necessities] shall be added unto you.
I will pray for you.
---Donna on 10/15/09

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We pray because we can. We can because He loves us. When we begin a thought with, "if God", we test our own faith. Your faith will be tested enough by the world, don't add to your own misery with "if's". When He doesn't provide what we thought we wanted or needed then it hurts, we cry and hopefully we learn. We move forward knowing that He has promised to dry our tears, to heal our hurts, in a place prepared for you.
---Jim on 10/15/09

I wonder. I have a large family in a homeless situation and although I have prayed for many months, no answers lay before me. I feel like if he were really there my family would not be suffering. I have tried my best to do as much as I can to believe but I have lost all faith. Everything just keeps getting worse. I wish I could answer for you but I can't answer for myself. If he is there please God help my family stop hurting!
---Jeri on 10/12/09

Tiffany, Eloy has a very good answer. Prayer is communicating with God. Our salvation in this age is a relationship just as he quote with a husband and a wife. It is trusting in Him no matter what we understand or don't understand. We know and believe that He is righteous even when things don't look that way to us. He is always right and never makes mistakes. The taking of your husband had a reason, that you and I will never understand. Suppose he had live another day and while driving killed many. And if God didn't want those to die until their appointed time, it would change the order of things. God's works are so awesome that He is involve in everything and everyone every second of the day. It is a job that only He can do.
---MarkV. on 10/10/09

Hi Tiffany,

You know what you should be happy for your husband because he is with our Almighty Father wherein he doenst feel any pain. Dont you lose your faith in Him. God has plan for all of us. You pray for the healing of your husband, right? God answer it! He take the life of your husband because He dont want him to suffer much pain.

Hope this can answer your question

Keep the Faith! Sis.:)
---Servants_of_the_Lord on 10/9/09

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Hi Tiffany, firstly may I express my sorrow at your loss for it is not easy dealing with grief and pain and loss.I guess my first point would be that though God indeed is all knowing it does not mean that He will cancel out all unrepented sin and death and judgement.We were free in the beginning and the World fell from grace through Adam's sin.That fall made us prey to death but Jesus through innocence,and His Divinity has defeated death and Hell and Judgement and if we put our trust in Him He can deliver us also.I have no space here but I would highly recommend a book called" THE Innocence of God" by Udo Middelman which deals with these heart rending issues very well.I commend you to God's care and keeping.David
---highlander on 9/19/08

I pray because I love our Father in heaven And desire to see a change of heart. I think we should pray that way Because he has Changed me so much because of the way I pray.
---Rocky on 9/18/08

Because God knows all does not mean that all should be silent. Why do you think he made a mouth for you if he did not want to hear words coming from you. Because you and your husband knew each other pretty well, does that mean that neither of you should talk to each other and ask each other things? No, because the more communication you have together with each other, then the more solid and rich your relationship became. The same holds true for the child and the Father, how blessed and rich we become when we talk to our Father and pour our hearts out to him in prayer. As for passing from this life into the next, thank God for this occurrence. Pray without ceasing, and thank him in all things.
---Eloy on 9/19/08

The reason why we pray is to acknowledge God. Jesus gave us an example of a prayer. The beginning acknowledges God: "Father, who is in heaven, holy is your name..."

This holds true even with earthly friends. When I enter a cafe I hear my name being called from across the room. They catch my attention by acknowledging me. I'm a cafe hopper. I go to two or three a day. They are great places to meet new people and fellowship with old friends)
---Steveng on 9/18/08

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We're only able to pray because evidently we were destined to do it, seeing how God has already seen us doing it.

We're not praying for CHANGE of what God has already seen, that's impossible!

We pray for UNDERSTANDING of what He has already seen/know!!!

God's ways are gloriously higher than ours and to hold the understanding of them, in our hearts, brings the most profound peace that exists.

We were not created/put here to make choices but to understand the choices made by God in His higher way since DEPARTURE from EVIL is understanding (Job 28:28). This is God's Will for us in the earth.

Man fell do to making a choice instead of listening to the wisdom & understanding of God!
---Shawn.M.T on 9/18/08

My opinion is that because you have asked this question, the question itself is a prayer and you just are not aware that it is. My mother died a year later and it was bad. Also cancer. Now I continue to have faith that she was freed of her pain, The best part was that Christmas she complained that her hair was falling into her food asking me to shave her head. I did then took some Sharpies drawing "Merry Christmas Everyone" onto her little head with a holly leaf over her eye. Said I gave her a tattoo!
---Pamela on 9/17/08

When you are a born-again Christian, you have a new Father in Heaven. This is a relationship. You need to listen to God (read His Word) and also to talk to Him (pray). Tell him when you made a mistake, ask him for forgiveness, ask him to deliver from evil (whatever threatens you or your family). That is what God wants us to do. Look at the prayer Jesus prayed in John 17. He needed to pray, and He was the Son of God.
---frances008 on 9/16/08

Yes I something get so upset I find it hard to pray to GOD.I know that when we are turning to God to listen.But it is hard .But when you dont have time to listen to GOD that is when you here him the most.
---Debbie on 9/16/08

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Sometimes it is hard to have faith! This world is in such a mess.The Bible says that in the LAST DAYS,perilous times shall come. They truly have come and the tribulation lies ahead of us. Jesus said that we would have tribulation,but, be of good cheer,He has OVERCOME the world! We too, are to be overcomers.Negativity and Pessimism prevail today.Diseases that we thought were wiped out have returned.Matt.24 is now being fulfilled.Russia has invaded Georgia because satan is still actively trying to destroy all.The earthquake in Calif. was only a taste of the big one to come. However,we can be sure that the Almighty is still in control.Timesand events are changing,but we must have faith that better days are ahead. The Kingdom will be here soon.
---Danelle on 8/14/08

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.We must pray constantly in these latter days,even if we GET NO ANSWER!We must never yield to the temptation to give up.Death has reigned from Adams fall and, we must all taste it.The only constant we have is that there really is a God and that His Word stands forever! Paul said:"if in this life only,we have faith in Christ, we are of all men,most miserable." HAVE FAITH IN GOD.I reiterate: pray without ceasing! And with prayer--Praise Him.Don't give up,forge ahead in faith. We are running out of TIME!
---Danelle on 8/14/08

We have not because we ask not.

I'm not talking about the prosperity gospel.

We have not because we do not humble ourselves before God Almighty and ask Him whatsoever, whenever, wherever, about whoever....about whatever aspect of our life that is not going in the right direction.

We need to ask. Without asking, He knows how it will all end up. It could end up to be a pile of troubles if we don't seek His face.
---Donna on 7/1/08

Very simple. Prayer changes things. God needs us to pray so that He can actually do something . It is never God's plan or will for folks to get sick or die. That just happens at times. But praying, not begging, not pleading, or not asking God to do something, changes things. Many say "God will you?" Jesus didn't tell us to pray that way. He told us to demand of God what He has promised in His word.(John 16:23-26) The word ask, in the context, literally means "strictly a demand for something due,"

God has bound Himself to His word so we can have strong confidence.(Hebrews 6:17-18) God is faithful to His word.
---Rickey on 7/1/08

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The Bible tells us we are called to prayer.
Prayer changes things. It is realizing that we can do nothing on are own and God is everything and has the power and recognizing this and exulting His name. In prayer this is what we are saying to God. " you God are the only one the mighty one, Holy is your name, no one has the power except for you Lord God, I surrender to you, Help me in my time of need"
James 5:16
Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.
---Paul on 7/1/08

we acknowledge God as all powerful and mighty when we pray! # 1 Kings 8:28
"Yet have regard to the prayer of Your servant and to his supplication, O LORD my God, to listen to the cry and to the prayer which Your servant prays before You today,
1 Kings 13:6
The king said to the man of God, "Please entreat the LORD your God, and pray for me, that my hand may be restored to me " So the man of God entreated the LORD, and the king's hand was restored to him, and it became as it was before.
2 Kings 6:17Elisha prayed and said, " O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see " And the LORD opened the servant's eyes and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.
---Paul on 7/1/08

God does not need our prayers. We need to talk to God. Unless you pray scripturely, it should be thy will be done in heaven as on earth. Especially in requestings. Always thy will be done. Again, if you pray scripturally no need for thy will be done. No need to actually say it. Still God will do as He sees fit. He is most WISE. Got it!
---catherine on 6/6/08

You Pray to know Gods will .not to change what he has already planed .
---Matthew_Heath on 6/6/08

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'When any Israelite or any alien living in Israel separates himself from me and sets up idols in his heart and puts a wicked stumbling block before his face and then goes to a prophet to inquire of me, I the LORD will answer him myself. I will set my face against that man and make him an example and a byword. I will cut him off from my people. Then you will know that I am the LORD. Ezekiel 14:7
---jenny on 6/6/08

Is your husband the first one in this world to die of cancer...
havn't he died of cancer...he would have died one day..
if not today..tomorrow..
if not tomorrow..after 30 yrs..40 yrs...
he had to die one day...
every body dies...thats the hard reality of life...
even I am gonno die.. you are also gonno die one day...
and when I am dead I am not gonno cry over it..right !!!
never brood over sorrow..
this world is really beautiful...or strive to make this world a better place...
---Ziaullah_Khan on 4/9/08

Jesus needed to pray. We should copy Jesus. It is not for God's well-being, but for our own, and for the good of those we pray for. Maybe Jesus answered your prayers, or your good intentions. Maybe your husband is happier now.
---frances on 1/31/08

When we pray it is to thank God for our many blessings. Praying allows us to ask God to forgive us. God reveals His will to us when we pray. When we pray it allows our faith to grow. God ALWAYS ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS! We just may not like the answer we are given. His answers are yes, no, or not right now. I understand the pain of losing someone, but God's grace and love will get you through this. Romans 8:28 says "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord.........."
---Denise on 1/31/08

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plz remember we have a very intimate father god he loves for us to commune with him as individualseacg conversation heart to heart with him is intimate thats why we are hear start listening 'even if it seems like a long time our father is always on time' hab2:4 so wait talk to him realy he will answer you
---sharon on 1/31/08

Some thing we may never know the answer to. This could very well be one of the questions. It is not for us to know all things. This is where faith comes in. Hebrews chap says: faith is the substance of things hoped for,the evidence of things not seen. We have to do things God's way in order to receive His blessings.Without faith it is impossible to please God, as well. We have to obey God even when what we have to do sounds silly or impossible. Please read Ecc ch 3. Be encouraged.
---Robyn on 1/31/08

Yes, God does know the begining from the end but we can change the future by praying so the future is still in our hands. Not praying would just let things happen without God's intervention.
---john on 1/31/08

I asked God that question one time. Why do I have to ask for things when you already know what I want. And He flashed a scripture right infront of my eyes. You have not because you ask not. We pray because God tells us to. He wants to hear from us and He wants to talk to us. Are you listening?
---catherine on 1/31/08

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Why do we need to pray if God nows everything?
---Pavel on 1/30/08

its a tough question the one you ask, but we pray not only to ask God for things, but we pray to communicate with him, we pray to thank him too, even in hard times! and im sorry your Husband died, but even if we pray, thats just our faith, and it was in God plans, but remember one thing, GOD ONLY works in the GOOD of those who love him, i know it might be hard and tough, but better things are gonna come along the way, hope this helped a little at least!
much love
---Sofia on 4/21/07

Life has patterns that human beings know. We expect certain things to happen. My child will walk and talk and go from one grade to the next.

As a parent it is nice to be asked for help or to have a morning conversation with a child, or to get a good night hug or to be thanked for providing a meal. Such interaction enriches the bonding.
And my child fell - she wanted me to notice. She cried and pointed to the sore. I put some ointment on it with a bandage.

God is a parent.
---barbara67 on 4/5/07

We are pray God because he made us, so that without him we cant being in this world . And also he is our seviour,
---elly on 7/18/05

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Prayer to God is for you to reveal your innermost feelings. He knows of feelings deep inside you that sometimes you submerge and do not let out. He longs for you to be the real you and to know these feelings and for him to sort them out and to get rid of the bad ones and keep the good ones. You are very important to him and he longs for you to be where you are to be. Remember however free choice...Choose him always.
---Junior on 6/15/05

Yes, God knows all, but He wants ot hear it from us in our prayers as a show of our faith. He never ignores a prayer. He either answers "yes", "no", or "Not yet" depending on His plan.
---Heather on 6/9/05

Tiffany: Pray that you may not enter into temptation for the spirit is indeed willing but the flesh is weak.Jesus prayed in the Garden.when we pray we should pray for our spiritual needsas well as temooral but still insisting that His will should be accomplished,God does listen to our prayers & sends relief not as we want but as he sees fit.
---Emcee on 6/3/05

Sister,There are many reasons we must pray.
We must build our relationship with God.He likes for us to ask him and tell him and
involve him in all our doings,your husband sleeps in christ,and the pain he was in is gone,and the next thing he will see is the face of Christ,read Isa 57:1-2
God bless
---glady5446 on 6/2/05

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Dear sorrowing Lady:We are all pieces in Our Lords Fabric of His Jigsaw puzzle.When he calls we must answer.As Christians & followers of Christ we are called to do just this.His compensation will follow.HE wants YOU to fulfill his need.God has a reason for every one of his actions we must trust & follow.He will give you the strength to bear this loss ask him for that & also what he needs from you.Then go out & do it.It is very rewarding.I have experienced this personally.
---Emcee on 6/1/05

A song:
For me to live, for Christ to die is gain, To hold his hand and walk this narrow way, There is No peace, No joy, No thrill like walking in his will, For me to live For Christ to die is Gain.
---Carla on 6/1/05

God is the all knowing and he gave us the choice to pray and to trust that he gave life and he also has the power to take life. More importantly if our lives are right with him he will faithfully ressurect us unto everlasting life.Your husband rested from his labour, we have the hard work to help others to Christ,.To die with Christ the grave has NO Hold, but your Victory will go with you, so don't worry! it is all in Gods hands, Love
---Carla on 6/1/05

Wev are told to pray (talk with God) without ceasing. He wants us to be able to come to him about anything and everything, he's the parent, and we are his child. There are numerous reasons why people are not healed when prayed for, and the Bible records them. This i have learned, God, The God, is perfect and above reproach, and he is in ultimate control over all creation: when we accept this fact, then the bad things that happen to us, eventhough not understandable, they become more acceptable.
---Eloy on 6/1/05

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Dear Tiffany: I hear your pain and the questions in your mind. I too lost my dear husband last Sept/04. I know you are wondering why God didn't answer your prayer. That is normal to question. Please trust that God had his life planned out and it was his time to go. I know it is hard to except, but a little later in your grief journey you will realize this and be comforted by it. At least they aren't in pain any more, and happy and healthy in heaven. Thank God for that. Shara
---sharon on 5/31/05

God can get along without our praying to Him but we can't get along very well without our fellowshipping with Him. This is a very hard time for you. I've been there. Just get down on your knees and say, "Lord, here I am! I need answers, bot more, I need You,"
---Barbara on 5/31/05

Dear Tiffany,
You have 2 questions. First: "Why should we pray", see previous reply. Second "WHY didn't the Lord heal my husband." It looks unrighteously. You may ask the Lord "why". We lost our 2nd baby, we had the same "why". Habakkuk had same question! The Lord showed a little of his glory. You just have to read the reaction of Habakkuk in the 3rd chapter. The reaction of Habakkuk was ONE great laudatory of praise. I believe the Lord will wash away our tears!
---Ernst9433 on 5/31/05

Dear Tiffany,
Do you love the Lord? Do you know the Lord loves you? Do you know the Lord speaks to you? Did you EVER sent a mail to a good friend?? Have you any experiance in a case, that this good friend didn't reply??? How did you feel, when you don't get a response from a good friend?? Ask this yourself!! Then you will understand how the Lord feels, when you don't pray!!!
The Lord is looking forward for your response, believe me!!
---Ernst9433 on 5/31/05

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God does not live in isolation but needs friends too who love him and who love to talk to/with him. He wants to hear from us and he wants to answer our pleas. We are promised needed blessings if we ask, if we seek and if we knock. One of the blessings we should pray for is for WISDOM to accept his answers, which are sometimes hard to appreciate, when he says NO! or WAIT AWILE!It is also through prayer that we can THANK HIM and PRAISE HIM!
---Pierr7958 on 5/31/05

I lost my wife 3 years ago. I saw then that two things are true.
God heals
We all die
These things are not opposed to each other for if we were all healed all the time, no one would die!
God respects our free will. He will somtimes wait untill we ask before He moves.
Luke 18
James 4:2, " have not, because ye ask not."
---BRUCE5656 on 5/31/05

Tiffany, first, let me express my condolences to you in your loss. To try to answer your question, we don't pray to God to change His mind,but, rather to bring ourselves into a deeper understanding of Him and His will. Sometimes God's "healing" is done by taking the individual home to be with Him. It's hard to understand this when we are in the midst of sorrow, but, we have to believe that God is in control of ALL things and that He is righteous and just.
---tommy3007 on 5/31/05

Tiffany, I am so sorry about your loss. In your grief, it is natural to have feelings of anger, denial, depression.....allow them to happen. Words focus us when we pray, takes the burden away and brings peace. Your faith will be restored. We are on earth only a short time. Our loved ones are "lent" to us by the Lord. He appoints our time on earth. Let the Father put His salve on your heart through His Spirit. It is a good sign that you asked for help! Praying for you!
---Elsie on 5/31/05

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Tiffany, I hope you won't give up your faith in God this time. All the more that you need Him at this time. This is just a test. In His time, you will emerge victorious and stronger if you overcome this.

If you need a friend, just drop me a message. I will pray for you. God bless you.
---rhyan5935 on 5/31/05

I think the ultimate goal of prayer is not to change God - but to change OUR HEARTS, to accpet His will and His plans for us.

Prayer is our conversation with Him. We should stop treating God like a Genie, praying only if we want to ask for something. Prayer is more than this. Prayer is a way of communing with God.
---Rhyan5935 on 5/31/05

Everything in life has its purpose. The goal of life here on earth is not comfort - but spiritual growth - in preparation for the real thing on heaven. If everything is all good here on earth, then we would stop aspiring for eternity.
---Rhyanne on 5/31/05

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