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My Life Is Going Backwards

My life has turned backwards. Can someone help me with this? I used to be a really good guy, but now am selfish and can't talk to my friends and such. Even with my family. I wish I were two years old again.

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 ---derek on 5/31/05
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You have trouble waters. I would love to tell you things will improve. They may for a while. Do not count on it. Jesus Christ is the answer.
---catherine on 9/16/07

Hi Derek, most of us can relate to this happening at some stage. The great thing about the place you are in is that it is never to late to start again, to let God mould you into a new man. Make a concious effort to change your behaviour, reach out to others, make apologies where needed. You can change back into a "good guy" and never forget that God loves you no matter what, He can help you change.
---Maxine on 9/16/07

I understand what you mean about your life going backwards.I do not know why you say use to be a good guy but you probably still are. Sometimes we get in the way of what God is trying to show us about ourselves. The key is to recognize when he is correcting us so we do not feel like we are going backwards. Surrender and give it all to Jesus.
---Tilena_Drummond on 4/3/07

Who do you won't to please Your family ,friends, are The the Lord..You have a heaven to gain and a hell to shoun
---Betty on 3/28/06

truly GIVING ur life to God is tougher than most realize.the process can/will hurt so much that u feel like u canttake anyth more;but the result is always worth all the pain-though in my case,i cant honestly say i'd go thru all that again.just go with the flow God sends.
---chioma on 6/4/05

hi.sounds like you are going through some stuff, life stuff. this is the time to stick close to God. talk to Him like you would a close friend and tell Him whats up-He has a way of working things out, trust me. Read the Word, even if its a couple of verses at a time. start Isaiah for your family and friends, I'm sure they understand and are praying for you. remember,joy comes in the morning, and morning begins at midnight!God is not working against you, but for you for His Glory. am praying for you!
---caroa5966 on 6/3/05

Hi there ! Jesus is the answer and a good way 2 get your eyes off yourself is start doing things 4 others, not counting the cost. And don't B over run with guilt. Ask forgiveness & the Father will readily do so in Jesus. So U R not perfect, who is. Get your eyes off yourself & on to Jesus. Bless Ya mate, Misha
---Mishon on 6/1/05

Praise God Dear, it's only God to help you.but also try to love your self. Give all to him.he will heal you slowly by slowly.He will lift you up again.THat can happen to any christian,but remember a rhetious person falls 7 times and rises up again.
---mirembe on 6/1/05

I had so much anger and selfishness in my life for years. The only help you need is Our Lord and Savior, sometimes we are even to selfish for him, sweety we have to take that first step in search of healing to find the joy we seek. You without realizing feel you want to do it on your own and need no one, if you cant give your feelings to your family or friends, give them to Christ, he is so wonderful, and you are a child to him, so hold nothing back.God Bless
---lorie4334 on 5/31/05

First..what has made you selfish in the first place and why can you not talk to friends and family?
I can understand the feeling of wanting to be 2yrs was a time of comfort and caring, loving and where we had no responsiblities..all was done for us.
---Marie_Jacquelyne on 5/31/05

My age is 69 now. Believe me I had the same experiences in my life! Just TRUST the Lord as he says in Jer.17: 7 and 8. Heat and years of drought will come. It shall NOT harm you, because ....... Please read this text, which accompenied whole my life!! Psalm 23 says you sometimes WALK through the valley of the shadow of death.... You WALK, means, that there is no reason to stay there!! He will lift up your head (Ps.24: 7).Just trust the Lord!!
---Ernst on 5/31/05

Dear Backwards,
I pray the Lord will help you to look to Him for the answer. I just finished reading a small book called PRISON TO PRAISE by
Merlin R. Carothers. I recommend it. As being selfish the best thing you can do for that is start giving of yourself...look for others that you can make happy and don't worry about what others think. Step Out and make someone happy!
The Lord has the answers and solution! Ask Him!
---Lynne on 5/31/05

I know the feeling...I am going through some major trials right now. I am 53 and starting over has been one of my greatest challenges. I have no home, job or any options as of today. But, I know that God will be faithful. I will wait upon the Lord and He will see me through as He always has in the pass. May God continue to guide and strengthen you.
---Faye on 5/31/05

You need to trust in GOD he will not let you down. That is satan trying to come through. You need to PRAY! I will pray for you.
---sherr5589 on 5/31/05

Seems like you feel you've nothing more to give, and perhaps you wish others could nurture you, that you could 'throw a tantrum' like a 2yr old and still be told you are loved unconditionally? God does love you unconditionally, but it's hard for mankind. We are called to balance between meeting others' needs and we can expect others to meet our needs. The difficult part is knowing how to balance the giving and taking. If you can find that balance, I think you could find your life moving forwards again.
---dorothy on 5/31/05

I don't know who you are or what you have done. It doesn't matter because Jesus does and He loves you anyway. I won't give you the old "Prayer and Bible routine." These are vital but it's never easy when the enemy's hooks in you. Believe me, I know! I worked for the Devil for many years manifesting pain and suffering. SATAN IS NOT WORTH IT! Nomatter how good he makes it look at the time, the price in the end is ALWAYS too high.
---Justin on 5/31/05

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some have touched on not being close to God. I'll be a rebel, and say my be you are close to God and the Devil wishes to get you doubting. was God moving in your life and maybe this a way to get your walk sidetracked. 1st good don't equal heaven or happiness. JESUS!!!only choice so any thing less is unhappy. are your family and friends believers? you can be unhappy around people who don't understand.
2 is good year no diapers no school. lots of naps HA. praying for you
---laure5469 on 5/31/05

Derek, Understand that all christians face this problem to some extent. I would read Romans Ch.7 to see what the Apostle Paul wrote about his experiences with this trouble and then read Romans Ch. 8 to see his words of assurance about our status in Christ Jesus. Then go to 1John 1:9 and confess your sin to God and repent and be healed. God bless you.
---tommy3007 on 5/31/05

If you were born again in the first place then you need renewal now.

Renewal in the Bible is an powerful experience that returns hope and fills one with a new excitment for the Lord. You have begun by recognizing your own change in behaviour and it bothers you.

Psalm 51:10***********
Psalm 104:30
Isaiah 40:31*******

There are more verses.
---barbara67 on 5/31/05

HELLO are u still withGod in this situation?or else u are doing things by urself with out listening to God`s voice
---ETSEH7873 on 5/31/05

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