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Having Emotional Stress With Work

How do I deal with emotional stress with family and work.

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 ---Courvoisier on 5/31/05
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I find myself in a pretty much situation as yours but the difference is that i have learnt to be content with all situations, it all depends with how you look at it but you can use this line, there is no situation however bad which you will not reflect upon, God said there will be times like these, but they will be forgotten like a dream. Just know that God will deliver you from your situation, but only if you believe.
---runyamhere on 6/15/05

just find time to relax...take one day at a time and meditate on God's promises, claiming and believing that all things will jst work good for you. God bless you!
---kharole on 6/3/05

Sometimes we cannot change the stress that is in our work. I teach 8th grade in an urban school with a lot of children who act out, and little support from the administration in discipline. Everyday there is a high level of stress. I cannot change my students' poverty level, or their acting out, or the principal's lack of concern about it. I have to learn to meet my needs and make the best of a really bad situation. Developing a sense of humor helps.
---Madison on 6/2/05

One idea is to look at the root cause of the stress. Once you have done can develop the necessary coping strategies/techniques to address the issues causing the stress. It is very important to examine our response to stressors...and to change our responses when they are unhealthy or non-productive. Take care and God Bless!!!!
---Katrina on 6/2/05

I find at times that I am stressed with my work and family. I found that going to the person and talking with them really helps, but before you go to them do it in a sweet spirit. Pray and asked God to help you with the right words to talk with the person. If that person is still causing you stress just look to God and pray for guidance and look in the Bible for scripture verse that encourage you.
---becky9739 on 6/1/05

Some Christian writers have books available at Christian book stores under topic "Stress"
Bible concordance
"perfect" "peace" "mind" "heart"
"overcome" "pleasant" "please" "thanks"
"thinking" "refuge" "praise" "pray" "fear"
God will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3

Psalm 23
---barbara67 on 6/1/05

Pray for the people who are causing you this pressure and if it is possible get a hold of any policies and proceedures that highlight stress at work if in UK. take this in with you to a meeting with your union rep, allow God to do the rest. Family, pray that God will diliver them, Bless them,love them from a distance and wait God will deliver on time, Love
---Carla on 6/1/05

I would go in to my problem with my family, but am unable to stay out. I agree with Madison, on what they said, don't bottle up your feelings, get them out, here or in privite, read bilble, write a letterto self or family. read it to them or throw it away but get feelings out don't fester! Life can look over bleak when over welmed. I like a bubble bath, or walk some time, say I need some time alone. at work you can't do this. but can take a breath, and say God won't give me more then I can bare.
---laure5469 on 6/1/05

You look at it in the eye and quit making decisions based on emotions. You make decisions based on facts and don't look back. Took 2 and half years to learn this.
---Paul on 6/1/05

I have the same problem with my family that I just handed over my feelings of hatred and anger to the Lord. I pray for them as I try to see their outcome for eternity. I now stay clear of my family, but I have to remember to pray for them to keep my feelings in check. God bless
---Aly on 5/31/05

What I have to do is put praise music in my CD player in my car. Then I do deep breathing exercises all day long. I also read scriptures as soon as I get home from work and pray for the stress level in my body to go down. I also have to do 20 minutes of cardio exercise.
---Madison on 5/31/05

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