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My Husband Is Failing School

My husband has been out of work since 1/03 and we moved so he could go to school and become a teacher. He has failed a lot of classes. He was pretending to go to school until I found him out total scam. He has all F's this semester & is telling me he does not want to finish school or be a teacher.

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 ---Jewels on 6/1/05
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Maybe your husband has a few emotional problems that needs to be seen to. Why don't you send him to your local church for counselling.
---Junia on 4/10/07

Jewels, I hate to tell you this but he is a loser. Reminds me of that guy in the news that killed his wife a few months back. He also told his wife that he was still going to school but he had already quit. She confronted him and he killed her . I believe in God and I love him and he gave me wisdom. Be careful! Get some kind of help. I will pray. God bless you.
---Ken on 4/10/07

What's the real reason, Jack? Linda said nothing wrong, she just suggested a test. We should test all things. Hit a nerve Jack?
---David on 6/11/05

Jack, Do you have woman problems? These women are not dumping on you, they may kid aroud a little, but if it makes you angry then you may have a problem with them. How long have you felt this way?
---Boris on 6/11/05

Sorry Emcee, I meant to say JACK.
---Jeff on 6/11/05

Is there an echo in here? Emcee, stop the sob stories. What do you have against women? No women here are against men, but it looks like your against women.
---Jeff on 6/11/05

Diane, as a man I'm offended by every one of your comment. You've managed to offend just about every intelliegent man on this blog. You sure don't act like a Christian.

Just how is a Christian supposed to act, do you think, Diane? Should all the men in the world roll over and say, "MEA CULPA"? Would that satisfy your soul?

As I have remarked already, there's a terrible tendency on these blogs for women to just dump on men--and it's not very becoming.
---Jack on 6/10/05

Test him, call his bluff. There are ways to find out if he is sincere or not.
---Linda on 6/8/05

I can understand being upset by his deception. The scriptures say that God finds lying to be an abomination and I see why. Perhaps you can have a heart to heart talk with him. Tell him you want the trust back between the two of you and it can happen only when he decides to become honest. Has he tried fasting for a period of time to see what God wants him to do with his life? It may help.
---flor on 6/6/05

Jack, As a woman I am offended by your comments. You managed to offend just about every intelligent woman on this blog. You sure don't act like you are a Christian.
---Diane on 6/5/05

Jack: The idea that women cannot teach men is always taken out of context. I know women who are professors at Bible Colleges teaching men. Is that wrong?
---Madison on 6/4/05

Jack, Believe it or not a woman brought me to know Jesus. This is when I first got saved. She taught me the Word in depth day after day and she knew the Word more than most preachers. She had the anointing on her and it was evident. Next to Jesus I owe her a debt of gratitude. She taught me for about 2 years and it payed off. I'll never forget my sister in the Lord.
---John on 6/3/05

Jack, So you think that women should not teach the Word. Tell that to the people I brought to the Lord.
---Betty on 6/3/05

I dont think this guy WANTS to flunk out or loose jobs. He pretended to go to classes cause he cares, he was embarrassed. I bet he is very very depressed. Medicine will help.
---sue on 6/3/05

I can't believe what I am reading, so many calling this man a loser, when we really know nothing of the situation. Jewels, maybe he didn't tell you he was failing because he was embarassed. Now I don't know much about 'analyzing' people, but I do know we shouldn't go judging them quickly and harshly. If the man has been shot down over and over again , while looking for work maybe he is feeling like a loser, thats when people shhould show him love, and help him find selfworth again.
---bethie on 6/3/05

Linda, women are not to presume to teach men according to the Bible.
---Jack on 6/3/05

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Martha: I do not get carried away in my career. I empathize with people who struggle with life, especially when I identify with their individual struggles.

I also cannot sit by and watch Christians call any human a "loser." The only losers in life are people who die without a saving knowledge of Jesus. For Christians to call anyone else a loser is to say someone is beyond hope. That galls me, and I will defend people labeled as such.
---Madison on 6/2/05

Madison, the way I see it Malcolm is right, you are analyzing. I guess you get carried away in your career. Take it easy, dear.
---Martha on 6/2/05

jack I bet that you talk too much and that gets you into trouble.
---Linda on 6/2/05

Madison, on another blog someone remarked on the lack of love shown by Christians. I wonder what EVER would have given that person such a strange notion! Could it have come from some people here, perchance?
---Jack on 6/1/05

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Wonder if the load of a family and all was just too many courses. I tried a couple of courses for a couple of years but it is so hard 2 look after 4 children, do housework, attend & church activities & do all the reading and write all the papers. It sure takes confidence that you are in the Lord's will. More than 2 courses would have been 2 great a load.
My husband went back & it was hard 4 him 2. He worked & studied. He was gone most of the summer just working. But we agreed 2 do it.
---barbara67 on 6/1/05

Give this to God, some times we make up our mind to do something and it is something that does not make us happy. I do not know the whole situation, but maybe he was to ashamed to tell you the truth, talk to him sweety.
---lorie4334 on 6/1/05

Please forgive me for judging so quickly. I pray that he will get his priorities right though.
---Kathy on 6/1/05

Malcolm: I would not call it analyzing. I suggested the man see a doctor for a physical evaluation and then a possible referral to a therapist.

I am empathizing. There is a difference.
---Madison on 6/1/05

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John: You may be correct in that there are conclusions being drawn. Usually, if someone has lost a job and is struggling with college, there is usually some sort of depression.

I struggled in college, and dealt with depression. I had a family to take care of on top of my academic responsibilities. It was overwhelming at times. The urge to quit was very strong. I could have easily done what this husband did.

It appalls me that people would call his a loser.
---Madison on 6/1/05

Some Phychotherapists and police tend to over analyze people or situations. I know this because I used to work with these people. I'll be 60 this month and I learned through wisdom. This is somewhat common with people new to these fields. Get all the information first, and then analyze.
---Malcolm on 6/1/05

You folks are drawing conclusions here. Jewels did not say any thing about breakdowns or even depression.
---John on 6/1/05

Kathy: I am sure that your experience outweighs my clinical training in social work and psychology. Not even my professors have ever told me I was wrong in identifying and treating a client. I stand corrected by you.

I know plenty of people who struggle with depression because it is not properly diagnosed. This husband in question may also have a personality disorder which may be contributing to his inability to finish school. He needs therapy. Not labeling or name calling.
---Madison on 6/1/05

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cont: The worst thing is that there are people here that actually are into name calling. Doesn't 1 Corinthians 13 tell us that love is kind? How is it kind to call someone a loser? Are these people Christians who are doing the name calling?
---Madison on 6/1/05

Jack: I worked with the mentally ill in my internship and will soon be a psychotherapist. I was married to someone who was as hard hearted to the mentally ill as Kathy and some here. This man's father committed suicide and my ex saw it as a character flaw. I hope that none of the people here ever have to go through some sort of breakdown or have someone close to them do so. It is heartbreaking and devastating.
---Madison on 6/1/05

I like Judy's response. Right on target.
---Pete on 6/1/05

You people are now doing exactly what you are accusing Kathy of. Please stop all this! We are supposed to be all Christians here, I hope.
---James on 6/1/05

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Jack and Madison, You have a point but, your wrong dears. I've seen this before many times . Actually loser is too good a word for some of these creeps. You can't cottle them. Yes if someone can't work thats different but believe me most of them want a free ride, and if not checked they will do it for the rest of their lives and take whoever is in their company with them. I appologize for offending anyone, but like I said I have seen this senerio many times before. Bless you guys.
---Kathy on 6/1/05

Kathy: I worked with 15 people with diagnoses of depression and schizophrenia. Not one of them worked full time. They collected SSI or SSD. Are they losers too? Who are you to judge the mentally ill? I pray you never suffer as I have, or they do now.

BTW: Do you work full time? Just being nosey.
---Madison on 6/1/05

Hilary, properly diaagnosed clinical depression (as opposed to the blues) is a DISEASE, not a character or moral flaw, as I've said elsewhere. Time was when people didn't understand this, and even now the most hard-hearted and unforgiving peole towards its suffers are Christians.

I don't now all about Jewel's case here. There well may be something that she is not telling us, because she may not know of it herself, or isn't aware of its significance!
---Jack on 6/1/05

Dear Kathy, I'm so glad that God has given you such omniscience. We can all rest better in the security that you know all things, including all about people you've never met.
---Jack on 6/1/05

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You can call it depression if you want, hey we all get depressed at times, but I found out that a lot of times that depression is caused by unforgivness. Back in the day depression was no excuse. Why should it be now? He doesn't have to be a loser if he chooses not to be. all he has to do is get a real job, it wont kill him, in fact it will help bring his spirits up. God bless you all!
---Hillary on 6/1/05

My dear girl, tell loser boy to go out and get a job like the rest of humanity.
---Judy on 6/1/05

Yes Jack, I think I know whats wrong with him. It appears that he is an excuse maker and opportunist. Like I said, loser.
---Kathy on 6/1/05

Ken: My exhusband called my family and me losers. Needless to say, I am not a loser. I had emotional problems and have overcome them. It is not a Christian thing to say.

Sounds like this man might be depressed and need therapy and possibly medication. He needs to see his family doctor for a physical and then a referral to a psychotherapist.
---Madison on 6/1/05

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I think I know what's wrong with him mentally and emotionally, "He's a con man!". Plus he's a loser.
---Terry on 6/1/05

I find it sad how quick we are to judge others. When someone loses a job it can be a real blow emotionally. For a man who is called to provide for his family it can be devistating. In today's market another good paying job isn't very easy to find. I think it is possible your husband is in a depression and needs help. What did he do for work before? Why did he start the teaching program...was it his idea or was he pushed? There is a lot more to consider here.
---Tanya on 6/1/05

Kathy, Ken, I wouldn't be so fast to pin perjorative labels on him. Do either of you know what's going on with this man mentally or emotionally?
---Jack on 6/1/05

I would suggest that you get him away from the book type learning into something that he can be more active physically with - like going to truck driving school. Truckdrivers are in high demand and can easily earn up to $35K per year - more than enough for a living. Start by looking in the yellowpages for schools and various truck driver firms that may pay for his schooling.
---Maria on 6/1/05

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